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Pure Blue S33A1

A pastel gray-blue with the lightest green note meant for relaxation spaces like the bedroom. Restore calmness in your home and inner peace.

Ripe Lemon S17G3

A citrus green-yellow reminiscent of the lemon pops of color on the Mediterranean coast. "La dolce vita" color of the season.

Potter's Pink S08E5

A warming, blush terracotta with the most inviting earthy notes; designers use it as a primary and accent color with a Mediterranean twist.

Natural White SW1F4

A high-class neutral that seems much softer than pure whites; a perfect white to use as a background color or to underline architectural details.

Mountain Olive N350-7A

A warm and inviting shade of olive green with deep, dusty undertones that will transform your abode into the comfiest and most secure place.

Rumors MQ1-15

A dramatic and intriguing shade of burgundy, deep and rich, which will add character, visual interest, and elegance to your home.

Provence Blue HDC-AC-23

A soothing green-blue inspired by the French Provence fields of sage and lavender that will add refined air and serenity to your home's design.

Amber Brew MQ4-10

A rich, earthy orange-yellow with a glowing gold effect that will fill your home with energy and color, including its warming comfort.

Chic Taupe N230-4

A stylish gray-brown with a rich, earthy trace that will connect you to nature and deliver the comfiest feeling in your home.

Malted N160-2

A timeless pink paint color underlined by the slightest earthy brown undertone that looks cozy and appealing simulatneously. This trendy pink is a new gray.

Whipped Cream DC-001

A bright creamy white that brings together serenity, balance, elegance, and calmness under the same neutral color base that works indoors and outdoors.

Jogging Path SW 7638

A muted gray tone with a light green undertone that brings comfort, natural color, and serenity to any design style, be it indoors or outdoors.

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