Kitchen cabinet and countertop trends 2021

Kitchen design requires knowledge of the main trends of the coming year. In 2021, cabinets with plastic inserts, low-quality fittings, and bright finishes should be removed from your kitchen interior. Soft pastel colors and shades are now in fashion. 

When decorating the interior of a modern kitchen, it is worth using natural products. Incredibly popular in kitchens will be wooden cabinets, small in size, but spacious. They can be decorated with graceful metal hardware inserts. 

All decorations should be done in muted colors. The brightness of the color palette is now irrelevant.

The fashionable and practical design of the kitchen 2021 means maximum functionality, environmentally friendly materials, and high-quality furniture. 

Minimalism, spaciousness, the convenience of using the kitchen are also in trend this year. Cabinets are selected spacious. 

Three-tier kitchens are also in fashion. A right solution would be to choose a cabinet with various storage systems. Convertible furniture, built-in models will be popular. 

Let’s see the leading kitchen cabinet trends for 2021 in detail.

The use of metal hardware

Metal can be varied: brass, copper, chrome, stainless steel. They are used to frame (as a border) the baseline on shelves and to decorate various cabinet details. 

You can use metal as a facade material for kitchen furniture. Metallic luster is also fashionable in the design of modern kitchens.

Three-level kitchen cabinets

Cabinets that rise to the ceiling are still trending. The three-level cabinets will help homeowners to put the perfect order in the kitchen. Now kitchen utensils, household appliances rarely used can be removed to the upper level of cabinets. This level is mounted above the upper hanging cabinets.

Ecology in everything

The trend for ecology in the interior has also influenced the directions in kitchen design. In 2021, the use of environmentally friendly and natural materials is becoming increasingly important. Wooden furniture is in fashion. Not only cabinets can be made of wood, but also wall panels. The use of other natural materials is no less fashionable. The less plastic in your kitchen furniture, the better. 

Modern designers suggest decorating eco-friendly cabinets with interesting geometric and graphic patterns. The tropical theme is especially fashionable. These are images of palm trees, birds, and animals living in the jungle.

Ergonomic cabinets

Cabinets and drawers in them should be extremely comfortable to use. First comes the convenience of opening and positioning. At the same time, you can choose any style.

The use of a hidden door opening system

This trend provides both usefulness for the homeowners and beauty in appearance. The practicality lies in the fact that it is easier to care for such cabinets to keep their surfaces clean. Simultaneously, the absence of handles on the furniture gives it a more coherent and harmonious appearance.

Let’s take a closer look at the 2021 color trends:

  • Designers recommend avoiding very bright colors and shades in 2021. Pastel colors are in fashion, as well as white, and all its hues. 
  • Beige, brown, and black are trendy. 
  • Monochromatic design with calm and soft colors is in fashion. 
  • Shades of the earth. The influence of eco-style has extended to color. Color options range from rich woody hues to terracotta and soft beige.
  • Blue is still trending with all its variations, including sky blue and dark blue.
  • Dark green color. You can combine this color scheme with metal inserts that are relevant in this season. Also, you can combine deep rich tones of greens with light coffee inserts. Green tones look harmonious together with smoky glass. Other unusual tones of green are pistachio, marsh, gray-green, olive. All these tonalities should be soft, pastel, muted.
  • Neutral pastels: cream, milk, coffee, pale pink. You can combine them, but this should be done carefully and tastefully. A combination of no more than 2-3 shades at a time is allowed.

Kitchen color combinations

Now let’s talk about color combinations in the design of kitchens:

  • Now the tandem of black and white colors is fashionable. The black and white range is successful in that it is timeless, therefore it is always relevant and in demand. This combination is ideal for minimalist and classic kitchens.
  • Combination of green and blue. Green can be of different tones, and his partner must be selected in a dark color scheme. 
  • The combination of gray with green or blue is the right solution. The gray-blue combination is just entering the trend, and the gray-green mixture has already become extremely popular. You can also combine light green tones with burgundy or golden shades. 
  • Gray and dim brown, woody tones – the combination corresponds to the dominant eco-style.

We talked a lot about eco-style, about how popular it is in the new season. It is logical to assume that environmental trends have also affected the trends in kitchen countertops. It does. 

Other design trends, such as practicality, functionality, and quality, are also about modern countertops. Let’s list the kitchen countertop trends that will be relevant in 2021:

  • The use of natural or recycled wood. Products made from raw materials will be in great demand. In addition to the environmental friendliness of materials for countertops and minimal processing, there will be fashionable options in the old style. Models of countertops made of expensive wood types – oak, cedar, and others – will become popular.
  • Countertops made of natural stone. The previous trend for quartz agglomerate logically led us to this trend. The fashion for quartz countertops is slowly dying down. In general, natural stone is now very relevant, it is used everywhere. He is preferred because of the beauty and unusual structure of the material, high environmental friendliness. Some owners who have decorated their kitchens with the natural stone claim that the material radiates positive energy, making the room cozy and filling it with tranquility.
  • Thin countertops. The thickness of the countertops should now be kept to a minimum. If they are made of high-quality and durable material, then they do not need a large thickness. Granite countertops are so durable they can even be ultra-thin. In addition to granite material, you can choose porcelain stoneware products, models from other natural stones.
  • Glass countertops. Not only environmental friendliness and naturalness but also the minimalism and hi-tech are in fashion. For them, the use of glass surfaces is relevant. Glass countertops can be considered completely environmentally friendly, so this trend does not contradict the fashion for eco-friendly products. Do not be afraid that glass is fragile, and it is easy to break it. Now, high strength tempered glass products are being produced. They are shatterproof and resistant to scratches and abrasions. Glass worktops are suitable for modern style kitchens.
  • Modern kitchen furniture should have a flat surface. 
  • Hanging cabinets are no longer in demand. Furniture in the form of islands is preferred. However, this rule only applies to spacious kitchens that have a lot of free space. 
  • If the cabinets contain built-in appliances, then it is better to place them along the wall. The furniture is selected with a simple design, ergonomic, without plastic inserts. The use of an unusual shape of furniture products is allowed. Furniture facades that have dirt-repellent properties are in trend. 
  • In addition to solid wood furniture, veneer products will be popular. It can be of different types. 
  • Do not forget about the fashion for furniture without hardware, where the handles are hidden. Such furniture products look modern, stylish and neat. If you prefer expensive kitchen furniture, then you should choose pull-out systems for drawers. This trend is becoming more and more popular every day.
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