Top 30 Bedroom Paint Colors for 2024 from Renowned Brands

Color has a colossal impact on the way we feel in a particular space, and choosing the right paint color for the room you spend most of your personal time in is one of the trickiest decisions when you plan a bedroom makeover. First, you should answer one question for yourself. What do you expect from your new bedroom? Is it a space to unwind from long workdays, an escape from the outside world, a reconnection with nature, an interpretation of your lifestyle, or a new way to rediscover yourself? Luckily, the new palettes with trendy bedroom paint colors from our beloved brands cover the widest color selection ever. Take your time to explore the expert-pick paint colors for your new bedroom design. They all roar: Stay comfy, stay trendy, stay unique. 

Neutral Hues That Nod to Nature

We cannot deny the relevance of neutral bedroom paint colors. They are timeless. What we should emphasize is the integration of new-era neutrals defined by updated soft colors inspired by the outdoor world. Moreover, the brand-new neutral paint colors can render majestic mountain peaks, deep tropical forests, tranquil water bodies, or inspiring Nordic fjords right in your bedroom. If you resonate with such color meanings, consider one of the following shades.

  • Snowbound SW 7004 by Sherwin-Williams – a crispy yet soft off-white shade that will bring the mountain freshness to your bedroom;
  • Silvermist SW 7621 by Sherwin-Williams – connect to the outdoors with this morning blue-green with refreshing foggy notes that perfectly pair with wood furniture;
  • Sand Dollar SW 6099 by Sherwin-Williams – a more intense neutral tone with a muted beige look that will make your bedroom feel like a cocoon, safe and comfy;
  • Offshore Mist PPU13-16 by Behr – a tranquil and calming blue-green that fully reflects the name; use it to redefine comfort in your bedroom;
  • Malted N160-2 by Behr – this pinkish pottery beige feels like the most natural pink shade that you’ll feel safe surrounded by in your bedroom;
  • Polar Sky 1674 by Benjamin Moore – a light shade of pale blue as if reflecting snow; pair it mandatorily with contrastive wood texture to enjoy the best this color offers;
  • Pristine OC-75 by Benjamin Moore – the lightest peach tone that feels like warm sun rays and effortlessly brings warmth and light to any space.

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Soft Green Bedroom Paint Colors 

Green is one of the trendiest paint colors in 2024. Undoubtedly, light and pale green variations hold the leading position. So, if you’re looking for the ultimate hint of natural freshness in your bedroom, try this calming and nurturing color. Besides, this versatile hue knows its way around various design styles, always making peace a defining feature. Get inspired by the following green palette.

  • Honeydew SW 6428 by Sherwin-Williams – a sweet yellow-green to uplift the mood in your bedroom for years to come;
  • Provence Blue HDC-AC-23 by Behr – despite the name, this somewhat blue-green with a deep and intriguing character will add depth and security to your sleeping space;
  • Swedish Blue by Dulux – a gorgeous bluish shade of mint green that adds the right amount of color while keeping it well-balanced;
  • Antique Pewter 1560 by Benjamin Moore – a weathered sage green with the most pleasant warm undertones and enough depth to be paired with rich textures.

Blue Shades for an Ultimate Refresh

Season after season, blue doesn’t cease to be a favorite. Why would we give up on such a perfect color for the bedroom? It is refreshing, calming, inspiring, and uplifting regardless of shade. This year, experts suggest pale blues for a refined air in your bedroom and starker deep blues for a more personal ambiance.

  • Upward SW 6239 by Sherwin-Williams – the color of the year at SW proudly enters this category due to its fantastic ability to feel like a breath of fresh air;
  • Smoky Azurite SW 9148 by Sherwin-Williams – use this deep gray-blue with a subtle green trace paired with white or dark wood for a classy and confident bedroom design;
  • Indigo SW 6531 by Sherwin-Williams – a timeless violet-blue close to trendy navy blues; use it with neutral or contrast colors;
  • Ocean Surf by Dulux – a mid-tone blue shade with a pretty bold personality, slightly played down by green undertones, that will enliven your dull bedroom;
  • Blue Nova 825 by Benjamin Moore – another color of the year in this collection; this reassuring shade of deep violet-blue will confidently support any design option, elevating the look of your bedroom.

Cheerful Yellows and Oranges

Get more creative this year and embrace the season’s mainstream – energetic yellows and oranges in their optimistic character. Still, experts advise avoiding overloading shades. Take inspiration from nature – soft corals, delicious apricots, honey shades, floral oranges, and so on.

  • Soft Apricot SW 6352 by Sherwin-Williams – a pastel peachy orange with a creamy effect, perfect to combine with natural texture and artisanal decor pieces;
  • Ravishing Coral SW 6612 by Sherwin-Williams – this radiant coral tone will add color and energy to your bedroom in the most beautiful way possible;
  • Amber Brew MQ4-10 by Behr – this muted honey tone defines positive energy; use it in your bedroom paired with white and enjoy the aesthetics;
  • Jodhpurs by Dulux – use this palest yellow shade like a neutral and bring sunlight into your new bedroom;
  • Topaz 070 by Benjamin Moore – this brightest-ever shade of orange is a real attention-stealer; use it in modern rustic bedrooms combined with natural textures.

Purple and Red Bedroom Paint Colors

The key color trend of the last season, purple, invited reds and pinks to join it in this season’s selection of the trendiest bedroom paint colors. Gather the courage to use your beloved shades of violet and red because, at the end of the day, you should feel yourself in your own bedroom.

  • Rhapsody Lilac SW 6828 by Sherwin-Williams – a bloomingly vivid shade of lavender that will effortlessly engage into a dance with neutrals and brighter shades;
  • Veri Berri SW 9069 by Sherwin-Williams – a very berry violet shade full of depth that will organically beautify any bedroom, from most classy to most modern;
  • Wild Currant SW 7583 by Sherwin-Williams – you’ll never see a richer shade than this muted fruit red that impressively underlines the bedroom’s features;
  • Evening Blush by Dulux – very blushy pottery pink that feels impressively appealing to the eye, bringing an extra dose of comfort to your bedroom.

Add Contrast with Deep and Dark

Create a more personal space out of your bedroom by painting the walls in deep and dark colors. If you’ve always found comfort in combinations of solid and soothing colors, now is the right time for a splash of deep colors, some of the best bedroom paint colors this year.

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