A very complex shade. Some may say it is beige. Others will see in it nothing more than a shade of gray.

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If you are in love with soft combinations of grey and beige the way we are, this article will surely be of interest to you. The term “greige” has been used often lately, and for those unfamiliar with such a word, it refers to a shade that is neither gray nor beige, but it surely has something from both colors. Yes, today we will speak about a shade of this kind or at least, something alike. Designers are now looking for ways to replace the commonly used cream and white paints with something similar but new that would preserve the neutral and soft effect, although bringing new feelings. Therefore, paint manufacturers come up with fabulous paint options to meet such standards. One of them is Pebble Shore from Dulux, and it undoubtedly fits such expectations. 

The newly discovered shade from Dulux is very complex. Some may say it is beige. Others will see in it nothing more than a shade of gray. What about us? Luckily, we solved this mystery and are ready to share the results with you.

Pebble Shore paint color features

We will not keep it a secret any longer. Pebble Shore is more gray than beige. Nevertheless, it is a pale shade with pronounced light brown undertones. Now you know why it is also considered a shade of beige. We speak facts, and here is one of them: Pebble Shore is among the most popular colors from Dulux. No wonder why! It is neutral and soft at the same time, serving as a perfect backdrop and enriching the space with modern notes. 

One should note that Pebble Shore can be mistaken with Polished Pebble from the same Dulux, although the former is lighter and has a more muted appearance. Shortly, Pebble Shore is a perfect alternative for true grays, which preserves all the features comprised by gray and adds a slight effect of ease and calmness. Pleasant to look at, radiating relaxing feelings, and friendly to various shades. Can it get any perfect? Let’s find out!

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Pebble Shore: is it warm or cold?

The fact that this color is also considered a shade of beige cannot simply allow us to call it cold. Yes, it refreshes the environment due to its light surface, but this soft gray is a lovely warm color. Particularly when put in practice, you can instantly notice how the pale brown undertones spread all over the place. However, there is always a trick with such shades. It is still gray and can reveal the over part of the coin as well, depending on lighting and neighboring colors. You should note that its cool notes are still hidden under its soft surface and are ready to penetrate it once the conditions are appropriate.

How does lighting affect Pebble Shore?

One would probably assume that a neutral shade has a predictable behavior towards lighting, and it is quite true about this gray, but there are still nuances. Under a large amount of daylight, the joyful beige scents bloom at their finest and enrich the space with comforting ease. A balanced setting will lead to a rather neutral result – a balance between gray and beige, while a lack of light will surely reveal the essence of this shade – its gray basis. 

Pebble Shore LRV

It is indeed light and impressively refreshing, but the combination of slightly muted gray and beige notes is responsible for an LRV reflectance value of about 70 – a perfect figure for a perfect color. If we were to interpret it, we would come up with the following statement: Pebble Shore can reflect large amounts of light, brightening up the space and enlarging its borders. Its noticeable undertones are responsible for a balance in this sense so that this shade appears neither too light nor too dark under various lighting conditions.

Pebble Shore undertones

As said earlier, Pebble Shore is full of light brown notes, thanks to which this gray appears softer and devoid of darkening features. Notwithstanding this strong collaboration between gray and beige, the light surface of this shade makes it slightly vulnerable to surrounding colors. Such elements as outdoor greenery, rich textiles, and neighboring shades can benefit from a subtle interpretation due to the reflection abilities of Pebble Shore. 

Similar colors

It is no surprise that such a popular shade has variations at different paint manufacturers. It should be noted that the general combination of gray and beige is preserved, while every shade has its unique features. Considering that alternatives are so many, let’s look outside the Dulux borders!

  • Lilac Hush CSP-490 by Benjamin Moore – light gray with slightly pronounced beige undertones and a few soothing purple scents;
  • Barren Plain 2122-60 by Benjamin Moore – shade similar to the previous one, although devoid of purple notes;
  • Drift of Mist SW 9166 by Sherwin Williams – a light shade of gray with soothing cool undertones covered by haze;
  • Crushed Ice SW 7647 by Sherwin Williams – despite its name, a light gray with cool beige notes;
  • Silent Smoke PPG 1025-2 by PPG Paints – pale gray penetrated by foggy drops of beige;
  • Shark PPG 1006-2 by PPG Paints – cool gray with light notes merged with a soothing drop of beige.

Coordinating colors

Among other features, Pebble Shore is extremely versatile and ready to cooperate with various shades. All things considered, one may assume that this beautiful gray pairs with any shade since its neutrality offers space for any contrasts. Nevertheless, among the truest companions are other neutrals, pastels, and soothing variations of bright colors. Let’s find out what Dulux experts suggest!

  • Lemon Pie – bright yellow with a slightly soothing effect;
  • Daffodil White – warm white with noticeable yellow undertones;
  • Misty Mountain – foggy gray with mysterious notes of light brown;
  • Milky Pail – creamy white penetrated by soft gray scents;
  • Dusted Fondant – dusty purple with a light basis;
  • Spring Rose – light pink similar to the petals of blooming cherry trees in the spring.

The use of Pebble Shore in interior

If you still wonder if Pebble Shore is a shade worth taking into account when choosing an appropriate background for your interior, we hasten to convince you that there is not a thing you will be disappointed about with this option. Of course, the above-mentioned coordinating colors are win variants, but you are free to experiment with this color any way you want as long as the balance is preserved. Let’s get now to actual design solutions!

Scandinavian aesthetics

This style puts emphasis on functionality, simplicity, cleanliness without being devoid of beauty. Such an arrangement requires a similar background: clean, comforting, and versatile. Luckily, Pebble Shore is nothing less or more but perfect in this sense. Simple lines, functional furnishing, and sleek decor are what you have to integrate into a room with walls painted in this shade. Pebble Shore will exquisitely complement the cozy features of the overall arrangement and let the distinctive elements of this style bloom at their finest.

Rustic texture

The slightly muted undertones of this soft shade of gray seem to reflect a particular texture, and nothing will emphasize this effect better than an actual source of raw texture. What we are trying to say is that you should opt for walls painted in Pebble Shore within a rustic style. Aged pieced of furniture, organic design, and natural decor will reveal their hidden beauty in the best way possible when accompanied by such color with deep brown undertones. A bit refreshing, a bit softening, a contemporary interior design in this style will simply redefine itself with this new splash of color.


Regardless of style, we all strive for calmness in such a space as the bedroom. Such colors as white, cream, beige, and particular variations of gray are among the popular options in this sense. The newly found Pebble Shore contains a bit from each: a splash of freshness from white, warm notes from beige, and exceptional neutrality from gray. You will not have to choose in favor of a single one but go with them all in one step. As regards the other elements, you are free to choose the furniture and decor that is closer to you.

Kitchen and dining room

We already noted that Pebble Shore is an outstanding shade for backgrounds. Guess what! The kitchen and dining room are not an exception. Nevertheless, experts suggest painting the kitchen cabinets in this shade so that the hidden soft notes will be more noticeable and effectively fill the space with comfort. As usual, you have the freedom to choose the other colors and materials, although a wooden countertop is much welcome. One should note that the warm brown notes are surprisingly inviting and acquire an appetizing scent when applied in spaces that deal with food.

Kids room

It is no secret that children should be surrounded with calmness and comfort, which can be ensured with an appropriate approach to the color that will dominate within their room. Pebble Shore is neutral enough to emphasize the bright belongings in such spaces, but most of all, it bears this feeling of safety, relaxation, and ease that the little ones need for safe and sound sleep and a calm start to the day. From a very young age till becoming a teen, this color will be a true companion for your child. 


Another secret revealed but not a surprise at all: Pebble Shore is impressively inviting. It is not only about the first impression of your guests but your return home as well. At the end of the day, you will be welcomed by a familiar environment that will instantly make you feel comfortable. This is what the result of painting the walls in this shade promises. 

The use of Pebble Shore for house exterior

Designers usually do not advise painting the exterior walls in very light shades to avoid a fading effect. This is when Pebble Shore prevails again over other shades of this kind. Its balanced combination of gray and beige leads to a stately effect without risking the overall picture of your house, which means that the house lines are preserved, and the whole building does not fade into the background.

Things change when we reach the front door. A darker background cannot compete with the rich undertones of Pebble Shore, although it is pretty neutral. At the same time, a lighter backdrop will simply be played down by a front door painted in the gray shade from Dulux. 

The Pebble Shore paint color from Dulux will make you fall in love again with neutral colors and offer a try to the new shades of this kind that stay true to their main features and bring something new as well: a new variation of calmness, softness, and limitless freedom.

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