Trendiest Bathroom Paint Colors for 2024

More interior designers, alongside homeowners, swap wall tiles for bathroom paint colors. Unsurprisingly, this budget-friendly option will gain more popularity in 2024 due to the vast collection of paint colors updated each season by renowned brands. You may wonder what could be so difficult about choosing a color you like for the bathroom but get the wrong shade, and the overall design concept gets ruined. Besides, the new season is full of novelties. Read on to explore the ready-made color palettes for a bathroom redecoration suggested by trendsetters.

Bathroom Paint Color Selection: Starting Tips

  • Swap crystal white shades for warm off-whites that bear meaning;
  • Replace overused grays with appealing tans, taupes, and creams;
  • Light green shades overcome dark green variations;
  • And the opposite – bright blues invite deep ocean blues to take their place;
  • Aim for more personal color choices; the more a color resonates with your lifestyle, the better;
  • If you lack inspiration, look outside and get inspired by the best source – nature.

Now, as we promised, we put at your disposal the best bathroom paint colors, all part of the trendiest paint colors in 2024

Light and Cozy: New-Era Neutrals

Our first collection of paint colors for the bathroom reveals a beautiful gathering of timeless neutral paint colors that nod to nature. The best thing about these new neutrals is their ability to make a bathroom seem larger and fresh, making them the best small bathroom paint colors. Besides, anything stands out on a neutral background, and you can proudly show off your bathroom fixtures. Let’s see what the leading paint manufacturers suggest.

  • Sand Dollar SW 6099 by Sherwin-Williams – this mushroom beige tone will quickly add warmth to your small or large bathroom.
  • Jogging Path SW 7638 by Sherwin-Williams – a well-balanced tan shade to use in Vintage bathroom design concepts; it professionally brings out the retro vibe.
  • Silvermist SW 7621 by Sherwin-Williams – this top bathroom paint color is a real find for eco lovers who want to decorate this space with wooden furniture.
  • Malted N160-2 by Behr – this sepia creamy pink perfectly redefines the elegant mood in a modern or traditional bathroom due to its versatile features.
  • Chic Taupe N230-4 by Behr – a neither too dark nor too light gray-brown hue, the best bathroom paint color for wood paneling due to its resemblance with wood texture.
  • Handmade Linen Half by Dulux – this unusual shade of organic off-white pigmented by worn-out yellow gives off a natural effect, perfect for softening a once-crisp white bathroom.

Pale Green Bathroom Paint Colors

Regardless of how much designers love green in every shade, this year emphasizes the beauty of pale green in the bathroom. There is something so calming and nurturing about soft greens that we cannot help but feel embraced by nature when surrounded by this trendy color. Let’s take a look at the top green paint color picks.

  • Honeydew SW 6428 by Sherwin-Williams – a honey-polished pale green with a unique worn-out effect that will beautifully decorate a Vintage bathroom.
  • Evergreen Fog SW 9130 by Sherwin-Williams – the color of the year 2022 still got it; use this trendy sage variation to add more organic style to your bathroom.
  • Offshore Mist PPU13-16 by Behr – the softest mint green with a light color base diluted with blue that pairs well with white for a fresh bathroom palette.
  • Provence Blue HDC-AC-23 by Behr – this slightly deeper alternative of blue-green will suit you best if you want a more grounded and comfortable bathroom paint color.
  • Bryophyte by Dulux – this fresh veggie green with a pastel effect will originally underline the unique features of your bathroom walls due to its exceptional properties to play with light and shadow.

Deep Blue Bathroom Paint Colors

Together with green, blue is one of the lucky colors for the upcoming season, according to the 2024 Feng Shui home decorating trends. Colorists love blue for many reasons, including its natural features resonating with the outdoor world, its ability to induce a timeless state of tranquility, and its versatility of use. Besides, do you know a color that works better for the bathroom than blue? Still, brands have already revealed their favorites. Explore them.

  • Smoky Azurite SW 9148 by Sherwin-Williams – this deep shade of foggy blue featuring subtle notes of green is the best option if you’ve never used deep blues before.
  • Indigo SW 6531 by Sherwin-Williams – the beloved navy blue doesn’t get out of trend; try it on your bathroom walls if you aim for a deep and intriguing vibe.
  • Blue Nova 825 by Benjamin Moore – creativity has no borders when this mid-tone violet blue takes center stage; recreate your beloved design style with this new blue shade.
  • Laguna Blue PPU14-18 by Behr – the deepest marine blue with soothing gray undertones is the best partner for light wood and gold bathroom accessories.
  • Passionate Blue by Dulux – the brightest blue so far with a deep character for bathroom accent features.

Southern Color Palette: Earthy and Warm Shades

This charming bathroom paint color selection was rounded up for those who want the slightest splash of warmth or a complete Mediterranean makeover for their new bathroom. Transform this space into an oasis for relaxation and escape with trendy earthy shades, organic pottery hues, and soft colors with a cocoon effect. Get the best from popular paint brands.

  • Sashay Sand SW 6051 by Sherwin-Williams – this alluring Mediterranean sand color with the softest cream undertones will make for a perfect softening and comforting wall paint color.
  • Redend Point SW 9081 by Sherwin-Williams – designers’ favorite terracotta shade and the color of the year 2023; this pastel earthy tone is the secret ingredient for the comfiest and most appealing bathroom aesthetic.
  • Soft Apricot SW 6352 by Sherwin-Williams – top peach bathroom paint color you won’t stop admiring for its endless warmth and authentic Mediterranean appeal.
  • Teacup Rose 2170-50 by Benjamin Moore – a pinkish peach hue to fall in love with; use it for a full makeover or add it with little drops.
  • Orange Flambe MQ1-28 by Behr – the richest terracotta shade in full bloom; this stark orange-brown will transform your bathroom into the coziest and most pleasant cocoon space.
  • Tan Wagon by Dulux – a creamy terracotta shade with delightful earthy traces; designers use it mostly in modern bathrooms with edgy features.

Creative Bathroom Paint Colors

Colorists state that the best color solution you can choose is listening to your inner voice. So, pick a color you like and make it a personal trend. The more creative, the better. For instance, think of blooming pinks, elevating purples, rich reds, or energizing yellows. Trends no longer stick to specific concepts. Now, you choose what resonates with your inner self and your lifestyle. Still, a bit of inspiration won’t hurt.

  • Rhapsody Lilac SW 6828 by Sherwin-Williams – a melodic lavender hue meant to fill your daily routine with positive energy.
  • Veri Berri SW 9069 by Sherwin-Williams – use this sweet berry violet to update your dull bathroom color palette and get that splash of energy during every visit to the bathroom.
  • Dragon Fruit SW 6855 by Sherwin-Williams – a fruit shade of bright pink with a tinge of violet that reads original and catchy.
  • Wild Currant SW 7583 by Sherwin-Williams – a spicy red color with a shadow purple undertone that will beautifully sparkle under the many artificial light sources in your bathroom.
  • Honeybee CSP-950 by Benjamin Moore – a pale honey yellow, not devoid of sweet notes, brings sunlight into your bathroom.
  • Swedish Blue by Dulux – a pale turquoise shade that will refresh and uplift your bathroom design.
  • Xena by Dulux – this tropical olive green will add a refreshing yet entertaining appeal to your new bathroom.
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