Top 10 Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends 2024 with Photos

A few years ago, all-white kitchens were the trendiest option. Now, people want more color, energy, and personality. Since the kitchen cabinet color is one of the most essential aspects to consider beforehand, borrowing insights on the subject from experts is a good thing to start with. Austere neutral shades are out of sight, while updated natural tones and engaging pops of bold colors have all the attention. What’s in and out of the current kitchen cabinet color trends? That’s what interior designers predict.  

1. Beige and Taupe Are the New Grays

Overly neutral grays are gone for good, at least for the next few seasons. Now, designers and decorators direct all their attention to standout neutrals. Thus, beige and taupe lead the list of trending kitchen cabinet colors. These warm shades draw their comfort from the earth and perfectly add coziness to ultra-modern touch-to-open kitchen cabinets and traditional interiors decorated with gold hardware. 

2. New Kitchen Color Trend: Dark Wood

Natural wood holds the lead out of tens of kitchen cabinet color trends. Moreover, dark wood will be mainstream in 2024. It’s like a breath of fresh air for natural materials after years of light wood cabinets. Dark wood kitchen cabinets look stately and expensive regardless of design style, modern or cottagecore. 

3. Red Is All the Rage

When asked what color will be among the trendiest in 2024 kitchens, most experts said red will be in high demand. Even devotees of neutrals agree that this rich and unexpected color nurtures people’s need for entertaining features in their homes. It seems color palettes full of personality are in demand.  

Expect beautiful red shades in modern and linear kitchens as well as in historical design ideas. Are you ready to take on the challenge? This can be rich red, burgundy, or crimson. 

4. Earthy Colors Still on Top

The favorite color of the last season stays in 2024 as well. Designers haven’t got enough of the warm and comforting earthy colors. Brown, orange, and terracotta take center stage. We are in love with the use of those cozy hues in countryside-style kitchens, which make you feel at home from the first sight.

5. On the Optimistic Side with Yellow

Undoubtedly, yellow is gaining unprecedented love from designers this season. We can associate it with the historic design, countryside, and urban style. It all depends on the undertone. Go with subtle green undertones in a sleek and modern kitchen. On the other hand, a warm buttery yellow is the perfect choice for cottage-style and traditional cabinets. 

6. Keep It Cool with Green

Surprisingly, after so many warm color options as the trendiest kitchen cabinet colors, we came across the return of cool shades on cabinets. Designers expect greens to take the fore. Even more, colorists simply love olive green for countryside or urban kitchens. 

7. Swap Navy for New Blues

Is navy blue indeed out of style in 2024? Frankly, navy is timeless. So, it cannot get out of trend. Still, experts urge us to stand out in the new year with new blue shades, especially when there are so many beautiful variations. For instance, take cobalt, cerulean, teal, and other oceanic tones. 

8. Purple Doesn’t Give Up

Undeniably, purple was the “it” color of 2023, which draws to a close. Yet, such promising colors cannot last only one season; they are meant to stay. If you want a riskier kitchen cabinet color trend, shades of lavender, aubergine, bold purple, or soothing violet are at your disposal.

9. Replace Dark with Pastel

As we all know, trends go in a cycle, and we repeatedly see the return of once-popular kitchen cabinet color trends. This time, pastel mint, pink, blue, peach, orange, and yellow, inspired by the versatile ‘50s, make a huge comeback and challenge us to embrace the soothing yet entertaining power of pastel tones. Consequently, the previously trending dark colors slightly give up in their favor.

10. Mix and Match: Two-Color Kitchen

We are so happy to see this trend back. Replacing the once-trending all-white kitchen cabinets with new colors also implies integrating more than one shade as well. Of course, the all-time favorite is white combined with any color. Still, beautiful pastel pairings or mixes of dark and light proudly lead the trending kitchen cabinet colors. 

If you’re wondering what specific shades are the best in 2024, feel free to explore our list of the trendiest paint colors as suggested by top paint brands.

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