Wood accent wall: modern & creative ideas

Wooden walls are a symbol of genuine home warmth and the closest possible proximity to nature. However, such a solution is not possible in all houses and apartments and is not compatible with all design projects. The need to find a compromise was one of the reasons why wooden elements acted as a decorative material – including for decorating an accent wall.

If you are keenly interested in interior design trends, you probably know about the role and significance of accent walls in modern homes and apartments. The ability to prioritize and carry out functional zoning, adding a lively and original note, and masking individual interior flaws – all these advantages have led to the active use of accent walls in modern interiors.

Initially, accent walls were created using the most straightforward techniques – wallpapering the surface or painting the wall in a contrasting shade. However, over time, designers became interested in more textured materials. This interest is closely intertwined with interior eco-trends, which began to grow in popularity around 2015-2016 – and the development of the creative idea of using wood as such a voluminous accent turned out to be quite natural. Literally, in 2017, walls with such a finish made a real sensation at international design exhibitions – and today, wood accent walls already seem to be a very interesting, but by no means an extravagant solution.

A wood composition as an accent: why you should try it

As you probably already know, there are many materials suitable for decorating a wall as an accent. Wallpaper with a wide variety of patterns and colors, tiles, paint, mosaic – so why is it worth stopping at wood? Lovers of natural materials have many arguments:

  • Aesthetics. Wooden textures captivate with natural warmth and tranquility and can soften even austere and chilly interiors.
  • Balance. Even true connoisseurs admit that wood paneling is not always a wise decision. If the room is small, wood trim can aggravate the situation, turning the space into a cramped and therefore uncomfortable box. An accent wall does not create such a depressing impression, and wood’s ability to combine with any materials is a sure way to achieve harmony.
  • Diversity. Only by delving deeper into the topic, you can fully realize how vast the choice of materials for wood accent walls is. Colors, textures, varieties, sizes – the selection promises to be truly exciting.
  • Environmental friendliness. A wood accent wall is a sign of your desire to be closer to nature. This eco-trend has turned out to be one of the most flexible and able to fit into various design projects organically.

Modern wood accent wall: choosing materials

If you decide to complement the room’s interior with such an attractive element, it’s time to think about material choice. Of course, you do not need to drive around the nearby sawmills searching for suitable wood. You can easily find everything you need in building markets – and you can even get something for free. So it’s time to talk about what will define the harmonious look of your accent wall.

  • Solid and Engineered hardwood. Let’s not argue: both options are associated primarily with flooring. However, this does not mean that you can use them only on the floor and nowhere else. Today manufacturers offer many stylish designs, and the strength and exceptional ease of installation will allow you to create an accent wall much faster than you might imagine.
  • Shiplap wood. Trends come and go; shiplap remains. And that’s all you need to know about the relevance of the material. Thanks to its laconic and, at the same time, casual styling, a shiplap accent wall will suit almost any interior.
  • Wooden pallets. Pallets have become one of the opportunities to demonstrate your commitment to sustainable consumption – and create an exclusive interior. Today you can find many options for creating an accent wall using elements from pallets.
  • Wooden slats. An excellent way to decorate a zoned accent wall. Looks especially impressive in Japanese, Japandi, and loft style interiors.
  • Wood wall art. The wood wall art panels can turn a wall into a real art object with an eco-friendly bias. As a rule, such a design is made to order according to individual sketches, so be prepared for certain expenses.
  • Logs. An incredibly extravagant version of the accent wall and quite challenging to implement. It can hardly be imagined in the interior of a city apartment, but decorating your cottage somewhere in the forest – why not?

Wood accent wall: options for different rooms

The size, style, purpose of the room – it all determines what your accent wall with wood decor will be like. Let’s look at the options that will be most appropriate in certain rooms in your house or apartment.

Living room

According to unofficial statistics, in 90 percent of cases, an accent wall made of wood is placed in the living room. And this is quite natural: firstly, the room’s size most often allows you to implement such a solution most harmoniously, and secondly, where else to build such a spectacular composition, if not in the room where you spend your free time and meet guests?

Today, designers offer a wide variety of placement and decoration options for an accent wall in the living room. Let’s give an example of some of them:

  • on the wall with a TV – to create an expressive and eye-catching environment;
  • behind open shelves – for visual volume and fullness;
  • behind the sofa – for a cozy, enveloping atmosphere;
  • around the fireplace – to enhance the effect of warmth and serenity.

Choosing the accent and texture of wood, you can play both on full compatibility and contrast – it all depends on your wishes and the concept of interior decoration.


If you dream of decorating an accent wall in the bedroom, you can be sure that there are no obstacles to realizing such a goal. Behind the bed, opposite the bed, or along the wall with windows, from solid or engineered hardwood, with wall art or 3D panels – your imagination can be limited only by the room’s design as such. You can also mount lights or TVs on the accent wall or place the appropriate decor on it to create a unique atmosphere.

The only thing the designers warn against is an accent wall made of used wooden pallets. Harmful substances and bacteria can accumulate on their surface, so it is better to buy new pallets and then tint and paint them the way you want.

Dining room

If your dining room already boasts an accent wall made of wood, all you have to do is congratulate yourself: we do not doubt that even an ordinary tea party in it creates a feeling of genuine comfort. Today, the choice of materials for dining areas is vast – from thin wooden slats to luxurious boiserie wall paneling. The most important thing is to choose wisely the color scheme.

Besides, if the size of the dining room allows, you may well try an unusual setting. So, the last two seasons, an accent wall made of wood that continues on the ceiling is considered to be a unique chic: such a solution will allow you to imagine yourself in an extremely cozy world, where there is everything you need – beauty, comfort and, of course, delicious food.


Wood accent walls are increasingly seen in bathrooms. Today, the production of special protective and water-repellent compounds for treating wooden surfaces is striking in its scope. It makes it possible to decorate any surface – with a sink and a mirror, with hooks for bathrobes and towels, and even directly above the bathtub.

Creative wood accent walls: unusual and trendy solutions

A wooden accent wall does not at all imply rectangular boards located in the same plane. A lot of time has passed since the first proposals for the design of surfaces in this way, and the designers have already managed to present many original solutions. We suggest you familiarize yourself with some of them.

3D effect

A wood accent wall has much more to offer than just textural contrast paired with modern materials. Today, designers offer to create a fantastic atmosphere using wood elements.

One of the solutions of such a plan, which became a real hit in 2018, can be safely called 3D wooden wall panels. Due to the unusual system of fastenings, you can fix them in various planes, creating an exclusive relief, and a wide selection of colors and textures will allow you to choose a decorative material that ideally matches the design of your living room or bedroom.

Another impressive option is using elements with a wavy texture, which creates a striking optical effect. The smaller these “waves”, the more expressive the illusion. However, such options look best in the living room – in the bedroom, you can create such an accent only on the wall behind the bed.

Smooth surface

Today, in the era of wise consumption, the recycling of wood, even for decoration, seems to be an extremely rational and trendy solution. Accent walls made of pallets or previously used parquet boards no longer cause any surprise and look very stylish. However, it must be admitted that such a solution is by no means universal: modern interiors require more laconic and elegant solutions that can organically fit into the aesthetics of a fashionable and practical residential building.

If you are looking for a more sophisticated and stylish finish, you should pay attention to accent walls made from precious woods, such as cedar, maple, or mahogany. No frills, no expressive textures: only perfectly even and smooth, tightly fitted elements with a light and even tint can create a stunning accent wall that shines with natural grace. Using this technique, you yourself will be surprised at the trendy paradox: the more neutral your living room’s interior, the more spectacular this woody composition will look.

Chic – in independence

If you think you can build an accent wall solely based on the house’s supporting structures, we hasten to dispel your misconceptions. If you really need such a decorative solution, but for one reason or another, not a single wall in the room is suitable for wood decoration, do not worry – just build it yourself.

As a rule, such walls are structures made of plasterboard sheets, finished with wooden panels – and, if the structure’s reliability allows, even a hardwood plank. Such solutions perform not only decorative but also more critical functions – first of all, the division of zones over a large area. Also, independent accent walls do not even need to be supplemented with decor: they look beautiful on their own in modern interiors.

Cut aesthetics

Decorating a wall using cuts of tree trunks is a very original solution that can organically complement an interior in country style, farmhouse, rustic, chalet, or eco style. Many people like such accent walls precisely for their ease and unlimited possibilities for DIY – and if you feel the strength and ability to decorate the surface with cuts made with your own hands from a log or a thick branch, then we do not doubt that you will succeed.

Wood is such a noble, cozy, and versatile material that one does not want to miss the slightest opportunity to use it in the interior. Decorated with a wood composition, an accent wall will become a strong, expressive, and truly warm note in your interior, and the reason is quite apparent: in terms of magnetism, this material is simply unmatched.

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