12 Charming Blue Vanity Bathroom Ideas

Known originally as toilet tables, vanities represent the perfect combination of style and functionality and are mandatory for every bathroom. You’re probably here because you plan to purchase a blue vanity in your bathroom, or you already have one and wonder what would be the best way to make it an organic part of your bathroom. We asked designers for their professional advice on the subject and were impressed by the range of design possibilities. 

First things first, let’s break down a few essential aspects.

Are bathroom cabinets and bathroom vanities the same?

As much as you would want, they differ from each other through a tiny yet decisive element – a sink on the top. A bathroom vanity carefully hides plumbing behind a practical and delicate storage topped with a sink. Therefore, a vanity without a sink is already a bathroom cabinet.

Why do you need a bathroom vanity?

We usually use vanities during our daily routine when getting ready. You can conveniently store all bathroom belongings in the cabinets or drawers beneath. A suitable mirror on the wall will also assist every part of your routine. 

What are the main bathroom vanity types?

  • Traditional cabinet vanity;
  • Free-standing vanity;
  • Pedestal vanity (no storage space or countertop, best for small rooms);
  • Wall-mounted vanity (floating vanity with free space underneath, best for contemporary bathrooms);
  • Vanity with under-mount sink (the sink is installed under the countertop, leaving more storage space on the top rather than in the cabinet – sleek and modern);
  • Vanity with vessel sink.

We cannot wait to share our findings with you. Get inspired by the following best blue vanity bathroom ideas!

Top Blue Paint Colors for Bathroom Vanity

We decided to include the trendiest paint colors of the season from renowned brands in this top. Discover these pearls – midnight blues, foggy blues, baby blues, oceanic blues, navy blues, and more. Some of the following shades may spark your interest.

Blue Cabinets & Gold Hardware

We cannot deny the match between royal blue and gold (yellow gold, rose gold, copper, bronze). Decorate your blue vanity cabinets with gold handles or knobs. Apply gold to the faucet, mirrors, and other accessories, such as the towel holder or countertop decoration. 

Blue Cabinets with Marble Countertop

Two musts of this season – navy blue and marble. Imagine the effect of combining them. Both new and timeless, such a bathroom vanity design will bring the utmost sense of elegance and elevated air to the room.

Best for Master Bedroom: Double Blue Vanity

If you’re a couple looking for the perfect bathroom vanity, consider a double one to do your daily routines together – save time and make it funnier. Consider a large vanity cabinet with two storage sections, two sinks, and even two mirrors. You may ask why a blue vanity. 

Well, blue is the golden mean in terms of color if you and your partner cannot decide which works better. And not least, blue is one of the best colors to use in the bathroom.

Fully Blue Marble Vanity

Invite the exceptionally delicate style in your bathroom by opting for a vanity made fully of blue marble with rich veins. Let it become the room’s main highlight. We promise you won’t be able to take your eyes off such beauty. Limit yourself to a simplified vanity with a blue marble sink only, or consider the same expensive stone finish for the cabinets.

Blue Vanity in a Coastal Bathroom

Blue is meant to beautify Coastal-style bathrooms. No wonder this color is an excellent choice within a Coastal palette that includes seaside tones, also considering crisp white, sandy beige, and occasional sunny pops of color. Woven sconces, area rugs, and storage baskets of sisal, jute, or rattan combined with wood furniture will make you feel the coastal breeze.

Blue Vanity: Matching Colors for Walls

If you’ve decided on a blue bathroom vanity yet cannot make a choice in favor of one color or another for the backdrop, the following list of top color pairings may help you:

  • Navy blue and pale green;
  • Vivid blue and peach;
  • Any shade of blue and white;
  • Deep blue and beige.

Pale Blue Vanity and Wood Accents

For a long period of time, designers haven’t gotten tired of the gorgeous pairing between blue and wood. Having such an occasion, why not give this fantastic combination a try in the bathroom? Ensure a few naturally textured wood accessories stand out in the neighborhood of a soft blue vanity. This can be a wooden countertop or open shelves.

Blue Vintage Vanity

Blue, especially navy blue, is associated with royal, grand, and fine things. This may be the right item to make a statement in your bathroom. If you are lucky to find a Vintage vanity, paint it blue and enjoy the refined beauty that instantly fills the space. Make your daily get-ready routine more pleasant with an awe-inspiring vanity.

When Blue Reaches the Wallpaper

Partner a blue-colored bathroom vanity with original wallpaper with blue prints. These can be floral motifs, animal patterns, geometric shapes, or abstract forms. You’ll ensure a coherent design where everything is connected.

Warm Up the Palette with Wooden Flooring

Balance the stark blue accent radiated by the blue vanity by covering the floor with wood. Why wood, particularly? Designers and those interested in interior design know that blue works impressively well with wood, and it would be a shame not to think of this pair during the next redecoration of your bathroom.

Blue Vanity in a Mediterranean-Style Bathroom

Blue is undoubtedly a defining color for the Mediterranean style, one of the trendiest design styles. Try the no-fail combination of a blue bathroom vanity and the classy Mediterranean tiles in blue. Consolidate blue and add visual interest to your bathroom design while enriching the ambiance with a breezy and culture-rooted effect.

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