Wood Wall Art Ideas to Add a Natural Touch to Your Home

Why wood? Some of you may ask. After centuries of being used in homes, wood doesn’t get old but receives even more appreciation. It has natural origins and is sustainable, durable, and affordable. In the spirit of eco-trends in interior design, designers use more and more wood accents in their new projects, suggesting the same to homeowners. Long story short, we prepared a list of designer and DIY wood wall art ideas you should try if you crave naturalness and organic texture in your home for the most authentic statement you can dream of. 

Geometric Wood Wall Art Ideas

The No.1 wood wall art option designers suggest for any design style and room is the geometric design. Considering a wooden accent on your walls is a thousand times more original and valuable in terms of style than an abstract painting. 

Modern Wooden Wall Decor

Try out this modern wooden wall art idea. The trendy chevron pattern paired with wood in combination with new colors is a source of inspiration for various designs that will add creativity to your home.

Think Biophilic

Support the natural trend in interior design fully by pairing wood with natural moss for your new wood wall art. Use it to decorate kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, and even bathrooms. You can buy such pieces or consider a tiny DIY project, and remember, the more imperfect it looks, the better.

More Natural Texture

Decorate your home with stunning wood wall artworks made of wood paired with textiles for a reinvented design of the trendy macrame. Go with naturally colored or painted fibers and play with wooden shapes. 

DIY Wood Wall Decor

Even if you’re not super creative, this simple wood wall art idea is a budget-friendly and perfect decor option for everybody. All you need is a few equally sized round units of wood you’ll have to buy and organically colored or painted threads to go around the wooden circle and create unique concepts.

Reclaimed Wood Wall Art Ideas

Repurpose wood pieces you have at home and transform them into original wood wall art accents; another opportunity to show your DIY skills or hire a professional. In addition, use a few drops of paint, and your statement piece will acquire a new personality. By the way, the Mountain design is in trend.

Mosaic Timber Artistry

More visual appeal and dynamic energy with these intricate wood wall art ideas. Pick the mosaic style in any color palette, and reshape your living room, bedroom, or kitchen vibe.

Lights On: Wood Wall Decor with LED

Underline your new wall accessory with energy-efficient LED strips. Make it visually appealing and practical. Moreover, some of those accents can be used as wall lamps, say in your reading nook or home office.

Bedroom Wood Wall Art Idea

Decorate the wall with a large natural board of untreated wood with a smooth finish, preserving the authentic features. Put the bed against it and recreate the look of an accent headboard. 

Wood Wall Art Idea for Living Room

Try these gorgeous wall boards of natural wood that reveal the inner beauty of Rustic texture in your lounge area. In addition to the stylish effect, your living room will be more welcoming and comfier.

Bring Planters to a New Level

Enliven your interior design with live greeneries. Stay original with wall planters of wood, painted or natural, and fill them with seasonal greenery, indoor plants, or temporary decorative vegetation.

Colorful and Patterned Wall Decor

Wood is easy to paint on. Get creative with your beloved colors and catchy prints when decorating compositions of wood boards. Put them all together and redecorate any room in the house. A tiny Boho DIY project that brings so much positive energy to the space.

Woody Fantasy in the Kids’ Room

Swap overly colored and patterned wall decor in your kid’s room for natural, sustainable, and aesthetically appealing handcrafted wood artworks. Depictions of forest animals best fit this wood wall art idea.

Bohemian Wood Wall Art Idea

Get in the trendy mood with a stylish Boho accent. Those are usually attention-stealing wood boards of different designs accessorized with tassels or pampas grass. 

Unique Wood-Frame Mirrors

Take a simple mirror, add an unusual wood frame to it, and you achieve a perfect wood wall accent to decorate the bedroom, hallway, or even a lounge zone. 

Embrace the textured trend little by little. Think of wood accents, and our collection of the best wood wall art ideas is a great place to start with.

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