A dark and cool royal blue-gray; one of the trendiest shades of navy blue in contemporary design instantly embraced by homeowners and designers.

Hackrea, Visualizer

Currently, professionals don’t waste time and make almost every paint color about nature – the greatest source of inspiration. In the Sherwin-Williams’ 2023 Colormix forecast, the Lore collection focuses on passionate creativity through color, where a sensational blue-gray with the name Mineral Gray stands out. Traced to the first-class and designers’ beloved navy blue, this so-called navy gray is ready to conquer the world. 

Mineral Gray Paint Color Features

Earth minerals have many color variations that give inspiration to colorists. SW 2740 is one of them, part of the Blue color family. It is a pretty dark shade of blue-gray, or, rather blue with a dusty camouflage. To be precise, this is far from the known soothing blue grays, revealing an indeed neutral paint color that hides grace, relaxed luxury, and royalty, right like its ancestor, navy blue, yet this time with a modern update.

Mineral Gray: Is It Warm or Cold?

A dark blue-gray color like this should be at least cool, which is true about Mineral Gray. Not the kind of cool one would associate with almost cold, but a rather relaxing and soothing cool. Luckily, the gray trace is perceivable enough to soften the intense blue that hides behind. 

How Does Lighting Affect Mineral Gray?

Light temperature displays different effects on paint colors. If we speak about a room with north or west-facing windows, prevailed by cool natural light, the fashionable blue-gray tends to be even colder than on the sample, with intensified cool blue and gray hints, gravitating toward the neutral side. 

Switch to a space with southern or eastern exposure, and you will notice how the once cold and impartial paint color transforms into a delightful bluish-gray that may even throw a few purple notes, especially when the sun rays dance on a surface painted this way. One can notice the same violet trace in an east-facing room in the morning and a west-facing room in the afternoon when the sunshine has direct access to the space. 

Once the night comes and artificial lighting takes the lead, Mineral Gray feels more blue, close to our favorite navy blue. 

Mineral Gray LRV

For a start, what is Light Reflectance Value? Colorists use it to show how much light a color reflects on a scale from 0 to 100, distinguishing between dark, light, and middle-tone shades. Since 0 stands for true dark colors, Mineral Gray is close to this category with an LRV of 9. 

Professionals don’t recommend this paint color in small spaces with no access to appropriate natural light or artificial sources of light. MG absorbs a tremendous amount of light without bouncing it back, which may result in a suppressing environment for the room owner. 

Mineral Gray Undertones

Despite the name, Mineral Gray is not fully gray. It is a blue-gray paint color directed to the blue side. At some level, a few drops of plumy violet can be perceived if the right light hits. No other visible undertones disturb the royal serenity of the brand-new navy gray.

Similar Colors

The blue-gray variation of color is very trendy with paint manufacturers. It would be a shame to speak about Mineral Gray and not mention its cousins within the Sherwin-Williams palette and the color selections from other popular brands. Get a glimpse of one of the navy blue’s many sides.

  • Sea Mariner SW 9640 by Sherwin-Williams – a much deeper navy blue, less penetrated by gray;
  • Outerspace SW 6251 by Sherwin-Williams – a considerably lighter, soothing version of blue-gray that feels relaxing and mysterious simultaneously;
  • Evening Dove 2128-30 by Benjamin Moore – a dark and cool bluish-gray that renders the same state of relaxed luxury yet slightly deprived of the plumy purple trace;
  • Temptation 1609 by Benjamin Moore – a rather gray-biased navy blue devoid of the violet undertones;
  • Ball Gown MQ5-06 by Behr – almost the same navy gray with a 99% similarity to Mineral Gray;
  • Dark Denim S510-7 by Behr – a dark blue shade with gray undertones that make for a navy color of a more perceivable depth;
  • Secret Society MQ5-10 by Behr – add more intensity to blue in Mineral Gray, and you receive this paint color;
  • Midnight Blue N480-7 by Behr – a timeless dark navy blue with a great number of gray undertones, close to MG, yet without exposing any purple undertones.

Coordinating Colors

To preserve the unmatchable personality of this navy gray, it is enough to pair it with shades of white, softer or cooler as you like. Lighter blue grays and deeper navy blues are welcome on monochromatic palettes. Simultaneously, designers are in love with the combination between navy and brown – a stately mix of first-class colors. By the way, light and dark brown shades work. They should be either neutral or warm to complement the cool plumy blue Mineral Gray. The best from Sherwin-Williams to match with SW 2740:

  • Snowbound SW 7004 – a classy white, neither warm nor cold, that has a bit from each side yet not too much of everything;
  • Creamy SW 7012 – a very light creamy off-white that, in contrast with Snowbound, feel substantially warmer;
  • Gris Morado SW 9156 – designers’ choice; a cool neutral blue-gray with an equal amount of each;
  • Network Gray SW 7073 – a powdery shade of light gray-blue, resonating with the inner navy world of Mineral Gray;
  • Antler Velvet SW 9111 – middle-to-light tan polished with organic smoothness and natural softness;
  • Cowboy Boots SW 9115 – a dark earthy brown with imaginary-like yellow undertones that lend this shade of color comfort.

Use of Mineral Gray in the Interior

Colorists from Sherwin-Williams claim that Mineral Gray has the right ingredients for a relaxed mood accompanied by royal finesse in your bedroom or study room. We tend to agree with professionals and bring even more inspiration for the successful integration of the soothing blue-gray in your interior.

Classy Study

The top designers’ choice for contemporary home offices designed in the old-time Classic style is undoubtedly a navy blue shade. Starting with 2023, Mineral Gray is the first color to have in mind. Paint the walls or bookcases in navy gray, opt in favor of naturally textured wood furniture, and smooth the contrast with white paint for the trim. If you think of an additional lounge area, don’t hesitate to consider seats with blue velvet upholstery to enhance the luxury effect of Classic interiors. 

A Bedroom for Relaxation

What we love about the plumy blue-gray from Sherwin-Williams is definitely its ability to create the perfect ambiance to unwind in and escape from daily worries. Designers are high on using SW 2740 to paint the bedroom fully, including the ceiling and closets. This idea works especially for lovers to fall asleep in entirely dark bedrooms. 

No less stylish are pairings between navy gray and white with light-colored bedding. Think of a bed with a canopy frame or a tufted headboard for traditional bedrooms. On the other hand, low-platform beds with accent headboards are an absolute must in modern spaces. Natural wood and gold decor fit better than ever in a navy blue bedroom.

Luxury Lounge Area

With a tinge of royal magic, Mineral Gray can reinvent your living room design concept. It instantly shapes the color palette and adds statement, class, and personality to the room. Now, your usual evening gatherings, movie watching, or friend meetings will reach a brand-new level. 

Surprisingly, MG is a very flexible paint color, and like classic neutrals, it knows how to behave in most design styles. Therefore, you can go with Traditional, Modern, Neoclassical, Eco, Boho, or an eclectic combination of more directions and not be afraid of getting it wrong.

Modern Hallway

White, gray, and beige hallways are a thing of the past. Well, you can still opt for such colors, yet there are trendier solutions. Take Mineral Gray. A gorgeous accent color that will ensure a stylish introduction to your interior. Besides the walls, designers suggest painting the interior doors and closets as well. For poor-lit hallways, ensure an appropriate number of light fixtures.

Timeless Kitchen Color

Navy blue is one of the most popular kitchen cabinet paint colors. If you love the look, we suggest you give it a chance with an updated solution. Instead of the renowned navy shades, opt for the currently trending Mineral Gray, exposing a deeper blue alongside gray for a creative approach to color. 

Not to our surprise, any style works for SW 2740. Modern, traditional, transitional, and eclectic kitchens perfectly fit the marine blue-gray. Special attention should be paid to the countertop; designers suggest choosing Calacatta marble, the Italian natural stone in white with fine gray veins intersected by subtle gold spreads of color. 

Dining Room Redecoration: Stately and with Taste

A dark navy blue shade would not suit everybody’s taste in the dining room. It may seem too overwhelming for some and formal enough for others. Mineral Gray may indeed feel unapproachable all due to its regal traces. Still, if you enjoy the state of refined luxury, don’t wait long before redecorating your dining space.

Untreated or black paint for furnishing, gold accents, and centerpiece chandeliers are the absolute musts. Those who want a smaller taste of the royal navy blue can apply the paint to a side table and leave the all-blue-gray makeover for true connoisseurs of the timeless navy blue. 

Royal Treats in the Bathroom

We are proud to see Mineral Gray thrive in opulent design projects, as it fully deserves. Treat yourself to the lush emerald gray-blue in the bathroom by applying it to luxury design concepts meant to delight the eye. The most expensive materials, rich accents, and centerpiece details paired with SW 2740 reach state-of-the-art. 

A sumptuous design approach like this may be too expensive, yet you can always find a much more affordable alternative. Paint the walls blue-gray, opt for a floating natural stone sink, add large mirrors, and decorate the space with gold-replicating accents, say for hardware or lighting fixtures. 

Use of Mineral Gray for the Exterior

Like its competitive counterpart, true navy blue, the slightly dustier Mineral Gray is perfect for the exterior house walls; just an updated alternative for a fresher look. Modern cubic exteriors or traditional designs are all in for the new navy shade. The paint works exceptionally well on front doors as well, yet it needs a larger surface to reveal its full range of natural splendor.

The Mineral Gray SW 2740 paint color by Sherwin-Williams is a fresh blue-gray known for resembling the beloved navy blue. Romanticizing the past and relying on the passion for creativity, the modish navy gray invites us to be among the first to embrace the beginning of a new color trend.

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