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Swiss Coffee 12

A warm shade of white enriched with a slightly airy effect and nearly perceived yellow notes responsible for its appealing appearance.

Frosty White SW 6196

A cool white with noticeable gray notes responsible for its crispy effect. It is indeed invigorating, breathing fresh mountain air into any style.

Cotton White SW 7104

A soft shade of white with pronounced pinkish-orange notes. An interpretation of softness at its finest.

Unusual Gray SW 7059

A medium-light shade of gray. A neutral shade with pronounced gray notes covered by a surface resembling the scene you witness when the fog is ready to disappear.

Sapphire Salute

A dark shade of blue with sleek splashes of light spread all over its surface and bright undertones slightly muted by a matte effect.

Pebble Shore

A very complex shade. Some may say it is beige. Others will see in it nothing more than a shade of gray.

Cotton Grey HDC-NT-20

A light and soft gray color that, depending on the lighting, can appear both neutral and relatively warm.

Graphic Charcoal N500-6

A very dark and eye-catching gray, although in a soothing way that makes you enjoy the environment to the fullest.

Sculptor Clay PPU5-8

A pleasant neutral beige with slightly perceived particles of brown, and most of all - an earthy color.

Modern Gray SW 7632

A calm and neutral and, at the same time, surprisingly friendly, clearly light gray, but with some subtle undertones.

Benjamin Moore
Harbor Haze 2136-60

A light shade of blue, but the narrower we look, the more secrets we discover.

Eider White SW 7014

A light off-white. Imagine a white fog over a river or lake on a summer morning, which the sun's rays will literally touch in a few minutes.

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