Kitchen Flooring Trends We’ll See in 2024

The new kitchen flooring must include large planks or tiles, visually appealing patterns, richly-grained textures, eco-friendly materials, and the most practical solutions ever. In a place that constantly interacts with wetness and stains, it is simply mandatory to put functionality over fashion. Yet, the new flooring design trends suggested by trendsetters and professionals cover them both. To the attention of those seeking inspiration for their kitchen makeover: the best kitchen flooring trends that will keep you in style for this season and not only. 

Starting Points to Consider

The interior design of kitchens in 2024 promises to be partially laconic, practical, and original. The flooring trends should follow suit. What to consider in the first place?

  • naturalness and environmental friendliness;
  • reasonable minimalism and industrialism;
  • practicality and functionality.

Not as mandatory yet defining, a new direction is in development – the personalization of flooring design. The new season allows for more freedom in terms of expressing your design view. Therefore, you can safely go with a flooring layout never seen before by designers, restore long-forgotten patterns, or bring in some new pops of color that would have seemed inappropriate a few years ago but not now and for the following seasons. 

The new flooring types are modifications of materials that have already become familiar. Let’s take a look at kitchen flooring trends in 2024.

Timeless Solution: Hardwood

We start the list with one of the leading interior design directions – Eco-style and sustainable design trends. Eco-friendly materials are of high value in newly designed interiors, and choosing the natural hardwood covering for the kitchen floor is definitely a solution you should be proud of. Additionally, don’t overlook weathered wooden boards that share a special sense of closeness with nature.

Alternative to Natural Wood: Concrete

If you’re not much into hardwood floorings, switch to the other side, where raw and Industrial-varnished concrete surfaces grow in popularity. With the rising relevance of Industrial details that firmly stream into any design style, concrete surfaces are the next most favored kitchen flooring trend. By the way, you don’t have to worry about spilled water or juice on such a floor – low maintenance and practicality is its second name.

Different Tiles for Different Styles

The kitchen flooring trends cannot simply go at least one season without the best-ever material for high-traffic and exposed-to-wetness and stain spaces – porcelain tiles. Their defining feature is the range of designs. Unusual shapes, large-scale, intricate patterns, show-stealing colors, and versatile combinations are the top floor tile trends for the kitchen. In this context, consider tiles with retro prints that will make your kitchen look expensive and stately.

Mix and Match

Combining more functional areas in the same room is definitely a thing of the current interior design now that studio apartments, open-floor cottage designs, and loft interiors are gaining popularity. This is how pairing two different floor coverings became a new kitchen flooring idea. For instance, you can pair hardwood covering in the dining area with porcelain tiles in the cooking space – practical and stylish.

Large Stone Slabs

The roughest, richest, and most exceptional floor covering – untreated stone slabs. For starters, this is not a go-to solution for all design styles and preferences. That is your no-fail option if you are all in for the raw look of a Rustic interior where everything simultaneously renders natural simplicity and sophistication.

New and Old: Terracotta 

Terracotta color, texture, and material are the striking trends of the season applied to almost any part of interior design. With flooring, you can directly benefit from this design direction and enjoy the stylish ambiance of your kitchen for now and the following seasons. 

Let the warm, earthy shade and Mediterranean breeze of the beloved terracotta tiles fill your cooking space with the most fashionable vibe of this brand-new season.

Updated Terrazzo

You are probably acquainted with one of the best-recognized trends of the last season – Terrazzo stone with particles of marble inserted in concrete. The ’70s stream is back on track. Instead of the well-known large and colorful stone particles on the white background, now professionals switched their attention to the new Terrazzo. For a start, small particles instead of large, and of course, the new favorite black and white Terrazzo tiles that work equally successfully in edgy kitchens and classy spaces.


Cherry on the Pie: Checkered Flooring

Last yet not least, the kitchen flooring trend of the brand-new design era is the checkered pattern. Generally, expect to see lots of checkerboards in interior design this season. Still, nothing tops the classic black-and-white checkered flooring, especially in the kitchen.

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