Top-Rated Gray Exterior House Paint Ideas for a Design Update

Did you know that gray is one of the most popular exterior house paint colors? Such a versatile and varied color cannot go unnoticed when it comes to the house exterior redecoration. Yet, having such a wide range of options at your disposal may confuse you. Is gray still a trendy option in contemporary design? What gray paint colors work best? Find the answers below and a narrowed-down selection of the best gray exterior house paint ideas you’ll ever find.

Is gray a good color for your house exterior?

We are pretty used to gray, and seeing another gray-painted house wouldn’t be a surprise. The key feature here is knowing which gray shade to choose and how to style it to make your house the main highlight of your neighborhood. And yes, gray is a classic. Its limitless design potential works for all types of exterior designs, from the most traditional to the most modern.

What colors to pair with gray for your house exterior?

If you want to send a solid message and keep your house exterior formal and confident, choose other shades of gray for a monochromatic look or any other neutral, such as black, white, beige, and brown, to add a bit of contrast. On the other hand, you can also make a colorful statement and pair gray with more vibrant colors like green, blue, pink, yellow, orange, or red. Still, the latter selection is a better choice for the front door or trim beside gray-painted exterior walls rather than the opposite. 

First, we’ll start with a selection of highly-rated gray exterior house paint color ideas from renowned paint brands you can use for your future makeover. Note that those shades work primarily for the exterior walls. You can also use some of them for elements like the front door, trim, or window shutters. 

Storm AF-700 by Benjamin Moore

This mid-tone shade of stark gray with cool undertones is the perfect choice for a relatively solid house exterior design. Make your house look more confident by pairing this paint color with a strong black shade or lighter gray tones.

Stonington Gray HC-170 by Benjamin Moore

A medium-to-light tone of gray with refreshing blue-green undertones that feel soft and nurturing on the house exterior walls. 

Gray Screen SW 7071 by Sherwin-Williams

Another expert-pick shade of light gray with the most subtle blue note that lends an impressively calm and fresh feel to the house exterior walls or accents, such as the front door.

Amazing Gray SW 7044 by Sherwin-Williams

An amazing light shade of green-gray with a considerably warmer base that feels inviting as soon as it enters your visual field. Use it on exterior walls or the front door. 

Teton Blue N490-4 by Behr

A mid-tone blue-gray with a balanced neutral color base, slightly leaning cool. Use it paired with white for a sleek effect you won’t get tired of admiring. In contrast with the previous shades, this one has more depth.

Downtown Gray PPU24-10 by Behr

An even darker and deeper gray with slightly warm undertones as if borrowed from a taupe shade. Choose this paint color if you want your house exterior to radiate comfort and elegant yet balanced finesse.

Chic Shadow by Dulux

The so-called perfect gray, neither warm nor cold. It doesn’t seem too dark or too light. Moreover, it doesn’t show any undertones. Use it for a perfectly balanced exterior design.

Concrete Grey by Dulux

A considerably more intense gray that resonates with the urban landscape. Moreover, it effortlessly resembles the raw concrete texture, perfectly working for contemporary design projects.

Let’s get inspired now for a complete design makeover with these gorgeous gray exterior house paint ideas that promise to steal the spotlight. 

Modern Gray Exterior House Paint Ideas

Don’t lose the opportunity to use gray for the most contemporary house exterior design concepts. For instance, try out one of the available gray shades, especially the deep ones, for state-of-the-art cubic houses. Or, think of a lighter shade paired with white or black for stately house designs.

White and Gray Exterior House Paint Ideas

We won’t lie. A combination with white is one of the best gray exterior house paint ideas. Try gray walls and white trim, an equal pairing, or white walls with a gray front door, trim, or window shutters. 

Black and Gray House Exterior

You can pair gray with white or black with white. Yet, when it comes to combining two strong colors, gray and black, you should be exceptionally thoughtful about shades. Thus, opt for light and warm gray tones on the walls and classic black for the trim. A deeper gray tone works as well, as long as you play appropriately with the contrast. 

Dark Gray and Natural Wood

This unforgettable mix of modern and traditional that reveals from under the perfect combination of dark gray with wood is a must this season. Moreover, its timeless potential will keep your house the most stylish in the neighborhood for years. Use this color combo for traditional and modern exteriors.

Ultimate Grey & Illuminating

Do you recall the colors of the year 2021 announced by Pantone? Gray and Yellow. What a fantastic mix of simple and entertaining. Who might have thought this color duo would bring so much change to the design world? And it is still trending. Try at least once a yellow-painted front door paired with gray walls.

A Drop of Serotonin in a Sea of Gray

It may not be as popular as the previous option. Yet, the gray and red combination is only beginning its road into the world of the trendiest gray exterior house paint ideas. You won’t believe how much energy and interest a single drop of red can bring to a relatively formal gray house. 

We are so glad you reached this point. If you’re planning an exterior house decoration, and gray is the main character, you are simply not allowed to skip these unique gray exterior house paint ideas. You’ll always be in trend with Hackrea!

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