A warm shade of white enriched with a slightly airy effect and nearly perceived yellow notes responsible for its appealing appearance.

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We have been discovering lately standout shades of white since experts from various paint manufacturers work on new variations of this kind that get more and more impressive with every new hue. Slightly cooler or noticeably warmer, they are all unique. The same refers to the newly-discovered-by-us shade from Behr – Swiss Coffee. One may wonder how a shade of white can be related to coffee, but most of all, to a Swiss one. This is what adds originality; one cannot help but fall in love firstly with the name, then with the color itself. 

It is definitely one of the most popular white paints at Behr. Once it slightly touches your interior, it leaves you so impressed that you cannot go further without adding another splash of Swiss Coffee. Enough with the intrigue! Let’s figure it out! What is that special about this color?

Swiss Coffee paint color features

Swiss Coffee is a warm shade of white enriched with a slightly airy effect and nearly perceived yellow notes responsible for its appealing appearance. One would say these are rather brown notes that try to penetrate the surface. It probably explains why this shade resonates with coffee scents. 

This shade from Behr is not to be confused with Swiss Coffee from Benjamin Moore, which is cooler. Although not a stark white, Swiss Coffee from Behr is impressively full of ease that it cannot go unnoticed. It is a seemingly neutral shade but capable of bringing an interior to another level, and this is what many designers strive for – to make an impact by quite simple means. 

Swiss Coffee: is it warm or cold?

This pure and peaceful shade of white is warm without any doubt. Both the yellowish notes and the creamy effect are enough to back up our statement. If you look carefully, you can notice that a few drops of soothing gray merged with the creamy basis. Nevertheless, they are not enough to call this shade at least cool, although there is still a note of invigoration. 

How does lighting affect Swiss Coffee?

As usual, lighting is the boss. Be it the most confident shade that stays true to its own features, lighting is the one to make the last decision. Swiss Coffee blooms at its finest, in full daylight, revealing its pure undertones. The slightest touch of warm artificial light will replace the rather fresh notes with a sea of soft emotions that spread all over the space due to the yellowish or brownish (it depends on the angle) undertones. 

Swiss Coffee LRV

As with any new shade of white that has been developed lately, Swiss Coffee has a quite high LRV, although not as high as one might have thought. Let’s speak facts! The LRV reflectance value of this light shade is 84. It means that Swiss Coffee reflects large amounts of light, and such features as the brightening and expanding effects are totally related to this shade from Behr. White is still white, and you probably wonder why it does not have a higher value in this sense. The answer is simple: the rather creamy undertones cannot simply let go of all sparkles of light that penetrate the surface of this color.

Swiss Coffee undertones

We have made this far such a wide description that there is no need to explain one more time in detail what undertones this fabulous shade comprises. We will put it simply: Swiss Coffee is lucky to be penetrated by various notes of softness – a bit from the yellow undertones, a bit from the creamy ones, without forgetting about the subtle scents of soothing gray on the horizon. 

Similar colors

Such a perfect pairing between white and warm creamy notes cannot go unnoticed, and paint manufacturers cannot help but come up with their own variations. Let’s go beyond Behr’s limits as well and see what others have to offer in this sense!

  • Papier Blanc HDC-NT-08 – identical shade to Swiss Coffee which is unnoticeably darker due to the more intense undertones;
  • Silky White PPU7-12 – a cooler version of Swiss Coffee devoid of the noticeable creamy scents;
  • Classic Light Buff SW 0050 by Sherwin Williams – a slightly creamier shade with a similar combination of white and warm yellowish-gray notes;
  • Stoneware CSP-245 by Benjamin Moore – a shade similar to Swiss Coffee, although devoid of the gray undertones;
  • Vanilla White 45 YY by Dulux – identical to Swiss Coffee with slightly warmer undertones.

Coordinating colors

Such a versatile shade cannot simply skip a single type of color it would interact with. From soothing shades to the brightest variations, Swiss Coffee wants to become friends with everybody and offer them a bit of its soothing freshness. Luckily, experts from Behr prepared a whole list of colors that would work with this fantastic shade of white. Let’s discover them!

  • Palais White GR-W15 – pure white merged with a few drops of creamy gray;
  • Seasoned Salt S330-3 – a light shade of brown devoid of any undertones and enriched with a soothing effect;
  • Funhouse M140-1 – light shade of pastel pink, resembling the spring cherry trees in full blooming;
  • Helium M480-1 – very light blue covered by a pastel surface;
  • Bellflower Blue M540-1 – light shade of pastel blue, resembling the early morning sky;
  • Spring Valley S390-2 – a light shade of green with a pale basis and a slight minty effect;
  • Cherry Fizz M140-5 – soothing crimson that resonates with the undertones of ripe cherries;
  • Calypso Blue HDC-CL-27 – dark blue with intense greenish notes;
  • Cowgirl Blue M530-5 – pale shade of ocean blue with bright notes played down by a soothing effect;
  • Dried Chive S330-5 – neutral brown with a rather dark beige basis;
  • Nairobi Dusk PPU3-10 – pale shade of peachy orange with slightly perceived particles of brown.

Use of Swiss Coffee in interior

Swiss Coffee is a perfect alternative to the usual shades of white devoid of any undertones. Therefore, it would work within any style and adapt to any combination of colors and textures. Do you fancy a neutral background for your eclectic design ideas or a simple backdrop to keep it functional? Swiss Coffee will go for both cases and even bring a sense of individuality to each in part. Let’s go through some of the best design solutions!

Minimalism at its finest

The beloved design of simplicity and functionality can luckily benefit from another neutral shade that, besides its own simplicity, brings in a particular flair, which does not put the core minimalist principles at risk. Redefine your minimalist interior by adding a splash of Swiss Coffee on the walls and following the rules of decoration in this style; clean lines instead of extravagant shapes, functional furnishing on an open floor plan, a monochromatic color palette, and integration of the essential elements. Minimalism will not be disturbed but rather enriched with individuality due to the creamy undertones of the walls that can seem either grayish or beige.

Boho grandeur

For lovers of a more textured style, Boho is at your disposal. This style is full of texture and pastels, particularly those with a beige basis that is to be found at Swiss Coffee as well. Your interior will simply radiate harmony if you paint the walls in this creamy white and go on with the decor rules of Boho style. An eclectic combination of textures and colors, all kept within limits due to this fabulous shade of white that will balance the contrasts. You can go as far as you want with the beige undertones, reaching the level of comfort that matches your standards. 

Cozy Farmhouse

Would you like to embrace tradition and make comfort the defining feature of your interior? Give Modern Farmhouse a try! In contrast with the common Farmhouse, this one implies a contemporary approach to decoration. Nevertheless, nobody canceled the presence of the main elements; lots of units replicating the natural wood texture, traditional furnishing, and a few vintage accessories. What’s new? Consider the following arrangement: walls painted in Swiss Coffee, wooden furniture, and a few pots with greenery. These particular accents will breathe new life into your living or kitchen and add a unique sense of comfort, refined and, at the same time, familiar. 

Nordic lifestyle

Yes, we return again to Scandi. The style that interprets the raw and rather cool Scandinavian lifestyle, based particularly on the weather, would benefit from a color that adds a bit of softness and enhances the comfort of the cozy pieces of furniture and neighboring textiles. If you think that Swiss Coffee is too creamy for a rather raw style, don’t forget about the hidden gray undertones that are ready to reveal themselves if the context requires. Therefore, this style will seem even closer to you, ensuring harmony inside your house and your connection with nature. 

Living room

Although Swiss Coffee is happy to pair with bold accents, a rather monochromatic approach is more appropriate. Paint the walls in this shade from Behr, consider furnishing that matches the walls undertone, including variations of beige and brown, and, of course, a few pots with indoor plants to dilute this amalgam of comfy shades. Do you still want to add an accent? Go with another neutral but bolder one. A black couch promises to fill the space with a contemporary sense of confidence while going hand in hand with the other shades. 


The same scenario as the previous one is preferred here. Swiss Coffee to paint the walls, natural wood for the furnishing, a splash of brown here and there, and the irreplaceable greenery. Again, you can opt for a bolder accent if you feel that your interior would benefit from a bit of balance. Consider light-colored bedding, soft pillows and blankets, and a neutral rug to complete the style. Your evenings will feel like an escape in such an environment while every morning will seem peaceful, which is a great feature to start with for a successful day. 

Kitchen and dining room

White has always been a popular choice for painting the kitchen. Luckily, the new variations of this color will also add originality to this space. This creamy shade will breathe softness both into a traditional and modern kitchen. Of course, the slightly brownish undertones of your kitchen cabinets will bloom in a whole new way when decorated with brass elements. 

Besides its wide range of benefits, Swiss Coffee seems no less appetizing when applied to such spaces as the dining room. It will make a real pleasure out of every breakfast, lunch, or dinner. One should note that natural wood, in particular, should be considered for the furniture.

Home office

A contemporary home office has the following recipe: walls painted in Swiss Coffee, wooden furniture, clear furnishing lines, simple decor, and functionality to the fullest. Such a sleek arrangement with a balanced splash of softness is much appreciated within a space that requires calmness and freedom for reflection. It is surely far from the traditional office. Still, the new elements offer a new perspective on the workplace, which, in this case, benefits more from a calm environment than a formal setting, but it depends on your perception. 

Use of Swiss Coffee for house exterior

Swiss Coffee is quite intense, even for a shade of white, which means that its use for the house exterior is appropriate since the result will not look at all faded. A stately house with a bit of unique flair that will surely stand out is what this color promises. Here is an original approach: paint the brick walls in this shade and let this color penetrate the rich texture to the fullest, and your house will achieve a stunning contemporary look.

Things change a bit when we speak about the front door. You can surely paint it in Swiss Coffee, although the effect will not be similar to painting the walls in this shade. The thing is that Swiss Coffee requires a larger space to reveal its whole range of features.

The Swiss Coffee paint color from Behr is the first shade you should consider as an alternative to the neutral white – a bit of softness here, a few drops of stately feeling there, and your white interior will radiate individuality.

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