Top Exterior House Paint Colors in 2023: Professional Forecast and Design Ideas

The exterior house color tells about your personality and taste more than you think. In a nutshell, it throws the first impression on your style and what one should expect from your interior design. Subsequently, choosing a perfect paint color for the house exterior has become quite a challenge for perfectionists and a real adventure for aesthetics lovers.

If you have been thinking of a house exterior makeover but keep postponing it, 2023 is the perfect period to take on the challenge. The new 2023 paint color trends clearly show that the world of colors is expecting a massive change. Keep pace with the wave and use this opportunity to enter the new season with a brand-new exterior paint color. Generally, the 2023 paint color selection is separated into two large categories – the unmatchable neutrals and the popping vivid shades. Get the most out of both worlds with our carefully compiled collection of paint colors from such popular trendsetters as Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams, Behr, and Dulux. Still, first things first.

How to Choose an Exterior House Paint Color

  • Go with the all-time neutrals for a long-lasting paint cover for your house exterior;
  • Brighter shades tend to lose their original sparkle over time; 
  • Vivid colors make you get tired faster of the exterior paint color; so go with one if you are sure about its appeal over the years;
  • Choose quality paint colors that stand the test of time and weather conditions;
  • Don’t overlook the balance between colors and materials, considering stone and concrete combined with richer shades and warm wood texture with relatively neutral hues;
  • The new design season is about what makes you happy first of all, and choosing a color you like will keep you on the safe side, yet here are the latest exterior paint color predictions for 2023.

House Body Paint Colors 2023: Trendy Neutrals

The new design era undoubtedly embraces bolder colors that express emotions and strive for individuality. Still, the all-time safe resort offered by timeless neutrals is a constant part of the paint color trends. If you want an exterior paint color  that stays the same over time, passes the test of time and weather effects, and goes with absolutely any color pairings, neutrals are your top exterior paint color choice in the new season. 

Not to our surprise, original neutral shades are what our beloved color brands are best at, and the following paint color selection will not leave even the most inconsistent lovers of color disappointed.


Simply White OC-117 by Benjamin Moore

This amazing off-white shade works perfectly for your exterior due to the subtle yellow tinge that offers an enchanting soft appeal for a welcoming introduction to what comes next, meaning entering the interior.

Shoji White SW 7042 by Sherwin-Williams

A time-tested white paint that balances white, gray, and creamy beige notes, standing behind a versatile shade that matches any exterior style.

Polar Bear 75 by Behr

The further we reach, the more alluring the white shades get. This one is a stunning warm paint color with pinkish undertones, right like a polar bear’s fur. At some level, this paint color raises awareness for environmental protection while being a fabulous light paint for an eye-catching exterior. 

Casper White Quarter by Dulux

This exceptionally flexible white shade reveals a slightly warm variation whose neutral base simply pairs with any design scenario, including darker and lighter colors.


Kendall Charcoal HC-166 by Benjamin Moore

The extravagant gray with deep true gray drops of color diluted with the softest and slightly warm green undertones make for a rich paint color, one of the top gray exterior house paint colors, which works in great partnership with light-painted trim.

Revere Pewter HC-172 by Benjamin Moore

Another hot paint color trend; this impressive medium-to-light gray, regarded as greige due to its collection of beige undertones, is a real find for gray amateurs. Unlike the contemporary stark grays, this one is soft and welcoming, making for a special Rustic twist for both modern and traditional exteriors. 

Useful Gray SW 7050 by Sherwin-Willimas

When you give it a first look, this neutral gray may seem devoid of undertones. Once it bathes in the warm sun rays, it gets softer and more pleasant. The right gray shade to stick to if you are not sure what variation of this color works best for you.

Foggy Day SW 6235 by Sherwin-Williams

Medium-to-dark blue-gray that resembles a cloudy day with intense fog, although the color is pretty rich and deep, serving as a stately source of noble style, particularly when paired with white trim or vibrant contrasts. 

Cracked Pepper PPU18-1 by Behr

To be honest, this is more of a black paint color, although it counts as a very dark gray that designers are crazy about. So intriguing and unusual that any house exterior enriched with this color would look astonishingly dynamic and luxurious.

Teahouse by Dulux

Among light and dark grays, this one stands in between, and unlike the blue-cool or beige-warm shades, Teahouse is a true gray variation with a stark gray base that may look relatively dark yet exceptionally contemporary.


Collingwood OC-28 by Benjamin Moore

Actually, it is a light greige color, which means a gorgeous beige and gray mix. Still, when applied to the house exterior, this shade acquires a pale and warm appearance, reaching such a level that it can safely replace a white paint color and serve as a visually more charming alternative.

Navajo White SW 6126 by Sherwin-Williams

A creamy beige shade with a pretty light base undisturbed by undertones that looks particularly well when fully interacting with the sunlight.

Khaki Shade YL-W11 by Behr

It is not much of a khaki but a neutral greige shade with no hints of green. Pretty intense yet flexible enough to collaborate with colors of different temperatures and variations; in a few words, the go-to neutral with a subtle warm appeal.

House Body Paint Colors 2023: New Natural Hues

From deep blues and intense greens to the top 2023 color trends – earthy shades, the selection of natural paint colors for the upcoming season is wider than ever, consisting of old-new pearls with timeless prospects and brand-new diamonds of the current design era. Explore the renowned color palettes of soothing and expressive natural paint colors suggested by professional colorists.


Redend Point SW 9081 by Sherwin-Williams 

A clay brown paint color, and guess what undertones it has? It reveals pink undertones. The color of the year 2023 at Sherwin-Williams is the top earthy paint color for the house exterior – intense enough to draw attention and surprisingly soft to go with any style.

Vermilion S150-5 by Behr

This earthy burgundy with a soothing dusty veil makes for a great stately paint color for classy houses with intricate trims and standout roofs.

Cinnamon Sand by Dulux

The terracotta shade with earthy orange traces is a favorite exterior paint color among designers, perfectly radiating an Italian-house vibe and going as successfully for ultra-modern architectural features.

Basset Brown by Dulux

This true brown paint with the slightest tinge of earthy warmth is the go-to color for wooden houses designed in the vacation-cottage style. The two elements – natural wood texture and natural brown color work impressively well together for the exterior of the house.


Hale Navy HC-154 by Benjamin Moore

The most popular navy blue shade tops the trendy blue paint category for house exteriors in 2023. The dark blue shade is exactly what designers mean by a true navy color, and it is surely a no-fail paint color for the house. 

Pure Blue Half by Dulux

A noble light blue that designers most of all apply to Coastal exteriors, although the color also suits other styles. Still, it may lose a bit of its intensity when directly interacting with sunlight, although the blue base stays unchanged. 

Kimberley Sea by Dulux

Almost reaching the green collection of paint colors, the transitional blue-green Kimberley Sea is the new love of designers who like to experiment with bold colors. This cool teal shade works as nicely for traditional and edgy exteriors.


Weekend Getaway 473 by Benjamin Moore

A light gray-green splash of neutral color that perfectly replaces gray, which has prevailed for quite a long time and may seem boring to some. The natural hue effortlessly blends in with the natural background. 

Conifer Green PPU10-19 by Behr

Another gray-green, yet this one is pretty dark and even more neutral, although the warm sun rays and the outdoors greeneries can relatively affect its cool surface and slightly soften it.

Stilted Stalks by Dulux

It seems this cake has more than one cherry. This is another find for those who want a really trendy paint color in 2023. The olive green with warm undertones is a great replacement for the usual green shades.

House Body Paint Colors 2023: Try Something New

Designers and homeowners are high on welcoming neutrals that go with everything and fashionable natural hues that reach their peak in 2023. In the meantime, true connoisseurs of bright colors celebrate their love for bold and unforgettable. They can finally go with their favorite rainbowy shades even for the house exterior. If you are a starter, consider one of the following bright house exterior paint colors that are part of Benjamin Moore’s 2023 forecast and are full of energy and positive emotions.

  • Raspberry Blush 2008-30 – vivacious coral with pinkish drops of color that playfully dilute this shade with emotions and expressiveness;
  • Conch Shell 052 – creamy pink with a tiny splash of gray for a soft and fairytale effect that feels welcoming and surely outstanding;
  • New Age 1444  – lavender purple that will make your house stand out from the crowd, particularly when purples make a fabulous comeback in 2023;
  • Wenge AF-180 – very dark brown in its true natural beauty that allures, impresses, and offers a new perspective on darker shades.

Roof Paint Colors 2023: Top Picks

There are no such great changes in the roof color for 2023, and choosing the traditional browns, grays, and shades of white will not be wrong for any style. Still, it would be a shame not to go through a few bolder colors now that the new season is about expressing your feelings through color, even when it comes to such an exterior element as the roof.

  • Virtual Taupe SW 7039 by Sherwin-Williams – a pretty deep yet soothing gray-brown that goes with almost any color palette;
  • Fawn Brindle SW 7640 by Sherwin-Williams – a great alternative to modern neutrals due to the soft greige base with a tiny hint of natural green to pair with any style and color code;
  • Extra White SW 7006 by Sherwin-Williams – a surprisingly bright shade, the so-called truest white at this brand, which is the top roof paint color choice for all-white exteriors;
  • Cinnamon 2174-20 by Benjamin Moore – earthy terracotta with orange-brown particles of color that combined for the best warm-toned roof paint color;
  • Half Sea Fog N470-3 by Behr – gray-blue that can almost fade in full daylight or seem more intense with rainy weather yet never lose its deep gray-blue notes;
  • Nephrite by Dulux – deep minty green that looks contemporary and lends sophistication to the exterior.
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