20 Women’s Bedroom Ideas Like Out of a Magazine

A woman’s bedroom is not mandatorily filled with bright colors, delicate accessories, sparkling accents, and many blooming flowers. We all have different perspectives on style. While somebody sees beauty in the roughest natural texture, others cannot help but admire the elegance of soft textiles and spring-inspired colors. What brings all those women together is that they strive for their unique level of perfection. They want a personal space in the house to resonate with their personality, sense of home, and every feature that comes with it.

The range of design possibilities is much broader than before. Designers who’ve long worked in the field shared a few exciting tricks and plenty of design ideas for your next feminine bedroom makeover. Get inspired and enjoy the process!

5 Basic Aspects to Consider Beforehand

  • Room layout. Functionality comes before style. Ensure first a functional arrangement of furniture, especially if there are more functional areas than the sleeping zone;
  • Primary elements. There cannot be a bedroom, be it even feminine, without a bed, nightstands, closet, vanity, and additionally, a working desk and an extra seat;
  • Color coordination. Choose between a monochromatic or contrastive color palette and ensure color cohesion throughout the room;
  • Design style. Don’t mix up elements from plenty of styles and end up with chaos. Accurately pair a defining design style with features from others;
  • Personalization. Choose decorative units that speak to you personally; no abstract wall art or framed quotes. Pick something original that bears meaning to you, from a favorite painting from the Romanticism era to a DIY project.

Return to Basics: Neutral Colors & Natural Texture

For lovers of Minimalism and those iron ladies who cannot give up on neutral colors, transform your love for simplicity into something trendy. Opt for muted natural tones for walls, a minimalist layout, mandatorily a low profile bed, and the room’s main focus – a tremendous accent wall with uneven natural texture – wood, stone, or concrete. This technique makes your bedroom look authentic and feel luxurious.

Emerging Trend: Earthy Colors

Earthy tones, meaning any color that contains brown, such as burgundy, terracotta, orange-brown, coral-brown, or green-brown, are regarded as some of the coziest colors for a bedroom. Women will definitely enjoy the comfy and inviting features of such tones when used on walls.

Top Bedroom Theme: Biophilic Design

Living in an era when sustainable approaches in interior design are a must, it is a shame not giving enough attention to one of the trendiest styles – Eco-style. If you haven’t picked your bedroom design style yet, consider the Biophilic approach. The rules are simple: plenty of natural light, nature-inspired colors, and greenery decoration. 

Take a minute to admire the tropical oasis skillfully integrated into the following online design projects. The Contemporary Green and Orange Bedroom and Modern Open-Floor Bedroom in White, both developed by Hackrea’s professional designer Alex Jolea, show how you can make the most of the Biophilic idea. Bring the exotic allure into your bedroom, and feel the relaxing and calming property of live greenery.

Women’s Bedroom: Trendy Colors

According to WGSN+Coloro, the global authorities on color and design, purples are making a huge and impressive comeback. Juicy violets and pastel lavenders are the top-rated options. So far, so good since purple is an excellent choice for a woman’s bedroom. Looking for something else? Try green and blue as authentic as you see them in nature, and give your bedroom an impetus of retreat and escape. 

As you can notice, it is not necessarily pink or beige. On the contrary, everything but these colors. Switch to the bright side and take on the challenge with fruity, bright colors, orange, peach, raspberry, or yellow. Or slightly darker, such as burgundy, crimson, navy, or moody grays, greens, and browns

Sizable Women’s Bedroom: Room Zoning

Benefit to the fullest from a large bedroom if you have one and use its space stylishly and practically. Separate the sleeping space from the rest of the room through a voguish divider, such as a partition wall, and use the other side as a dressing area, getting ready zone, or workspace. 

In this Neoclassical Female Bedroom with Ochre Accents, another successful Hackrea project by Giulia Lombardi, you can notice how effortlessly the get-ready zone integrates into this delicate bedroom. The vanity area has a mood of its own while being part of the same bedroom. 

Through Organic Texture to Origin Matter

Buy the look: plastered walls, a pleasant pastel palette, as many organic surfaces as possible, and endless natural light. Contemporary elegance hides in simple and natural elements: organic linen bedding, a richly-grained jute area rug, artisanal wicker lamps, untreated wood furniture, rattan chairs, or bamboo wall art.

Eclectic Bedroom for All Tastes

One of the best design options for an era of emerging bright colors and interconnected styles is Eclectic palettes. Try traditional textiles in a fully Industrial bedroom, ‘80s motifs in a Modern interior, and Art Deco accents paired with Rustic or Boho elements in a Loft bedroom. The sea of possibilities is limitless. Express more emotion and bring energy to your bedroom, and it will awaken your appetite for positive thoughts. 

Arched Headboard

Besides being trendy, arches will help you underline the feminine energy in the bedroom and smooth the transition from one color to another. Choose neutral or colorful headboards, upholstered or naturally textured. You can either buy a new bed with an arched headboard or insist on a tiny DIY project and make one of your own for the existing bed.

Princess Treatment with a Canopy Bed

The canopy adds elevated air to any bedroom, primarily if meant for a woman. Alternatively, you can try the canopy frame alone, yet nothing will replace the finesse of that airy fabric floating above your head. 

Interesting trick: if you plan a fast and affordable bedroom makeover, you only need to add a canopy for your bed. Your bedroom will quickly acquire a new look.

Small Bedroom: Cozy Sleeping Nook

Sometimes, less is more. If you make the most of what you have, you’ll always be grateful for the result. Even if you cannot afford a large and spacious bedroom, you can always improvise a tiny sleeping nook in a room corner or at the window, separate it through a partition wall or curtains, and enjoy the magic. 

Luxurious Treats: Bathtub in the Bedroom

Dear women, enjoy yourself every time you find the occasion. Having a bedroom at your alone disposal is an excellent opportunity to consider a freestanding bathtub right in the sleeping space. Take a moment to relax and forget about the daily hustle without leaving your bedroom.

Improvised Dressing Room

Have you always dreamt of a dressing and get-ready area in your bedroom? Try the affordable and convenient solution by separating your closet area from the rest of the room through partition curtains. You don’t need expensive closets; a few open shelves will work. Such a perfect alternative looks practical, on-trend, and, most importantly, original. 

Take On the Challenge: Floating Bed

Switch from a traditional bed to a floating one. It better be low-profile. We kindly ask you to avoid storing your belongings under it so you don’t spoil the conceptual meaning of such a bed. Additionally, think of LED strips under the bed to create a magical illusion and probably keep monsters at bay (kidding). Try the swing bed concept for lovers of 100% original design ideas.

All in White: Clean and Airy Bedroom

We are sure some of our female readers are in love with white, and especially for you, designers confirmed again that an all-white look is a trendy choice for a bedroom. The immaculate ambiance and decluttered surfaces paired with white walls, light-colored furniture, and white bedding are the ultimate Minimalist design mood board. 

Accent Headboard

This option is another perfect one-step makeover. Consider a statement headboard, say a ceiling-high, enclosed, or wall-to-wall long one. Or, pick an unusual design, such as a woven or wavy headboard. Making a statement is easier than ever.

Hanging Clothing Rack

You are the bedroom owner, and you decide how everything works here. Just a tiny tip from designers: switch from traditional clothing racks to hanging. They are way more practical, don’t take much space (if they take any), and look effortlessly stylish. 

The Double-Mattress Bed

As we like referring to it, “the double-mattress” bed is a large low-profile bed with an additional border island of soft material that makes the bed look a thousand times cozier. You should absolutely try this idea if you have a spacious bedroom. Surround yourself with comfort and feel it at every touch.

The Glorious “Mushroom” Lamp

You’ve probably heard about this emerging trend. Mushroom table lamps are the latest design trend you can notice on high-end projects in interior design magazines. Reinvent your bedroom style with this versatile table lamp by choosing one of the available designs. The more original, obviously, the better.

The Fine Things in Life

Dear ladies, enjoy every part of your daily routine. Surround yourself with luxurious textures and feel special. Opt for expensive-looking, even faux yet quality replications of natural stones, especially marble, for nightstands and the vanity table. One of the newest and most elegant design ideas is installing the vanity table and mirror in the window area. Get inspired and filled with energy from the natural or urbanistic landscape while taking care of yourself. 

Add a Relaxation Nook

Be it even the smallest corner, try to make room for your personal relaxation nook. It can be an extra-comfy accent chair, a swing chair, a pouf, or any seat that suits your comfort level. Plan your week, read a good book, deal with some personal business, literally anything you want while enjoying the comfiest seat.

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