A new navy blue version adapted to the 2023 trends - a magical dark yet bright blue with a romantic name inspired by van Gogh's art.

LRV 7.51
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The 2023 season is for exploration, self-definition, and new endeavors. The new Benjamin Moore palette of trendy colors has paint options for each case. Undoubtedly, the bright and artsy blue Starry Night Blue is one of the greatest pearls of this collection. It is an alternative to the timeless navy blue shades. Just a slight switch into another, stylishly bolder direction. Professionals say they haven’t seen such a bright color reach such levels of trendiness for long. One can see Starry Night Blue in almost every new design plan. Let’s discover why, what makes this paint color stand out, and how it can be applied to your design!

Starry Night Blue Paint Color Features

The delightful blue that almost feels indigo, the gorgeous bright blue one sees at dusk, very bright and attractive, is a true dream color. They say its romantic name was inspired by Vincent van Gogh’s masterpiece “The Starry Night”. The blue color itself looks like it was borrowed from the piece of art and transformed into the most sought-after bright paint color designers have ever seen. Colorists claim that the entire color palette of the mentioned showpiece can be recreated in the interior design, but later on this.

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Starry Night Blue: Is It Warm or Cold?

Although radiantly bold, Starry Night Blue is pretty dark, which makes it gravitate between warm and cold. We cannot stick it to one feature or the other. The romantic blue is neither warm nor cold. It is appealingly neutral, feeling coolly balanced and warmly charming. Still, lighting may introduce a change or two. 

How Does Lighting Affect Starry Night Blue?

Under the cool morning light, particularly in rooms with west or north-facing windows, SNB stays true to the saturated blue side, unfolding a rather cool cast, right like the morning sky when the last dazzling stars already miss the moon. On the other side of the coin, or to be precise – the other side of the house, where eastern and southern exposures rule, the inky blue feels like an entirely different color – a deep purple-blue, slightly muted. 

One can clearly witness a variation of this paint color as seen on the sample under ambient light conditions, where the blue shade seems bright, confident, and audacious. Once you switch on artificial lighting, the violet-blue version takes the fore, with a modest pastel veil. 

Starry Night Blue LRV

According to Benjamin Moore’s official website, the ability to reflect the light for Starry Night Blue reaches a value of 7.51 on a scale from 0 to 100. Note that 0 stands for true black shades and 100 for true white shades, although such paints have not been yet developed. Still, the LRV shows how light or dark a color is. For such a low LRV as this, the bright blue shade seems pretty close to the dark side, meaning it is not the best option for small spaces with poor light sources. 

Starry Night Blue Undertones

SNB would be a pure shade of vibrant blue if it weren’t for the tiniest drop of violet that makes this color appear the way it is. A glorious night sky blue that feels more imaginarily romantic than real. All things considered, the purple undertone doesn’t appear any time you want, and the previous section clearly explains why.

Similar Colors

There are plenty of bright blues both at Benjamin Moore, one of North America’s most beloved paint color brands, and other renowned manufacturers. The fact that bold shades have never appeared to be as popular as now proves why you haven’t probably encountered them so far. Luckily, we prepared the list with the most relevant paint colors similar to SNB.

  • Blue 2066-10 by Benjamin Moore – as the name implies, a true blue shade, even darker than SNB, although showing its full brightness undisturbed by any purple notes;
  • Admiral Blue 2065-10 by Benjamin Moore – a stately navy blue shade with an inky violet undertone filtering the pretty dark yet bright shade;
  • Valiant Violet SW 6818 by Sherwin-Williams – it seems the colorists polished the same starry sky blue with more violet undertones than expected, and led to this gorgeously blooming blue-purple;
  • Morning Glory SW 6971 by Sherwin-Williams – a lighter violet-blue diluted with a few more drops of water;
  • Sapphire Blue EBC-45 by Behr – a dark violet-blue of higher intensity, much closer to the timeless navy blue category;
  • Thunderbolt RAH-99 by Behr – only the unnoticeably lower LRV would distinguish between this shade and SNB; both throw a similar effect on the space when chosen as an accent or base color;
  • Expressionism MQ5-49 by Behr – a self-expressive purple-blue that tends to lean towards the mid-tone side, although relatively dark.

Coordinating Colors

The classy color matchings the Starry Night Blue wouldn’t work without are light paint colors, from classic white, powdery white, and gray to blue. You cannot miss the trending blue and yellow combination. Similarly, successful color pairings are cool and dark shades. For a little play with vibrancy, colorists give you the liberty to combine SNB with another paint color from the list of the 2023 trendy shades. Discover all options as follows.

  • White Heron OC-57 by Benjamin Moore – an indisputable classic white that you can safely opt for regardless of what accent paint color you decide to pair it with;
  • Gray Owl OC-52 by Benjamin Moore – a neutral-to-cool light gray enriched with blue and green undertones;
  • White Diamond 2121-60 by Benjamin Moore – a dazzling white with a sparkling blue cast;
  • Steam AF-15 by Benjamin Moore – a foggy white with an immaculate base and powdery-soft undertones;
  • Silver Lining 2119-60 by Benjamin Moore – a winter morning cool gray with a tiny blue tinge of silverish glory;
  • Instinct AF-575 by Benjamin Moore – a go-to light pastel blue that borrowed softness from lavender and cleanliness from the clear morning sky;
  • Oxford Gold 315 by Benjamin Moore – a whimsical yellow-orange resembling the gold sparkles when bathed in light;
  • Universal Black 2118-10 by Benjamin Moore – a confident and stately shade of black, slightly dusty and cool, working as a contrast for any color scheme;
  • Savannah Green 2150-30 by Benjamin Moore – a yellow-green shade with a veil made fully of gold; another 2023 trendy paint color.

Use of Starry Night Blue in the Interior

If you have been using navy blue for a long time and are not ready to give up on the color, maybe you should switch your attention to the other side, meaning a brighter blue. Now, replacing the good old shades with brand-new ones that bring more dimension and depth looks more relevant than ever. A monochromatic interior, an accent, or an equal pairing with other bright shades sounds appealing to SNB. Let’s explore the design solutions!

Monochromatic Living Room

One of the greatest design ideas with Starry Night Blue is painting the lounge area walls in this shade and picking blue furnishing and decor in the same color. The goal to add more depth and uniqueness to your living room will be fully completed. Designers recommend blue velvet sofas and armchairs to help them stand out on a similarly colored backdrop. The ceiling should be mandatorily painted white since it risks otherwise seeming lower.

New Contrast: Modern Blue and Classic White

The eccentric blue is the right color for an accent in a neutral living room, kitchen, or mini-home office if you want to underline particular functional areas. Say black may seem too usual, pastel shades may probably go without receiving the attention they truly deserve, and powdery hues easily blend with the combined neutral. Simultaneously, a rich violet-blue shade would simply thrive and receive all attention. Choose one wall and paint it in the bright version of the beloved navy. 

Blue Wall Decor in Bedroom

For some, Starry Night Blue may seem overwhelming in the sleeping space. For others, this is the paint color they have been searching for over the years, particularly if they love falling asleep in a fully dark room; the stark blue shade will arrange that. For the first category, we advise you to take a glance at the growing artsy movement in interior design. Consider geometrically designed forms on your bedroom walls in blue, shaping the aesthetics and ensuring a mood you’ll be inspired by. 

Design Concept: Virtual Reality

The dynamic 70s and colorful personalized designs are the top choices among customized projects. Homeowners no longer want to be like others. They want to escape the usual and stand out with the interiors they can find themselves in. The bright blue paint is perfect for such a purpose. Unusual furnishings painted blue, unexpected blue accents, effervescent combinations between blue and other bright colors, and designer items decorated with blue and other pops of energy-filled tones.

Van Gogh’s Art Aesthetics

Get inspired by the popular Vincent van Gogh’s art colors – blue, yellow, and black, as witnessed in “The Starry Night”. This is a real theme now, and considering the growing popularity of saturated hues, opting for such a palette in your living room, bedroom, kitchen, and even bathroom is a real thing now. Starry Night Blue for the background, yellow for all kinds of accents – throw pillows, curtains, accent walls, bedding, or furniture, and black for the smallest borderlines, such as wall sconces, furniture underlining, or decorative pieces.

Versatile Blue in Kitchen

We have probably seen more navy blue in the kitchen than any other color. Take a step back, look on the other side, and stand out from the crowd with the updated navy color elaborated specially for the new design age. The best part is that Starry Night Blue is roaringly versatile. The same bright blue looks astonishingly perfect on an accent island in a modern cooking space, on traditional cabinets with decorative trim, and even on transitional kitchen furnishings that celebrate the bond between new and old. 

Bathroom with a Twist

The cherry on the pie is decorating the bathroom with bright blue accents. Regardless of how organic Starry Night Blue may look in a wet space due to its resonating quality with water, an abundance of this color in a small room is not acceptable. Instead, go with accents. Choose between painting the vanity cabinet, a larger cupboard, or a wall art accent, up to the smallest details, such as the mirror frame or towel holder. 

Use of Starry Night Blue for the Exterior

In the list of available paint colors for the exterior, Starry Night Blue is a very skillful competitor. It may look too eye-catching on the front door when combined with a light paint color for the walls, yet the bright purple-blue is perfect for the house walls. It won’t lose a bit from its dynamic blue intensity and turn the passer-bys’ heads all year round. Still, it is primarily about expressing your vision of color and choosing one of the best paint colors to prove it. Crisp white for the trim and a similar blue shade for the roof will do.

The Starry Night Blue 2067-20 paint color by Benjamin Moore is the best representative of the new era colors. With a shade like this in your pocket, to be precise – in your house, there is not a chance your design projects won’t enter the list of the trendiest interior and exterior designs.

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