Biggest Flooring Trends 2024, According to Designers

With 2023 drawing to a close, we are all wondering what the new year’s interior design trends will look like. Luckily, experts have already had their say, and we can confidently dive into the latest forecast from trendsetters. We’ve heard that tiles of various sizes, colors, and patterns will be all the rage in 2024. Now, let’s discover the most prominent flooring trends!

Of course, every room requires a personal approach to flooring. Still, there are a few defining features of the trending flooring designs. Long story short, here are the key flooring trends of the season.

1. Sustainable Materials

Since designers and homeowners are more aware of the current environmental situation and favor eco-friendly solutions without harming the environment, the rise of sustainable flooring material trends is impressive in the new season. 

Therefore, you’ll surely stay trendy if you opt for floor coverings of wood, cork, bamboo, or natural stone, and organic carpets, such as sisal or wool textiles. Most importantly, these options pay tribute to natural beauty and environmental protection. 

To be on the safe side, check out the latest carpet trends if you want to cover your floors with carpets. 

2. Dark Wood Flooring

After years of light wood floorings prevailing, we can finally embrace the new trend of dark wood covering. Generally, expect lots of dark wood in 2024 interior designs. Still, be careful what dark floor covering you choose. We don’t speak about black-painted wooden floors but instead natural dark wood. In this respect, don’t skip the aesthetically pleasing contrast between dark floors and white walls. 

3. Mediterranean Terracotta

The earthy-colored tiles inspired by the warm Mediterranean region enter 2024 as well. Even more, they are part of the top flooring trends. Note that such flooring doesn’t necessarily apply to styles like the Mediterranean only. Feel free to integrate those clay tiles in other design styles as well. 

4. Classic Checkerboard

Working with trends lately, we’ve noticed the relevance of checkered prints. Undoubtedly, checkerboard flooring will be a huge trend this season. Interestingly, it works so well in both traditional and modern interiors, and you can confidently apply this trend to the living room, kitchen, dining room, bathroom, and hallway flooring. 

5. New Age Terrazzo

The renowned Terrazzo tiles don’t cease to be trendy this season as well. Expect lots of new reinterpreted Terrazzo designs, from classic black and white to boldly colored. This prime flooring trend better fits bathrooms. Yet, as the current trends show, tiles will be in high demand this year in every room.  

Gray hardwood or laminate are absolutely out. Designers draw our attention to natural colors, such as in wood or stone. Moreover, browns and oranges, such as in wood or terracotta, take the lead, especially for spaces that would benefit from a splash of comforting and inviting color. Not least, we want to underline the relevance of new-era bold colors. Those can be bright-colored tiles with radiant prints or the renowned Terrazzo tiles. Take your time to consider new flooring options. 

As for color inspiration, check out the trendiest 2024 colors and find your favorite shades. 

Flooring Print Trend: Retro Tiles

No secret geometric prints have been on top for several seasons. The time has come for the nostalgic retro tiles to take the fore. The authentic pairing of weathered colors and meaningful shapes in these retro-style floor coverings is a compliment to any design style. If hallways were their favorite place long ago, now you can safely use such floor tiles in any room.   

Fashion is fashion, but you should also consider the practicality of the kitchen flooring since high humidity and traffic are peculiar to this room. Experts suggest considering ceramic and porcelain tiles since they are long-lasting and require no special care. Still, for connoisseurs of aesthetic beauty, raw-textured flooring options, such as natural wood, stone, or concrete, are available.

Moreover, designers suggest combining two types of floor coverings, such as tiles in the cooking area and hardwood in the dining zone. It’s a matter of functionality and taste. Speaking of tiles, terracotta is one of the trendiest kitchen flooring solutions. 

The newly designated dining room trends go hand in hand with natural floor coverings that work with any design style and color code. For instance, the same beloved terracotta and dark hardwood are some of the top choices. Or, add even more formality with the endeared herringbone or chevron patterns. On the other hand, wall-to-wall carpets are becoming more popular among designers while amateurs of the original can safely embrace their favorite prints and colors. Thus, the key dining room flooring trend is comfort, individuality, and personal taste. 

From what we’ve noticed so far, the beloved Terrazzo tiles take center stage. Next, come mosaic tiles with unexpected colors and prints. We are also happy to announce the relevance of terracotta tiles in the bathroom. Last but not least, the trend that started last year with new pops of vibrant colors continues this season. As experts say, it’s time to reinvent your home design with an optimistic color, even in the most functional zones of your house. 

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Trendiest Living Room Flooring Ideas

The list of living room flooring trends starts with large hardwood boards. Unsurprisingly, dark wood and weathered wood match the designers’ desire to bring the Rustic style to the fore in 2024. Still, you can also opt for natural stone, with slate expected to become mainstream. Or, consider a more budget-friendly alternative – tiles replicating your favorite natural texture. Undoubtedly, Terrazzo stands out here as well. Alternatively, experts suggest the emerging wall-to-wall carpet trend for the family room.  

We invite you to discover the other living room design trends for the upcoming year. 

Stay in trend in 2024 and beyond with hardwood flooring in your bedroom. This option works for both cold and warm regions. Still, ensure a refreshing feel in the sleeping space with floor tiles, such as terracotta, for the ultimate coastal vibe. Or, decorate the floor with a wall-to-wall carpet to warm up the space. Besides, you can opt for a floor-warming system to warm your tiled flooring during cold weather. 

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Checkered tiles are the trendiest option for hallway and entryway flooring. Moreover, designers even predict the popularity of painting this print on wooden floors for an effortless, budget-efficient floor makeover. The charming and nostalgic tiles with inviting and colorful prints follow suit. Yet, experts don’t hesitate to suggest wood as well, especially in the hallway, as one of the modern flooring trends.  

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