A chocolate brown tone with a subtle reddish undertone reading as one of the best brown shades to connect with nature; feel safe and comfy at home with this richly grained earthy color.

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Reconnecting with nature and finding security in natural colors is still one of the leading trends. In this sense, the reliable color brand Dulux states that the warm brown Basset Brown paint color is one of the best natural tones this season. 

In Feng Shui, brown is associated with wood and earth, interpreting growth, safety, stability, and confidence. The somewhat dark Basset Brown is a predictably conservative and reliable brown hue. These are some reasons designers value this shade in interior and exterior design. Discover its defining peculiarities and the main design concepts using this friendly brown tone.

Basset Brown Paint color Features

Although referred to as a mid-tone brown on Dulux’s website, Basset Brown is a relatively dark paint color. Still, its undeniable warmth and inviting personality help us connect to the outdoors. We associate it involuntarily with the warm brown we often see in nature, which feels safe, comfortable, organic, and natural. 

Brown is often the color of those who focus on home and family, are thoughtful about their decisions, and are impressively straightforward. Basset Brown should definitely be part of your list if you want a paint color to underline your confident, practical, and approachable personality. Basset Brown is a stark and skillful color in design, mainly applied to bedrooms for its relaxing effect, yet a great color choice for ensuring comfort and status in any room.

Basset Brown: Is It Warm or Cold?

A simple glance proves Basset Brown is a warm paint color. If words are not enough, let’s see what figures have to say. In the RGB value (Red, Green, Blue), we can see that the concentration of red color, mixed with green and blue, considerably prevails over the last two. As a result, we cannot doubt the warm feature of this brown hue.

How Does Lighting Affect Basset Brown?

Lighting usually affects stronger light paint colors. Although it gets limited access to dark tones, natural lighting mainly influences Basset Brown’s appearance. Take, for instance, a room constantly bathed in warm sunlight. Basset Brown will resurface a magical reddish veil over the organic brown surface. Switch to a space untouched by sun rays, and the cold natural light will invite a subtle gray haze to dilute the brown shade and make it seem less saturated. 

On the other hand, artificial lighting ensures a muted effect on the dark brown shade during the night and makes it seem more profound and weighty. Ideally, Basset Brown thrives in well-lit spaces and avoids rooms with small windows or limited access to any type of lighting.

Basset Brown LRV

How do we know Basset Brown is dark? The appearance can sometimes lie. Yet, precise figures always tell the truth. Each paint color is given a Light Reflectance Value according to how much light it reflects. Basset Brown reaches as low as 11. It may not be a true dark paint color, but it is close to 0 (black). 

You should never try this brown tone in a poorly lit space. Think of perfect lighting conditions or choose it as an accent color only. Either way, you better play with a color sample in your house before painting anything this color.

Basset Brown Undertones

Besides brown, we can effortlessly notice a red undertone. Therefore, Basset Brown feels exclusively welcoming and partners well with lighter shades with warm undertones. Consider also the deceptive gray effect that appears under firmly cold lighting conditions. 

No color looks similar to the sample when used on a surface. Make sure you like the way it reveals in your house before deciding on this color. Still, we should mention again that Basset Brown is a predictable paint color, and if you consider how it looks under particular conditions, you can successfully achieve the wanted effect.

Similar Colors

Being one of the trendiest colors alongside green and blue, the similarly natural brown finds itself at various trustworthy brands under different shades. The dark and warm Basset Brown is a perfect brown variation. Are you looking for other flawless browns alike? Some of the following suggestions may win your heart:

  • Crimson Red A 94 by Dulux Australia – a brighter reddish-brown with a much darker effect on a space;
  • Picador S09D7 by Dulux Australia – unlike Basset Brown, this is a true mid-tone brown shade mixed with a considerable amount of gray and resulting in a more neutral yet warm earthy tone;
  • Pine Cone Brown 2113-20 by Benjamin Moore – a dark and warm wood brown right like on the pine cone, less reddish than Basset Brown;
  • Fairfax Brown SW 2856 by Sherwin-Williams – a very close brown tone without red undertones, a true earthy brown;
  • Spiced Wine PPg1016-7 by PPG Paints – a deep brown shade with subtle purplish-red undertones, a muted brown alternative to the burgundy brown from Dulux.

Coordinating Colors

Ideally, Basset Brown should be paired with light colors to balance its imposing individuality; whites, grays, beige, and creams all work. Still, its favorites are blue and green. You can never go wrong with them. Look on the bright side as well; pink, purple, or yellow. 

A few expert matching colors from Dulux:

  • Natural White SW1F4 by Dulux Australia – one of the most renowned and lightest warm whites at this brand, perfect for inside and out decoration;
  • Snowy Mountains Half SW1F3 by Dulux Australia – a flawless neutral white, excellent to pair with cool and warm tones;
  • Raw Cotton Quarter S13E1Q by Dulux Australia – a bright pinkish off-white that takes after its namesake, soft cotton;
  • Raw Cotton S13E1 by Dulux Australia – a medium-to-light yellowish-beige with a cream fragrance; a powdery soft paint color.

Use of Basset Brown in Interior Design

Interior designers will never get tired of using brown. It always stays true to its trendy nature regardless of emerging tendencies. Especially now, when earthy tones are at the top of popular colors, the dark reddish brown from Dulux shows how much potential it has. Go through the best design ideas with Basset Brown that will reinforce your house’s sense of style.

Burgundy Brown in South-Facing Rooms

Basset Brown is warm by its nature due to the red undertones. Since it is pretty dark, the red trace may fade out. Therefore, we suggest painting the walls in a room with south-facing windows this way to intensify the warm effect and enrich the space with an unprecedented level of prestigious comfort. Take a look at the following photos of a dining room with southern exposure where the bright sunlight develops a whole new story for the chocolate brown shade. 

Classic Aesthetics

The Classic design style is standard, and brown is one of its defining colors. In the new design season, we suggest you spruce up the old classic with a new shade of brown – the spiced wine brown Basset Brown. In contrast with others, this shade looks modern and unique. Complete the design concept with elements peculiar to the style, wall trim, wood furniture, carved patterns, voluminous textiles, floral motifs, and ornate decor.

A New Modern View on Everything

The brand-new brown shade from Dulux helps us shed a modern light on any design concept. You can easily use it as a feature or base color in any room and pair it with your favorite design style. The list of possibilities is impressively comprehensive, from pure Minimalism to statement Eclectic. The compatibility between brown and any color also allows for many palette interpretations. 

Cocoon Bedroom

Basset Brown becomes a cocoon color at night when insufficient natural light transforms it into the coziest brown shade ever. Still, ensure an appropriate amount of artificial lighting. Such a safe ambiance sounds perfect for the bedroom, where everything should read calm, relaxing, and comfortable. A bonus from Basset Brown – at night, it provides a fully dark surrounding, perfect for your mind to fall asleep faster. 

Chocolate Kitchen

Basset Brown is an impressively bright color with a statement character that will recharge the ambiance of any kitchen design style. Mainly working with modern concepts, this spiced brown shade looks beautiful on kitchen cabinets and is a trendier alternative to the well-known crimson and burgundy paint colors in the cooking space. Basset Brown shines as never before, decorated with gold, white, and black.

Use of Basset Brown for House Exterior

We are used to brown on Traditional-style house exteriors. At the same time, the earthy color is an excellent choice for state-of-the-art houses with modern architectural patterns. Replace the formal browns with the trendy Basset Brown that brings more interest and personality to the house. Choose white, black, and gray for trim and stone or wood to decorate the palette.

Dulux’s reddish brown with the generic name Basset Brown cares primarily for your comfort and only after this for style. As the current trends suggest, comfort wins the first place. Feel secure and close to nature in your house with this successful and charismatic crimson brown.

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