Sage Green Kitchen Cabinets: Everlasting Design Ideas

Like its namesake plant, sage green is a pale gray-green witnessed both in nature and at paint manufacturers in various shades, from soothing grayish green to olive green. Is it, though, a good choice for the kitchen cabinets? Let’s start with the fact that green is one of the trendiest kitchen cabinet colors. Some even call it the “new neutral”, ideally replacing grays and whites. Especially if you are slowly embracing the new color trends, a sage green tone will not disappoint and make for a great transition color.

If you haven’t decided yet on the perfect sage shade for your kitchen cabinets, we would like to start our article with a quick color inspiration.

Best Sage Green Paint Colors for Kitchen Cabinets

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  • October Mist 1495 – one of the trendiest gray greens with a perfectly balanced color base that will satisfy your craving for organic and natural;
  • Sage Wisdom CSP-775 – an impressively thoughtful gray-green that feels like a breath of morning air filled with care and refinement;
  • High Park 467 – a medium veggie green with cool gray undertones that lend depth to this organic green shade.


  • Conifer Green PPU10-19 – a relatively dark sage green tone, one of the best this season, bringing the fresh forest vibe into your kitchen;
  • Nature’s Gift N410-4 – a middle-tone gray with pronounced blue-green undertones, neither cold nor warm, that will softly enliven your interior design;
  • Laurel Tree S390-5 – a rich sage green with charming warm undertones that would perfectly soften a north-facing kitchen.


  • Evergreen Fog SW 9130 – an updated sage green tone leaning towards the neutral side, very popular among designers;
  • Acacia Haze SW 9132 – a therapeutic and relaxing gray-green with a strong fog effect;
  • Retreat SW 6207 – an expert-pick green tone with moody blue-gray undertones that will refresh your kitchen cabinets.


  • Sage Green – an uplifting green shade with soft grayish blue undertones that perfectly works beside wood or paired with white or black;
  • Fresh Sage – an almost mint-green with refreshing blue-gray traces that embraces the love for smooth and decluttered;
  • Sophisticated Sage – this sage shade is nothing like the previous paint colors; an earthy gray-green with mixed feelings that will adapt to any design style.

Get ready to discover the top design ideas for sage green kitchen cabinets. As usual, designers have prepared a gorgeous selection of suggestions. Discover them now!

Sage Green and Metallics: Gold Hardware

Experts will surely agree that gold in any variation, yellow, copper, brass, or bronze, is the best-ever partner for sage green when it comes to accessories. Yet, avoid rose gold. Experts claim it to be a trend that slowly goes out of style. So, accessorize your sage green kitchen cabinets with gold handles or knobs. Additionally, think of gold lighting fixtures and faucets. 

Inspired by the Outdoors: Sage Green and Wood

You’ll never see a better combination than green color and wood texture. Like outdoor greenery, this pairing takes after and makes for the most organic and appealing design idea. Consider decorative wood beams, a wooden countertop, wood chairs, or accents of the same material in a kitchen painted sage green. 

Choose among the best design styles here: Country, Mediterranean, Provence, Modern, Mid-Century Modern, or Rustic.

Key Color Picks to Pair with Sage Cabinets

The no-fail color choices are undoubtedly white, black, and gray. Additionally, give wood tones, taupe, and beige a thought. If you fancy a standout contrast to intensify the intrigue, your design possibilities are limitless with the new color trends. Purple, pink, coral, terracotta, blue, crimson, and even yellow all work. The question is: How much contrast do you want to bring to your design?

Elegant Sage Green with Marble

If you are not a fan of wood in the kitchen, switch to marble. By marble, we mean huge marble slabs with visibly emphasized veins. That can be white, gray, or black marble. Even green looks amazing on the expensive stone when paired with sage cabinets. To complete the style, think of gold-polished accessories. 

A Sage Oasis in the Kitchen

If you want an unusual sage-green effect in your kitchen, try a sage-colored kitchen island surrounded by light-colored cabinets. It will instantly become the room’s main accent and spread its fresh green fragrance. It works better for those who want a darker sage shade in a smaller kitchen.

Sage Lower Cabinets & Open Shelving

Since sage green pairs so well with white, choose the feature combination of sage green lower cabinets and whitewashed walls with open shelves. Your kitchen will feel airy, while the trendy green shade will add character to the design. Opt for wood shelves particularly, since natural texture has always been a perfect companion for green.

Traditional Farmhouse Kitchen in Sage Green

Modern Farmhouse has been popular for a long time, and its seems the time has come for Traditional Farmhouse to shine. Besides, designers now crave the beauty of traditional, vintage, and familiar. Use any pale gray-green tone in a Traditional Farmhouse cooking space decorated with decluttered wood, copper accessories, beautifully carved cabinets, and feature hardware. 

To enhance the effect, think of the exposed Farmhouse sink with a displayed front side, the traditional metallic wall sconces, shiplap patterns, and vintage area rugs on a wooden floor.

Veggie Kitchen Cabinets + Black Hardware

For a more stately and formal look, try pairing sage cabinets with accent black handles or knobs. Not to our surprise, this versatile combination works for modern and traditional styles. While gold accessories lend elegance, black ones bring in more confidence and luxe. 

Add Country House Charm

If you cannot wait to go to your vacation country house and enjoy its atmospheric beauty, yet you cannot allow yourself such luxe every time you fancy it, bring this heart-warming ambiance closer to your daily routine. Decorate your kitchen in a full cottage style with organic sage green cabinets and as much untreated wood texture as possible. Make it smell like a late summer evening in your favorite lake house.

Keep It Contemporary

For the lovers of the Scandinavian and Minimalist design styles, stay true to your beloved directions in interior design yet adapt them to the latest trends. Bring more colorful features and organic beauty. 

For instance, adding a new sage green trace allows you to reinvent your state-of-the-art “touch-to-open” kitchen cabinets with sleek silhouettes. Choose light wood for accessories and expensive-looking materials for the countertop and backsplash.

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