This very atmospheric gray-green shade symbolizes the current craving for nature, organic materials, and personal space balance.

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So, 2021 is coming to an end, and paint manufacturers are already thinking about the future. In September and October, all major brands and trendsetters presented their colors of the year – and one cannot fail to notice that complex and rather light green tones prevail among them, charming with naturalness and tranquility. Benjamin Moore did not stay away from trends and named October Mist 1495 as his color of the year 2022. This very atmospheric gray-green shade symbolizes the current craving for nature, organic materials, and personal space balance.

October Mist 1495 paint color features

There are several tools for creating personalized spaces, and color remains one of the most powerful and influential. That is why natural and calm shades are becoming more complex and ambiguous – which, in fact, happened with October Mist 1495.

According to Andrea Magno, director of color marketing at Benjamin Moore, it is this color that makes it easy to achieve harmony since it combines with most of the shades that are relevant today, and its variety depending on the lighting provides an excellent opportunity to make the interior unique.

October Mist 1495 is considered by many designers to be a new version of sage green, included by many manufacturers in the trendy palette for 2021. And it’s not that far from the truth: indeed, the keynotes of the color are borrowed from sage, but a little more silver and blue makes it even more sophisticated and friendly to modern space. The creators quite rightly describe it as “quirky, reliable and meditative “.

October Mist 1495: is it warm or cold?

The answer to this question lies in the very name of the color – “October mist”. Indeed, this month the first cold weather comes to us, and it rains very often, so the fog, cool even in summer, cannot be warm in autumn. So you can be sure that Benjamin Moore’s Paint of the Year is cold, and the notes that make it that way become more pronounced under certain lighting conditions.

How does lighting affect October Mist 1495?

Many people quite rightly compare the green-gray October Mist 1495 by Benjamine Moore with the gray-green Evergreen Fog by Sherwin-Williams. However, by combining them as closely as possible, you can see that the first is still cooler and more self-sufficient, as evidenced by the difference in their behavior depending on the lighting.

So, October Mist almost completely fades into gray with a slight bluish reflection in restrained daylight or cloudy weather. However, if there is enough light, and there is no question of direct sunlight, you may notice strong, and at the same time very cozy chords of light, one might even say – dusty blue. But in bright sunlight, surfaces painted with such paint are transformed, acquiring a pleasant and refined greenish tone.

Thanks to these chameleon properties, there are practically no restrictions in the use of October Mist 1495 in interiors. In rooms with poor lighting, it will create an atmosphere of tranquility. In rooms bathed in sunlight or sufficient artificial light, it will look natural and life-affirming, or elegant and sophisticated, depending on the design, furniture, and accessories you choose.

October Mist 1495 LRV

The light reflectance coefficient for October Mist is 46. This figure allows us to attribute it to the mid-tones, just like its closest “relative” Evergreen Fog by Sherwin-Williams. True, the LRV for it is 30, which means that it looks a little darker.

October Mist 1495 reflects light quite well, and therefore it is quite capable of making a room a little brighter and more spacious, especially if it is used in a room with windows to the south side. However, if there is not enough light, this is not a problem: in this case, this multifaceted shade will look more mysterious and remain visually comfortable.

October Mist 1495 undertones

In the neutral position of the color, it becomes evident that the first violin is played by green and gray in almost equal proportions. However, the pronounced blue undertones provide the subtle silvery sheen that makes this shade from Benjamin Moore unique.

Similar colors

In addition to the repeatedly mentioned Evergreen Fog SW 9130 by Sherwin-Williams, the following shades are similar for this color:

  • Fernwood Green 2145-40 – pleasant pale gray-green with light yellow undertones;
  • High Park 467 – a darker and austere gray-green with a noticeable steel glow;
  • Laurel Tree S390-5 by Behr – natural gray with confident green accords;
  • Illusive Green SW 9164 by Sherwin-Williams – a very airy version of sage gray-green;
  • PANTONE 16-6008 TPX Seagrass – calming and cool gray-green shade.

Coordinating colors

A nice and noticeable contrast to October Mist 1495 will be created by the following tones:

  • Natural Linen 966 – one of the most impeccable tones of natural textile fibers;
  • Venetian Portico AF-185 – light, natural, and warming light brown;
  • Pale Moon AC-108 – warm and pleasant creamy shade;
  • Collector’s Item AF-45 – sophisticated white with delicate cream tones.

Use of October Mist 1495 in interior and exterior

October Mist 1495 has a wide range of uses. Perhaps it is difficult to find an interior style that would be inappropriate – only high-tech can make such a claim. Minimalism and retro, Scandinavian and French country, modern and vintage, traditional and neoclassical – the gray-green tone looks friendly, welcoming, and highly stylish in any of them. Now let’s talk in more detail about the options for using the October Mist in different rooms.

Living room

If you are constantly under pressure and stress, you need a quiet corner where you feel safe and secure. October Mist 1495 is perfect for this task if you use it as a background. Combine it with natural textiles, wood, glass coffee tables, and sophisticated brass and bronze accents, and don’t forget to add lively natural motifs with green plants or fresh flowers in clear glass vases.


Hospitality is one of the most substantial aspects of October Mist 1495. Entering the hall, whose walls are painted in this beautiful gray-green color, you feel like a friendly embrace. In this case, you can achieve maximum comfort due to the entrance doors made of dark wood, simple furniture, and pleasant light accents.

Dining room and kitchen

Not everyone approves of cool tones for dining rooms, but if sophistication is as essential as appetite for you, there is no doubt that your dining room with walls in October Mist 1495 will become a model of elegance. Cozy armchairs or soft chairs upholstered in almost white and grayish-beige tones, matte metal lamps, a large wooden table, a light sheer on the windows – in such a room you want not only to dine but also to live.

A safe option for the kitchen would be painting the kitchen cabinets in the color of the October Mist. If you use one of its complementary shades as a background, then you can easily achieve perfect harmony.


In most cases, this October Mist 1495 by Benjamin Moore is recommended for south-facing bedrooms as it looks much more relaxed. However, if you need good rest and pure, serene tranquility, you can safely paint the walls in the bedroom, regardless of its area and location. As for other textures, fluffy bedspreads, linen, cotton, and, perhaps, a little patchwork and unpainted light wood will come in handy – however, the last two options can be easily changed to dark wenge and luxurious lamps if you prefer the classics.

For the exterior walls of the house

If you live in a sunny area, you can safely choose October Mist 1495 to paint the house’s exterior walls. In this case, its exterior will be a breath of fresh air. But in an area where good weather is a rare case, a building in this color will look quite strict, so it is better to use this paint for more elegant, classic establishments. Depending on your design, you can choose from white, dark brown, or black architectural elements – doors, roof canopies, or columns.

According to Andrea Magno, today, we are looking for stability and peace, but at the same time, we strive to express ourselves, organizing our living space. October Mist 1495 creates a cozy, enveloping atmosphere where you will feel complete harmony with the world and yourself.

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