Trendy Teal Wallpaper Products and How to Style Them

Teal is an understated color with promising potential. Luckily, interior designers have been using more of this serene and nurturing natural shade lately. Mixing green’s composure and blue’s calmness, teal is a real find in contemporary design. If you’re ready to make it part of your home’s design, you should definitely explore this top list of teal wallpaper products that designers claim to be the trendiest. 

Top Teal Wallpapers

CRE8TIVE Teal Faux Grasscloth Cover

Modern green-blue removable wallpaper replicating natural texture. Its waterproof vinyl finish makes it a great addition to walls and furniture in any room, from backsplashes to coffee tables.

Safiyya Golden Rose Teal Wallpaper

This self-adhesive wallpaper’s gorgeous pairing of teal and gold will instantly catch your attention. Use this waterproof wallpaper to decorate walls in living and utilitarian rooms.

VaryPaper Tropical Teal Wall Cover

This hand-painted wallpaper design reveals catchy exotic leaves on a tropical green background. Designers recommend this multipurpose paper, especially for furniture decoration. 

FunStick Blue-Green Textured Wallpaper

Another great faux grasscloth interpretation with reflective gold traces. This peel-and-stick wallpaper is a go-to option for wall and furniture decoration. It is waterproof and easy to install and reposition.

Livelynine Teal Plain Wallpaper

Use this affordable alternative to teal paint for the most interesting design ideas. Apply this peel-and-stick vinyl wallpaper on walls, cabinets, table tops, side tables, bookshelves, and any flat surface. 

Safiyya Teal Textured Wallpaper

Light teal wall cover, similar to paint, yet revealing a slight texture. Use this cost-effective wall decor option to add a dash of color to your living space without much effort due to this peel-and-stick vinyl wall cover.

Safiyya Modern Art Deco Wallpaper

Decorated with the popular arched pattern in gold on the deep blue-green background, this artistic wall cover will fill your living room, bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom with much luxe and appeal.

NuWallpaper Teal Wave Wallpaper

Expert-choice teal wall cover with an intriguing decor revealing playful waves. You’ll enjoy this waterproof peel-and-stick wallpaper in your bathroom as well as living room in a Coastal style. 

UniGoos Teal and Gold Wall Decor

Enjoy the lush expressiveness of this trendy wall covering option, which illustrates gold Art Deco prints. This teal wallpaper is also waterproof, self-adhesive, and multifunctional. 

Livebor Backsplash Tile Vinyl Wallpaper

Update your kitchen or bathroom backsplash using this waterproof, self-adhesive vinyl wallpaper decorated with teal marble tiles. You won’t make a difference between actual tiles and this quality alternative.

RoomMates Vintage Teal Wall Cover

Dark-colored wallpaper with hand-painted dandelions in a soft teal shade. This vinyl wallpaper with a water-resistant finish will effortlessly suit kitchens, bathrooms, and laundries, as well as bedrooms and living rooms.

Decotalk Bright Teal Vinyl Cover

Use this self-adhesive alternative to paint for the most exciting DIY projects, such as using it for furniture decoration or renovation. Change the table top’s color in the kids’ room or redesign the side table in the lounge zone.

VEELIKE Teal Floral Wallpaper

Peel-and-stick vinyl wall cover in deep teal with minimalist botanical patterns. This considerably dark wallpaper will create a moody, comfy ambiance in your home, whether used for walls or furniture.

Yancorp Blue-Green Vinyl Sticker

This durable, waterproof, and stain-resistant paint-replicating wall cover shows a catchy teal color. Give your home a makeover by applying this affordable and stylish decorative paper to walls, cabinets, side tables, dressers, or bookshelves.

Lenify Watery Textured Wallpaper

This light teal wallpaper reveals a visual grasscloth texture that will stylishly decorate your walls or furniture facades. Natural materials like wood, bamboo, or organic fabrics look harmonious next to such a calm-colored background. 

CRE8TIVE Glitter Decorative Paper

Use this sparkling, dazzling decorative paper to stand out with an original makeover or a unique DIY idea. This fabric peel-and-stick paper is also perfect for seasonal home redecoration.

Safiyya Teal Textured Self-Adhesive Wall Cover

Revealing the slightest trace of grain, this modern teal wallpaper will fill your living room, bedroom, kitchen, laundry, or bathroom with enough color and dilute your lifestyle. 

Tempaper Teal Matte Wall Cover

This substantially dark teal wall covering unveils the tiniest textured effect in the company of a matte finish. Still, it is a self-adhesive vinyl wallpaper that you can safely use to decorate a backsplash or renovate furniture.

RoomMates Geometric Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper

The harmonious pairing between white, teal, and silver adds luxe to this modern graphic wallpaper that will stylishly decorate your bedroom, living room, or the kids’ room. 

Tempaper Botanical Vinyl Wallpaper

This moody wall cover stands out with a delightful floral composition accompanied by the trendy teal color. Add a touch of intrigue to your living spaces by using this source of calmness and comfort for wall decor.

Zeeko Weathered Metallic Wallpaper

Non-peel-and-stick wallpaper with a Vintage appeal ensured by occasional metallic traces on the slightly textured teal surface. This vinyl wallpaper is easy to use and take care of.

Teal Wallpaper Design Ideas

Teal is always a good choice. Follow some expert advice to integrate teal wallpaper into your home’s design style.

  • Use deep teal shade for larger rooms to deliver a comfortable enclosed effect and make your room feel inviting.
  • Keep light teal variations for tiny spaces to add visual space.
  • Teal pairs with a multitude of colors when it comes to choosing decor.
  • Naturally textured wood, bamboo, or rattan furniture, natural textiles, and organic decor look the best next to teal wallpaper. 
  • Decorate a space with additional indoor plants to enhance the effect of tropical teal wallpaper.
  • Don’t buy new furniture; try redecorating it with vinyl paper instead.
  • While large teal murals work for feature living room or dining room walls, small-scale patterns on a teal background are suitable for bedrooms, kids’ rooms, or bathrooms.

What to Consider When Buying Teal Wallpaper


Vinyl wallpaper is functional in utilitarian spaces like kitchen or bathroom backsplashes and furniture. In contrast, you can enjoy the textured finish of fabric wallpaper in bedrooms or living rooms. Consider the space you want to decorate beforehand.


Don’t overload small rooms with bright teal wall covers decorated with vibrant patterns. Go with plain or moderately patterned wall covers. At the same time, don’t limit yourself when it comes to a large room with perfect lighting conditions. The contemporary design encourages us to be more expressive. 

Design Style

Your home’s design style, peculiar colors, and materials will tell you what teal wallpaper works best for your scenario. Make sure the chosen wallpaper won’t overwhelm the ambiance, will harmoniously blend with the other colors, and ensure furniture and decor stand out instead of fading. 


What color decor suits teal wallpaper?

Teal pairs well with white, sage, orange, yellow, peach, metallic, and black. You won’t go wrong with any of these options.

Is teal in trend?

Starting with 2023, teal has been gaining more interest from experts. While preserving a calm and well-balanced effect, it manages to deliver that splash of color that contemporary design needs. Long story short, teal wallpaper is in style.

Which rooms are best suited for teal wallpaper?

You’ve probably seen earlier that teal works in all rooms. Don’t let your comfort zone limit your creativity when we speak about color. Add pigment to any room in your house, and let teal positively affect your mood and lifestyle.
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