A light pastel shade of mint with an organic veggie color base. Refresh and install calmness both inside and outside.

LRV 52
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Inspired by the loud ‘60s – ‘80s and their relevance in contemporary fashion and design, we want to draw your attention to a delightful green tone with the most versatile character you’ll easily adjust to any color scheme and design style. Meet Bryophyte from the Dulux’s 2024 Muse palette. Traced to the natural world – this veggie paint color will bring much vibrancy and organic beauty to your home regardless of how large the dose is. Besides, what can be trendier than a harmonious green shade? Explore the beauty of Bryophyte by Dulux and get the best inspiration on how to style it!

Bryophyte Paint Color Features

If its name is new, you should know that Bryophyte is a traditional name for any nonvascular plant, such as moss. There is indeed something so fresh, watery, and cool about this light mint green from Dulux. Still, we cannot deny its effervescent brightness despite the pastel color base. Its endless flexibility, surprising vividness, and unexpected calmness will bring joy and harmony to your living space. While adding a statement to your home, Bryophyte is full of composure, airiness, and personality. Win both ways with a green shade that has soothing and appealing features. 

Bryophyte: Is It Warm or Cold?

The most exciting thing happens when researching this color’s temperature. Colorists use the RGB value – red-green-blue concentration to determine a paint color’s temperature. At Bryophyte, we can notice: red – 166, green – 190, blue – 166. The green amount is self-explanatory. Red stands for warmth, blue for coldness, and the equal concentration of both means one thing – Bryophyte is neither a warm nor cold color. After so many positive features, this veggie shade is also a balanced paint color.

How Does Lighting Affect Bryophyte?

Bryophyte from Dulux is undoubtedly an unbiased paint color. However, lighting has consistently proven its effect on any shade of color. This green hue tends to acquire an airy bluish hint under the cold natural light in north-facing rooms. Simultaneously, a dazzling yellow trace will resurface on the green color base in rooms with southern exposure, especially when bathed in direct sunlight. At night, you should expect a muted mint green, less saturated, yet not much darker. Ensure appropriate lighting conditions, and you’ll preserve it fresh and pigmented. 

Bryophyte LRV

How light is Bryophyte from Dulux? Let’s check the Light Reflectance Value! On a scale from 0 to 100, one of the best green shades from Dulux has an LRV of 52. It is a medium green paint color. Rendering into words, Bryophyte bounces around half of the light it receives, making the space relatively light, airy, and even larger than it is. 

Bryophyte Undertones

A tinge of gray-blue and subtle yellow hide in this pastel mint green. Overall, you’ll see a moderately light pastel green. When the right lighting reigns, each undertone comes to the surface. 

Similar Colors

Embrace the green beauty of the outdoor world with other green paint colors similar to Bryophyte from Dulux. We invited other paint brands to take part.

  • Ultramint by Dulux – a lighter, watery mint with a pastel feature similar to Bryophyte;
  • Alga Moss by Dulux – adding more green pigment to Bryophyte, you’ll achieve this slightly more saturated moss seagrass green;
  • Azalea Leaf S400-4 by Behr – with a slightly more pigmented yellow undertone, this close shade of mint green seems unnoticeably warmer;
  • Easy Green SW 6450 by Sherwin-Williams – almost the same pastel shade of alga green with a mint tinge;
  • Cedar Grove 444 by Benjamin Moore – a seamlessly brighter and warmer mint green;
  • Pine Forest 451 by Benjamin Moore – a lighter, fresher green to use as a neutral alternative to Bryophyte.

Coordinating Colors

Let’s start with contrast. The absolute opposite of Bryophyte is dusty pink – the best complementary color for this mint. If you want to keep it soothing, try a monochromatic palette by pairing this pastel green with teal. Soft neutrals like creamy white and beige will also perfectly contrast the spring green shade. Or, combine it with a crisp white for more visual appeal.

  • Lexicon Quarter by Dulux – a crisp white shade with fresh blue undertones, perfect to pair with more saturated colors;
  • Natural White by Dulux – a softer alternative to pure white with subtle cream undertones;
  • Light Rice Half by Dulux – a light, peach-pigmented beige with soft creamy notes;
  • Surf Green by Dulux – an accent teal shade with a bold character that will stand out on the mint green canvas.

Use of Bryophyte in Interior Design

Out of tens of popular mint green paint colors, Bryophyte by Dulux wins designers’ hearts. Its limitless energy and grounded personality bring together harmony and natural vibrance. You’ll love the splash of optimism paired with calmness. Use this mint green to energize any room. Modern, Traditional, Rustic, Eclectic, and more – Bryophyte is a perfect option for any design style. 

Colorful Palette

We live in an era of expressive interior design, and it makes sense to add more coloration to our homes. Deviate from the strict minimalist schemes that reigned over the last decade and bring more color to your kitchen, living room, bedroom, or bathroom. Opt for an eclectic color combination, or start with accents – a splash of mint green on a neutral background. 

Green Neutral

Greens and blues are the new grays. Designers recommend using these new neutral colors instead of overused grays. Although slightly bright, Bryophyte is a beautiful neutral paint color that will add energy to the interior design. Use it as a primary color, on cabinets, for frames, or smaller accents. 


Green has always been a popular color in the kitchen. While Bryophyte by Dulux is vivid in contrast to traditional darker greens, this pastel mint will brighten and update your cooking space. Of course, it goes for cabinets in pairing with neutral walls, preferably gold hardware, and lighter or darker countertops and backsplashes. However, inspired by the roaring retro styles, the combination of this mint shade with other bright pastels is another trendy design option.


For a fresh and lovely color palette in your bedroom, try a Bryophyte splash of color. Designers recommend painting all walls and pairing them with light-colored bedding. We suggest a lovely scheme with this pastel green and other bold pastel shades for the courageous ones. 


The mint shade of veggie green from one of the best paint brands is a gender-neutral color. That’s why experts suggest using it in the kids’ room. Since Bryophyte has enough pigmentation, it can be easily used as an accent on furniture or an all-over wall color. Wood pairs well with green, while bright colors perfectly stand out next to this new neutral.

Laundry Room

A mint green like Bryophyte is perfect for the laundry room. Use it on cabinets with light neutrals, wood, and metallic hardware. Keep the space well-lit and airy, and you’ll achieve a trendy and stylish laundry room. Decorative baskets, wildflowers, and personalized decor will customize the laundry.


Another great color for the bathroom is Bryophyte. It will refresh your bathroom. You can apply it to walls or cabinets. Any design style works as long as you use this mint green in the right amount.

Use of Bryophyte in Exterior Design

Bryophyte suits exteriors as much as it does interiors. You’ll especially love a brick house painted mint green – the color reveals texture most stylishly. Or, think of a mint green front door with whitewashed exterior walls. 

The Bryophyte paint color by Dulux is the softest mint green, with a subtle retro appeal. It will create a tranquil state of calmness and peace both inside and outside.

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