Taupe, white, and gold modish bedroom with mini-entry space and integrated dressing area

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The ultra-modern bedroom, devoid of clutter and decorated with functionality, reveals a harmonious mix of taupe, white, and gold. Mostly as a sleeping area, yet showcasing two additional spaces, a mini-entrance and an incorporated dressing room, the up-to-date bedroom makes use of the latest texture and shape trends, combining matte with gloss, soft with raw, and smooth with edgy. The defining element is the glowing gold accent wall that adds the last personal mark on the interior.


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This design project started with the homeowners’ love for clean lines, a calm environment, and, of course, originality. The designer did not give it too much thought when opting for the taupe, white, and gold color palette. Taupe is a safe background for bedrooms that strive for comfort, reliability, and security, which is absolutely the case here, while gold was used to break the neutral scheme with white serving as a transitional color a design cannot go wrong with.

The open-concept bedroom goes with the crisp paint Pure White OC-64 from Benjamin Moore on the ceiling and partially on the walls. Not with much effort, the matte dark taupe panels cover the walls in the entry area, while the joyful gold stripes leave their mark here and there on the walls without forgetting about the baseboard. 

It is not by accident the designer went with dark taupe since it perfectly contrasts the white paint, making sure the space receives the right amount of light through the full-length window with sheer curtains in the company of two taupe blackout panels. Full natural light during the day and full privacy during the night for the homeowners.

Another trendy feature reveals itself form under the à la mode herringbone parquet of bleached wood, adding texture to the impartiality of design this interior sticks to, particularly when it comes to lighting – a few spotlights over the functional areas and spotlight here and there seem just enough for this modern space.

The designer decided to arrange the mini-entrance, smartly separated through a ceiling partition structure, into a small relaxation area. Without overloading the space, two light blue saucer chairs with gold legs and a minimalist round accent table found their way into this space, tremendously contrasting the taupe background both in terms of color and shape, yet enhancing the cocoon effect intended by the gray and brown mix since round edges are another reliable source of friendliness. The gold LED light wall fixture on the other side adds this chic feel of individuality fully reflected throughout the space.

The most attention was paid to the sleeping area, and the designer made sure to emphasize it in the most original way. Undoubtedly, the central role is played by the king-size gray bed with a tufted headboard and nailheads that collaborated with the gray shag area rug. The slightly curved headboard top makes a new move in favor of round shapes. Even the bedding follows the overall color code with a mix of white and soft gold. On both sides, the white nightstands with a wood top and storage space complete the design so that both partners can store their belongings at each bedside. 

An impressive transition picture opens before the eyes since the designer smoothed the borderline between the entry space and the sleeping area by opting for a full-length mirror and a taupe floating shelf. Simple, uncluttered, and right how it needs to be if functionality is a core feature.

The center of attention that draws the eye as soon as someone enters the bedroom is the accent wall of wood panels with a gold finish. This is the plot twist of this design project that underlines its individuality. In order not to disturb its reflective refinement, the only units that find themselves in this space are the large screen TV a modern bedroom cannot go without and a taupe floating shelf. 

What comes next is surely a trait for amateurs of austere, impartial, and practical. The integrated dressing room with an open entrance follows the same color rules without standing out, showcasing handleless built-in closets. Everything about this area and the room as a whole seems to be in order, which ensures the much-desired sense of harmony.

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