A medium-light shade of gray. A neutral shade with pronounced gray notes covered by a surface resembling the scene you witness when the fog is ready to disappear.

LRV 38

Did you get tired of gray shades? We don’t think this is possible when this color is at its peak of popularity. Furthermore, the wide range of variations offers options for any style and preference. However, one thing is undeniably the most important factor that makes us fall in love with every new shade of this color – its standout versatility, neutrality, and friendliness. Today, we will reveal the beauty of one of the most popular grays from Sherwin Williams – Unusual Gray.

The SW 7059 paint color is indeed unusual; we cannot simply describe it any other way. A seemingly simple shade of gray has so much to offer that we don’t even know where to start. As usual, we did a thorough analysis and are ready to share with you our discoveries. Let’s start with the basics!

Unusual Gray is part of the Honed Vitality Paint Color Collection, which is a collection of hues inspired by the collaboration between nature and time. The latter gave birth to paint colors that replicate the raw surfaces of rustic farmhouse shutters, mineral deposits, and stones polished by the sea. The results are the chalky and earthy shades traced to organic textures with matte finishes. At first glance, it is a perfect interpretation of colors that usually develop under natural conditions. The narrower you study them, the more you get convinced that this is a separate form of art.

Unusual Gray paint color features

The newly revealed paint color from Sherwin Williams is a medium-light shade of gray. From a general perspective, it is a neutral shade with pronounced gray notes covered by a surface resembling the scene you witness when the fog is ready to disappear into the void. We are simply impressed by the way a seemingly usual shade of gray reveals itself from different angles within different conditions. The most interesting part is yet to come – we cannot predict its next move. It is always one step ahead of designers, which is not a drawback but rather a unique feature. 

Unusual Gray: is it warm or cold?

Of course, it depends on particular factors, although a general statement sounds as follows: SW 7059 is a cool shade of gray directed towards the cold category with noticeable crispy notes. One should note that the latter has penetrated this color so deep that their presence is to be spotted even under the influence of warm lighting. Nevertheless, we cannot doubt the warm undertones that come to the surface when appropriate, offering this shade a delightful green appearance. 

How does lighting affect Unusual Gray?

An appropriate amount of daylight is the main ingredient in the recipe for a perfect interpretation of this shade of gray. Under such conditions, it reveals its cool natural features and irreplaceable neutrality. It seems that not a single undertone dares to penetrate its surface. 

The scene changes entirely once artificial lighting prevails over the place. Furthermore, the slightest change in its undertones influences the Unusual Gray’s appearance. If the light sources are cool enough, SW 7059 puts on one of its masks – an appealing shade of gray with coolish scents and a slightly perceived feel of softness determined by a few particles of warm undertones. The warmer the lighting is, the softer this shade penetrated by clearly noticeable warm undertones seems.

Unusual Gray LRV

The LRV value of Unusual Gray is quite usual for a medium-light shade. Figure 38 stands for the ability of this color to reflect a particular amount of light. Of course, this is possible only under the condition that the space is ensured with enough lighting sources. When it comes to the expanding feature, there is no way this color could make the place look more spacious. Nevertheless, it is pretty good at preserving stability within the established borders.

Unusual Gray undertones

As already mentioned, this gray is devoid of any noticeable undertones, staying true to its base color. Although slight particles of warmer shades reveal themselves under the foggy surface, they cannot compete with the strong gray notes that seem to not give up on what is truly theirs.

Similar colors

Nobody cancels the uniqueness of this shade, even though there are colors pretty similar to Unusual Gray. On the sample, they may slightly vary one from each other. Once you put them into practice, each takes its own way. Nevertheless, there are lots of similar shades both at Sherwin Williams and beyond its borders. Let’s discover some of them!

  • Gray Matters SW 7066 – a noticeably lighter version of Unusual Gray;
  • Ellie Gray SW 7650 – the same Unusual Gray enriched with a few particles of warm undertones;
  • Stamped Concrete SW 7655 – at first glance, it seems identical to SW 7059, although the slightly lower LRV points out a darker variation of the latter;
  • Storm AF-700 by Benjamin Moore – a rather light shade of gray devoid of the intensity witnessed at Unusual Gray;
  • Hippopotamus PPG 0994-4 by PPG Paints – a slightly lighter interpretation of the Unusual Gray paint;
  • Stepping Stone PPG 1010-4 by PPG Paints – a lighter gray devoid of the muted effect;
  • Statue Garden PPG 0996-3 by PPG Paints – a lighter shade of gray with slightly perceived particles of soft purple;
  • Highland Mist by Dulux – a more intense and darker variation of Unusual Gray;
  • Strong Winds N380-4 by Behr – a slightly darker shade of gray in contrast with SW 7059.

Coordinating colors

Luckily, experts from Sherwin Williams come with their suggestions as regards the integration of this color in the interior. According to them, you don’t have to go too far and reach particular contrasts but rather stick to quite similar-by-category shades. This similarity implies their shared neutrality. A fresh shade of white, a more intense gray with pronounced undertones, or lighter colors are to be considered as perfect matching partners. Let’s get more specific!

  • Silver Strand SW 7057 – light gray penetrated by a few particles of cool blue undertones;
  • Reserved White SW 7056 – crispy white with slightly perceived fresh blue notes;
  • Waterloo SW 9141 – dark blue with a cold foggy effect.

Use of Unusual Gray in interior

It is no secret that gray is a beloved shade among designers. Some of you have probably got tired of interiors that imply this color. We hasten to convince you not to give up on this color, and Unusual Gray is a great reason for this. This new variation of gray will not only enrich your space with a trendy color but also add a sense of individuality due to its unpredictable features. There is no need to mention the versatility of SW 7059, which is ready to adapt to any preferences. Of course, we will not stick to statements only. Let’s go through an array of design solutions!

Redefine the Neoclassical style

The refined combination of classic features and contemporary values has benefited from the exquisite neutrality of gray for a long time, and it seems that it would be happy to pair with a new variation of gray. Unusual Gray will breathe fresh air into the stately elements of such an interior. Accompanied by astonishing wall molding, flamboyant chandeliers, a few pieces of contemporary furniture, and elegant units of decor, this color will add a sense of renewal to the popular style.

Living room

Such a shade of gray works perfectly for spaces that require a neutral background to expose their rich belongings. However, there is a trick with Unusual Gray. It looks much more organic when combined with similar shades, such as neutrals and slightly darker or lighter colors. Nobody can stop you from using this shade as a backdrop for bright colors and textures. Nevertheless, a living room with walls or built-in bookcases painted in Unusual Gray and pieces of furniture that harmonize with its undertones will surely add a contemporary sense to your interior.


The same recipe works for the bedroom: walls painted in Unusual Gray, neutral-colored furniture, and a harmonious combination of contrasts. Ideally, one would complement the gray walls with white or dark brown furniture. Regardless of which way you go – embrace the contemporary values or stick to the vintage finesse, this unique shade from Sherwin Williams is ready to collaborate for a successful result. 


Usually, gray shades go with any style, particularly this one, and the kitchen is not an exception. Nevertheless, we have a greater suggestion: a traditional kitchen with cabinets painted in Unusual Gray, a touch of the natural wood texture or a splash of marble elegance, a few elements of metal, and a sparkling chandelier. The splashes of light that will flow from the reflective hardware to the chandelier will enrich the gray cabinets with flair and set a stately environment. Make a pearl out of this space and enjoy its sparkling features to the fullest. 

Home office

A workspace at home free of disturbing things and encouraging work is a home office painted in Unusual Gray. Devoid of any bright features, such a color ensures the calmness and formal feeling a place like that requires. Again, white or natural wood pieces of furniture, minimum decor, and a few pots with indoor plants for a splash of energy. Here you are free to use this shade either for the walls or the built-in bookcase if there is any. 

Laundry room

We usually don’t pay much attention to such spaces. Nevertheless, the laundry room requires as much a stylish approach to design. To keep it sleek, functional, and integrated into the overall interior, it is enough to opt for an appropriate shade to prevail in this space. Guess what! Unusual Gray is more than welcome. Whether you paint the walls only, combine the gray cabinets with a white background, or go with an all-gray interior, the result will not disappoint you; neutral enough to match a space like that and “unusual” enough to decorate the space with individuality. 


If you still wonder whether it is worth giving gray a try in your bathroom, Unusual Gray is perfect to start with. Besides being neutral and keeping it functional, it will surely add a sense of individuality, and you will not end up with a faded effect. Everything is about perfect balance: gray cabinets and a lighter backdrop or gray walls and darker cabinets. The reflective hardware for a sparkling effect and an appropriate amount of light will serve as the last pieces of this puzzle. 

Use of Unusual Gray for house exterior

Do you still wonder if this color works for the house exterior? Of course, it does. Furthermore, it does not serve as a simple base color but rather a great opportunity to stand out while keeping it within limits. A house painted in Unusual Gray will instantly point at your exquisite taste and ability to perfectly combine functionality with finesse. It seems that our perfect gray house is missing something. That’s right – a splash of white or dark brown for the front door and window frames.

The same irreplaceable effect can be achieved at a lower scale by painting the front door in this shade. A slightly lighter background is required to emphasize the beauty of Unusual Gray.

The Unusual Gray SW 7059 paint color from Sherwin Williams is another pearl on our list of gray shades. It is a seemingly simple color that acquires more uniqueness once you look at it from a narrow perspective, ready to share its originality.

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