Modern Bedroom: Key Features, Trends, and Inspirational Design Ideas with Pictures

A modern bedroom and a Modern bedroom are two slightly different concepts. How come? Using “modern” to describe a space makes us think of up-to-the-minute designs that follow the latest trends. Simultaneously, Modern with capital “m” instantly leads to the defining design style of the early to the mid-20 century period, showing distinctive features that any professional designer would recognize out of tens of design styles. Interestingly, the Modern style is the foundation of contemporary design, which is more or less synonymous with modern. They are obviously linked to each other. A modern bedroom gets its base features from the Modern style, yet it firmly integrates the newest trends, which helps it stay up to date. From now on, we will refer to it in this article as “modern bedroom,” a descendant of the renowned Modern style.

We hope our little intro hasn’t overwhelmed you. Yet, as they say, it’s better to know what you get into before the wave of inspirational ideas takes over you. Now, let’s get to what a modern bedroom should look like. In this article, we share the defining peculiarities of a Modern-style sleeping space, naming the fundamental principles and features. Additionally, we display a wide range of current trends to help you adapt your Modern bedroom to the current view on design. As a final touch, we put at your disposal a comprehensive list of designer bedroom ideas with inspirational pictures, revealing plenty of design concepts you can apply to your sleeping space and enjoy its immaculate and authentic effect for years. 

Key Principles and Features

Since the Modern design style acts like a pillar for what we call today modern, as if in “contemporary”, it means a modern bedroom appreciates more or less the same values as the distinctive design style. Besides the known functional layout and perfect light conditions, these are the defining elements you should find in a modern bedroom design:

  • Unobtrusive color scheme. Modern focuses mainly on monochromatic color palettes, although, as of late, occasional pops of color are allowed;
  • Minimalism-traced layout. Avoid unnecessary accessories and emphasize the utilitarian. The same goes for the room plan. Open-floor concepts are preferred;
  • Natural light vs. Artificial light. Modern likes sizable windows that let natural light flood the room and favors functional artificial lighting fixtures;
  • Organic materials. Think wood, stone, bamboo, metal, clay, sisal, jute, wicker, wool, cotton, or linen for any element in the room;
  • Less is more. The fewer details, patterns, colors, and accessories, the better, unless you want to reinvent your Modern bedroom with a retro spruce-up;
  • Low-profile furniture. Low-to-the-ground furniture made of natural materials and richly textured surfaces are of high value in modern interiors;
  • A balance between furnishing and decoration. The decorative part should never outrun the practical. Modern underlines the harmony between useful and beautiful;
  • Simple, clean-lined shapes. No intricate forms or eye-catching accents should draw your eye. Authentic beauty always hides in simple things;
  • Sustainable design solutions. Modern bedrooms apply more and more eco-friendly design trends that use natural materials and promote environmental protection;
  • Self-expressive and customized accents. Any modern design should strive to delight the homeowner’s eyes. That’s usually possible with personalized centerpieces that bear unique meanings and add the ultimate flair.

Biophilic Nook

Everything eco and sustainable is welcome in modern interiors. One of the latest trends is incorporating a natural corner in your house. Designers say that a bedroom is a great space to start with. 

Get inspired by this Modern Open-Floor Bedroom Project created by the online interior designer Alex Jolea. This Hackrea design project successfully combines more functional areas, including the lounge zone. The designer refreshed the whole room by decorating it with live greeneries and outdoor stones in their natural beauty, all with a gorgeous natural landscape in the background. 

Switch to a Moody Ambiance

This bold trend seems to contradict one of the leading Modern design principles, choosing a relatively light and fresh color palette. This time, preserve everything the Modern style has taught you and go with a single change – switch to a moody, dark-colored palette. Deep blues, dark grays, intense greens, or rich earthy tones closer to black shades will do everything for you. They say you’ll fall asleep faster surrounded by a dark color and enjoy the drama if intriguing colors interest you.

New Nightstand Light: Hanging Tube Lights

Impressively functional, exquisitely contemporary, and unique in their style, tube LED lights floating above the nightstands are the season’s new trend. Designers are impressed by their effect on the design and firmly suggest using them as an alternative to table lamps and wall sconces. Save space and add more practicality to your bedroom, especially if it is a small room.

More Natural Texture

Modern is very proud of its natural texture furniture, and it happily accepts even more nature-inspired textures, specifically wood surfaces. Celebrating the simple and cozy effect of the last century’s interiors by beautifully combining wood and occasional bursts of color, you can recreate a modern retro space, as unusual as it sounds. Mid-Century Modern features are top-rated among designers today.

Mushroom Table Lamps

If you follow interior design accounts on “gram” or often go through inspirational photos with design-related content, you have probably noticed the emerging mushroom trend, especially the mushroom table lamps. They come in various colors, sizes, and forms and are a must for modern bedrooms.

Architectural Features

We all know that the classic meaning of Modern design implies well-defined shapes with clean lines and simple structures. Leaning towards the trendy side, experts slightly integrate more complex shapes. Sculptural furniture, curved edges, boucle chairs, fluted tables, and others bring the ultimate modern air to your bedroom.

Lounge Area

Modern bedrooms are often large and spacious, and if you feel there is a lot of free space, at least use it trendy; don’t overload it with unuseful accessories. Better create a relaxation lounge area by adding one or more seats. Smooth the transition between the sleeping and lounge areas by choosing similar furniture materials. 

The best trend of the season is investing in your well-being. Set a room layout that suits your taste and comfort. Now, you can enjoy your favorite book or dive deep into your new hobby in the relaxation zone and leave the bed for sleep only. Psychologists state that we subconsciously associate the bed with sleeping and become less productive.

New Modern, New Color

The ultimate trend of the season is decorating all design styles with unusual bursts of bright color. Keep it functional and decluttered in your modern bedroom, yet add a colorful personal touch. Choose between a single bold accent or a combination of vivid colors, be it a feature wall or interior door, an accent piece of furniture, textiles, or decor. 

Headboard and Nightstand Combo

Celebrating functionality and inviting new trends to reshape the beloved Modern design, we encourage you to opt for combined headboards with nightstands as a single unit. The nightstands can either float or reach the floor. Choose natural wood or textured upholstery for both elements. 

Colors and Patterns

Traditionally, any Modern design concept implies a clean and sleek color palette, usually monochromatic or neutral. Experts suggest picking a color you can live with in large doses daily. These are whites, grays, beiges, creams, or variations of taupe or greige. Work with different shades of the same color for walls, furniture, textiles, and decor. To bring visual interest, apply different textures. 

A modern bedroom would love to be bathed in trendy colors that bring peace and tranquility, the defining features of a comfortable sleeping space. Designers mainly approve of greens and blues, although earthy tones are now gaining unprecedented popularity. 

Don’t hesitate to enliven your modern bedroom, be it even neutrally colored, with occasional pops of vivid colors, say for feature walls, accessories, textiles, or furniture. Find the best blooms of the season from trustworthy brands in our new article on the latest color trends.  

As for the patterns, a modern bedroom is not an amateur. Leave it relatively smooth and unobtrusive, yet compensate with natural textures that 100% work better for a modern space.


Overall, Modern is a fan of natural and untreated materials. Consider wood, bamboo, cork, marble, and granite for flooring and solid pieces, such as beds, closets, vanity, nightstands, work desks, and so on. Opt for jute, sisal, rattan, cotton, linen, wool, and other organic fabrics for the softer units, mainly textiles or accessories. A modern bedroom firmly uses natural materials as they are – organic and beautiful. Eco-painted or plastered walls are a great alternative to wallpaper.

Note that the current tendencies encourage the switch from simple finishes to raw and textured surfaces, with wood and stone leading this trend. Such a solution brings our sleeping space closer to the outdoors, a great nurturing and healing effect for a bedroom.


Since we speak about a modern interior, the furniture includes the basic units required in a bedroom, the main piece – bed, nightstands, vanity, maybe closets and a work desk, and one or more accent seats if the space allows. Leave as much free space as possible.

Modern appreciates the beauty of long and low-platform furniture, especially for the bed. As of late, feature headboards combined with floating nightstands are in high demand. You can safely add a canopy frame, even a floating one, above the bed if this is your favorite way to express your personal view on style. Closets are usually built-in and smoothly fade into the background. At the same time, the vanity area should only go as far as an accurately added floating table with a mirror or a minimalist cabinet. 

If you still have space, consider a clean-shaped chaise in the lounge area or a few accent chairs. Here, you are free to experiment with colors. In the classic sense of the word, a modern bedroom approves of minimalist-designed furniture with straight lines and smooth surfaces, mainly wood and metal. Adaptations of the style lead to new appearances in a modern space, such as new curved shapes, especially in a Mid-Century Modern bedroom.


Modern lighting focuses on functionality first and pays attention to decorative features only after. It doesn’t necessarily mean that minimalist fixtures are mandatory. Generally, these are sleek pendants of solid materials with thoughtful designs. Organic or geometric shapes are allowed. 

Think of an appropriate amount of lighting fixtures to compensate for the lack of natural light during the night. Choose a large pendant in the center of the ceiling, modern table lamps with sleek silhouettes, or hanging downlight structures above the nightstands. Interestingly, as we move towards more eclectic design options, keeping pace with trends, a modern bedroom can be decorated with statement chandeliers, which add the designer’s mark on the interior. And, most importantly, opt for energy-saving light. Stay green, stay modern!


Try to avoid curtains. Benefit from large windows and the amount of natural light they let in. That is the accessory a modern space craves, not voluminous drapes with intricate designs. The furthest you can go is opting for light sheer curtains with minimalist design. Out of respect for those who crave privacy as much as they like modern design, experts came up with the idea of integrating window blinds of organic materials that match the room’s color code. 

Next in line is bedding. That’s a pretty interesting part. You can go on with the defining color of the room and keep it monochromatic or decide on a bright color to make a statement in your bedroom. Organically textured fabrics in blues, greens, purple, and earthy tones are favorites. Or, stay timeless with the no-fail option, white.

Let’s take a look down. Usually, people like the feeling of a soft area rug under their feet, especially in the bed area. You have plenty of natural materials to choose from. Note that all mentioned textile solutions should avoid sophisticated patterns. Make a statement with color or texture. 


The concept of “less is more” is a real thing in a modern interior. Even if you follow the current trends, a modern bedroom will simply not allow you to decorate its accurately designed interior with unnecessary accessories. Limit yourself to personalized accents, such as a beautiful painting on the wall (anything but abstract art), a pottery piece with ethnic motifs, unusual eco accents, a pendant centerpiece, to be honest, everything that bears particular meaning to you. Don’t overdo this step in designing your bedroom. The best accessory for a modern sleeping space is preserving its thoughtful layout and effortless functionality.

By the way, copper and brass are natural gold-replicating materials you can also use to underline particular features of your bedroom. It‘s always on trend, affordable, and flexible with your design plans.

Modern Bedroom: Fresh Design Ideas

Let It Breathe: Natural Light

We all know that a modern bedroom requires as much natural light as possible, while any contemporary sleeping space should connect to nature even in the slightest way possible. Win both ways by decorating your sleeping nook with full-length panoramic windows or smaller ones displayed all over the space, say over the headboard. Add the best-ever accessory – an open view of the outdoors, especially if this is a natural landscape.

Add More Space with Mirrors

Modern bedrooms are usually associated with extra-large, preferably open-floor spaces. If you think your small bedroom is not fit for such a style, you are fortunately wrong. All you need is one or more floor-to-ceiling mirrors to make the visual illusion of a large room. Try a mirrored wall or full-length mirrors in particular spaces, such as the vanity area.

Endless Headboard

Instead of a traditional-length headboard, consider a considerably larger structure that goes from one wall to another. You can choose from a variety of materials, which are mostly wood or upholstery. Go further with a feature color and make the headboard the room’s main highlight. This element instantly adds originality and even enlarges the space, a win-win solution.

Low Pendants

Break the rules and customize your modern bedroom with unusual lighting fixtures. Consider low-positioned central pendants or lamps over nightstands. Such an option is more functional and stylish alongside a Modern space’s neutral colors and simple lines.

Wall Art

A modern bedroom is not necessarily an all-clean-canvas space. Allow yourself to decorate the light-colored walls with art, mainly paintings. Avoid abstract art; that’s a thing of the last season. Try nature-inspired paintings, ethnic-motif art, or Romanticism art. 

Combined Functional Areas

Trends come and go with modern design, yet some of its defining features – functionality and free space stay the same. A modern bedroom doesn’t like cluttered surfaces and closed and poor light conditions. On the contrary, Modern loves large areas that freely breathe. In this respect, don’t hesitate to leave your bedroom as open as possible. A great solution is opting for an open-floor system.

Take a look at the following Open-Concept Bedroom Design, another online design project created by Hackrea’s exclusive designer Alex Jolea. This Modern white and taupe bedroom reveals a serene sleeping area perfectly combined with a dressing room. As you can see, the expert didn’t risk the spacious effect for a bit. On the contrary, he removed the door between the bedroom and dressing room entirely and added a sizable full-length mirror in the vanity area to bring more brightness and air. Everything in this design comes to a final touch – gold wall accents, the designer’s mark.

Cocoon Effect: Earthy Tones

Add comfort to your sleeping nook by switching from light neutral shades to stark earthy tones with warm undertones like browns and oranges. Terracotta colors are the top color choice in modern bedrooms. Such canvas colors add a feel of home and security, also serving as an accessory for simply decorated modern bedrooms.

Get the Look: Mid-Century Modern

In contrast to Modern design, Mid-Century Modern bedrooms show off a retro vibe though preserving the straightforward nature of Modern and its love for clean, practical, and simple solutions. Mid-Century Modern is among the most highly rated design styles, especially in the bedroom. Recreate the mood by embracing brighter colors, even more wood, and curved shapes.

Raw-Textured Modern

If you want an outstanding modern bedroom, try the raw look. What does it imply? Choosing natural materials, preferably untreated, for furniture and accessories, wood, bamboo, stone, sisal, jute, and organic fabrics. Don’t forget about the walls. They mostly agree to a plastered finish painted over with organically pigmented colors.

Chandelier Centerpiece

Modern design doesn’t allow too many accessories on the floor and horizontal surfaces. What about the ceiling? If your bedroom has a high enough ceiling, you can use the upper space for decorative purposes. It won’t interfere with the functional layout of the room. In this sense, choose an accent pendant to highlight the room’s personalization. Experts advise opting for light fabric fixtures of unusual shapes, mainly inspired by the outdoors, to preserve airiness.

Modern Luxury: Bathtub in the Bedroom

Showing interest in the elegant side of Modern, luxurious bedrooms is the best trend among those who appreciate the fine things in life. Don’t hesitate to turn your modern bedroom into a space for relaxation and enjoyment. Combine the sleeping area with the bathroom through a transparent glass wall, or move the bathtub into your bedroom. Lift up the mood and feel on trend. 

Canopy Bed

Make your bed the room’s main accent by decorating it with a canopy. This space-saving and affordable modern option makes for a great mood transformation. It can be a traditional or floating canopy frame decorated with fabric or other accessories. 

We’ve dedicated an entire article to what you should consider in a modern bedroom this season. Unintentionally, you may opt for other design solutions than those mentioned here and end up with outdated trends. To prevent such a problem, scroll through the following list of trends no longer relevant in a modern bedroom.

  • Canvas-clean all-white sleeping spaces. We get it! All-white bedrooms render a feeling of clean, unobtrusive, and calm. Still, it doesn’t feel the same in practice. The constant urge to clean everything will give you headaches. Besides, we are now rapidly moving towards brighter compositions of colors that bring more energy and optimistic vibes. Keep pace with the wave!
  • System, symmetry, and organization. Although a modern bedroom usually follows strict layout and color coordination rules, this aspect slightly fades under the current desire to personalize the space, especially a bedroom. Break the rules and add a statement wall art. Decorate the nightstand with a DIY project worked on by your child. Or, bring in a beautiful accessory with ethnic details that remind you of your last summer vacation, even if they don’t match the color palette. Anything, as long as it means something to you.
  • Seasonal decoration. As much as we don’t want to disappoint you, seasonal decoration switches to timeless decor. Look at the practical side. Still, this is more of a matter of taste and wish. Nobody can stop you from decorating your personal space in your house the way you want. It is still design personalization, which we all know is trendy;
  • Committing to a single design style. Modern trends imply opening your horizons to new possibilities. Add tiny accents from Industrial, Rustic, Art Deco, Mid-Century, or Japandi to a Modern-style bedroom. Be creative and go beyond your expectations.
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