Airy dressing room with a Modern color combination and Art Deco gloss for a couple

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The ultra-modern dressing room that flows from the bedroom makes the neutral blend of colors and glass surfaces collaborate for a modish interior. The extra roomy space and perfect light conditions decorate this area with the most important features - lots of free space and natural lighting. With the slightest mark of Art Deco and mirror finish, this airy room shapes its personality in the most unexpected way.

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The Modern dressing area that shares the space with the bedroom reveals an airy space that doesn’t hesitate to make the most of the outdoor light through a full-length window. Such an alternative to the usual closet or walk-in closet suits any couple that wants to avoid clutter in the sleeping area and puts the accent on a quality layout for the space that hosts their belongings. 

From the start, the light color palette based on Cloud White OC-130 from the popular brand Benjamin Moore on the ceiling and walls alongside the bleached chevron parquet flooring goes beyond room borders, making it seem larger. The same window treatment with two silver-gray panels, which feel warmer due to the slightly off-white wall appearance, don’t dare stay in the way of natural light that fills the room with a fresh effect. 

The main furniture items are two bleached wood closets with tinted glass doors for storing the belongings of both partners. The glass transparency adds a few more inches to the space, making it feel open, free, and contemporary. Simultaneously, the tinted effect filters the richness of clothing colors and textures, ensuring the space preserves its neutrality. 

When it comes to lighting, the first element that draws the eye is the inserted-in-the-closet LED strips that throw light on the contents. Next are the LED strips on the ceiling that evenly brighten the area. The unobtrusive spotlights that fade into the white ceiling are as efficient during the night or on cloudy days. 

The designer made sure to enrich the dressing space with a white accent island with back drawers to store smaller accessories and mirror walls so that the owners could easily see how a pair of shoes fit them. 

A mirror always finds its way to a dressing room, and this concept has been successfully integrated into this stylishly decorated functional space. One cannot fail to notice the mirror on the ceiling that again expands the room limits and adds one more point of visual interest.

Without diluting the light and neutral palette yet adding a bit of textured elegance, the designer decorated the flooring with a distressed area rug in gray with black patterns. The Oriental motif disturbs the interior’s impartiality designed to meet both partners’ expectations. 

The last touch on the design is the modest Art Deco trace rooted in the trending style, which is unobtrusively bounced back by the Sputnik pendant above the accent island, with a purely decorative role, revealing the roaring mix of black, white, and gold and the large glass vases with flamboyant natural filing that echo balanced luxury. 

Overall, the space is designed to practically suit its homeowners, fulfill their dream for a flawless dressing room that stylishly integrates into the bedroom, and reflect their desire to have a large dressing area that knows what Modern is and stands out with the finest reference to the elegant Art Deco style, which cannot go any other way but keep it up to date.

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