Kitchen wall paint color trends 2022: stylish ideas to keep you up-to-date

The painting of kitchen walls has gradually replaced wallpapering, wall panels, and even decorative plaster. Today, when minimalism, practicality, and clarity of forms have come to the fore, it is precisely the flat surfaces and pure color that create the ideal background for placing interior accents. The only thing to do is to guess the color you will paint the walls in your kitchen.

If you imagine the kitchen of your dreams, then you will hardly be tormented by thoughts about choosing a shade. However, if you rush from light to dark and from bright to pastel in search of a fashionable interior solution, you should turn to the palette that is relevant for 2022. So, let’s find out which paints should be chosen for the walls in the coming season.

White for a touch of freshness

The color, which symbolizes freshness, purity, and absolute neutrality, becomes a star again in the coming year. If you are thinking of painting the kitchen walls white, feel free to carry out your ideas. Its undoubted advantage also remains the ability to act as a magnificent backdrop for any colors and shades of furniture and accessories – from pastel to dark, from bright and saturated to muted.

For those who find white too dazzling, try the warm and relaxing cream shade, which is also organic in a wide variety of color combinations.

Gray to balance the atmosphere

Gray – so calm, minimalistic, and neutral, is friendly to any solutions, color combinations, and styles. The most important thing is not to overdo it with dark tones. Better it will be something light, watercolor, and airy, especially since this beautiful color offers so many options – smoky, silver-gray, pearl, and agate.

Green for a natural effect

Shades of green have been dominant in kitchen coloring for the past few months – and it looks like nothing will change in 2022 either. Below is a list of tones that you should keep in mind when choosing the color of the walls for the kitchen.

  • Teal. A fantastic color, calm and refined, and refreshing at the same time. A real find for those who dream of an elegant and minimalist kitchen with fashionable accessories.
  • Mint green. A charming, soothing shade that creates the perfect backdrop for a vintage or retro interior.
  • Green sage. Diluted with shades of gray, light green is excellent in classic and modern kitchens – especially when it becomes the backdrop for accessories and kitchen utensils made of steel.
  • Olive. As the designers promise, there will be a lot of olive in the kitchen in 2022. However, how can you resist this exquisite shade with such mysterious dark shadows?
  • Apple green. Symbolizes energy and freshness. If you want to always feel vigorous enough for kitchen chores, say “welcome” to the apple-green walls.

Blue for an ocean breeze feeling

Blue calms, relaxes, gives coolness – and, according to rumors, normalizes appetite. But what shades of it also became the most trendy for 2022? We will tell you below.

  • Pastel blue. The light color, muted with grayish tones, promises to rise to the peak of popularity. A little tip from the designers: Combine pastel blue walls with dark floors to create a trendy contrast.
  • Navy blue. One of the most paradoxical and natural shades, combining elegance and effortless naturalness.
  • Turquoise. Did you want something rich and fresh? An airy and optimistic shade at your service!
  • Indigo. Little attention has been paid to this spectacular shade of blue over the past few years, but things have changed in 2022, so you shouldn’t discount indigo if you like it.

Brown for an earthy effect

A classic or dark brown for kitchen walls is a risky choice. However, if you have a particular weakness for this color, you can easily choose such shades as coffee, cocoa, and sand drift – the most fashionable brown tones in 2022. However, in this case, it is worth taking care of bright accents.

Pink to harmonize the contrasts

Do not think that this color is too frivolous – it is charming and stimulating. A kitchen with pink walls always seems to be drenched in the sun. It is cozy in it – and, of course, you always want to pamper yourself with a cup of coffee or tea. Of course, you should avoid unnecessarily bright colors, but calm and cheerful shades of dusty rose, peach, pale pink, and salmon will create an unusually stylish atmosphere.

Yellow for a splash of positivity

According to Pantone, this is one of the leading colors at the start of 2022. Of course, it is a bold step to opt for such a shade, but an appropriate combination will lead to a stunning effect. Yellow will offer your room a splash of new color and enlighten the space.

Furthermore, such a positive color will bring energy to your morning coffee or dinner. We suggest you consider this option if you want to make a statement and bring some sun rays into your kitchen.

Cream to bring in harmony

There is no doubt that this neutral color will serve as a perfect background for any other color or style. We suggest you opt for it if you look for a matching color for brighter cabinets or a pairing companion for a neutral kitchen. Both cases will work well.Furthermore, this soothing shade will harmonize the environment and balance the contrasts, which will ensure the softness and warmness within your kitchen.

Coral for a vibrant atmosphere

Coral Rose is another color suggested by Pantone for 2022. It will surely keep you up-to-date. Furthermore, this vibrant shade will enlighten the place and offer it a splash of energy. You will not even notice how your morning coffee or dinner will transform into an adventure through the fascinating corals. 

We suggest you consider this color for the kitchen walls if you look for stylish ideas of arranging this place and unusual ways of enriching it with new elements.

Incarnadine for a statement 

Incarnadine is a shade of crimson, filled with energy and elegance. It will surely bring a mixture of concepts into your kitchen and add a point of interest. Nevertheless, it is not that easy to play with this color. Therefore, we suggest you consider an appropriate combination so that this particular shade does not suppress the other colors.

It would be ideal if you paired incarnadine with a black kitchen cabinet. Although the mixture is perfect, pay attention to the undertones as not to darken the environment.

When choosing paint for the walls in the kitchen, do not forget about your feelings and tastes of your loved ones and how the color you choose will match the furniture and accessories you have chosen. Don’t be afraid to seek advice from a designer if you have any problems. In the end, it depends on the right decision you made how cozy and harmonious your kitchen will be in 2022.

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