Ready-Made List of the Best Green Wallpapers and Ideas

Green wallpaper models are a trendy option used by designers and homeowners who want to add a natural touch to interiors. Available in various designs – from monochrome to combos with other tones, plain designs, and floral or leaf patterns – green has a lot to offer, and that’s why experts love it so much. Additionally, green is known for its exclusive flexibility and friendliness toward various interior design styles. Use a bright green shade to add vibrancy to the living space or a muted green tone to fill the space with calmness borrowed from nature. You’ll like green wall cover in your home, and here is a list of expert-choice wallpapers you can choose from. Enjoy!

Trendiest Green Wallpaper Products

Heroad Moody Green and Gold Wallpaper

Dark peel-and-stick wallpaper decorated with gold embroidery. Easy to install, effortless to take care of, and water-resistant, this removable wallpaper is perfect for walls, cabinets, drawers, and other decorative purposes.

Check out the best leaf wallpapers as well. 

NuWallpaper Beige and Green Leaves Wallpaper

The repetitive green leaves on the soft beige canvas with a textured effect add style to this practical peel-and-stick vinyl wallpaper. Easy to reposition, you’ll effortlessly install it and enjoy its beauty in any room.

Dimoon Monochromatic Green Vinyl Wallpaper

Replicating deep green paint, this peel-and-stick wallpaper with a monochromatic design is a much more affordable and easier-to-use alternative to actual paint. Apply it to your bedroom, living room, or kitchen for an extra feel of enclosed serenity.

VEELIKE Dark Veggie Matte Waterproof Wallpaper

This confident dark wallpaper with a plain design imitating paint with a matte finish is a great choice for walls and furniture. Its water and stain-resistant surface, in addition to eco-friendly materials and ease of use, makes it a considerably practical solution for walls and furniture in both living and utilitarian spaces.

Livebor Sage Leaf Self-Adhesive Wallpaper

Watercolor sage leaves on a white background – modern wallpaper design. Use this exclusive design to decorate walls, furniture, or backsplashes. The quality material and waterproof vinyl finish will come in handy in utilitarian spaces. 

Guvana Modern Green and White Vinyl Wallpaper

Peel-and-stick wallpaper with textured-effect green print on a white background. This modern wall cover is a perfect addition to any room in your home. Self-adhesive, thick, waterproof, and easy to use – this visually appealing wall decoration is a must.

Theper Neutral Stripes Wallpaper

Modern self-adhesive wall cover with light sage green repetitive stripes on white. This quality wallpaper – waterproof, easy to clean, and removable is a favorite in contemporary interiors that need visual interest without risking the room’s modern style.

Abyssaly Dark Green Paint Wall Sticker

Another great alternative for paint – this deep green wallpaper replicates a textured, painted surface. This self-adhesive wall decoration perfectly suits walls in any room, including the kitchen backsplash. The visible textured finish will add interest to your redecorated surfaces.

Ismoon Bright Green Monochromatic Wallpaper

Modern peel-and-stick wallpaper with a plain design in vivid green. Use this waterproof wall cover to add energy to any space by decorating walls or furniture. Instead of buying new furniture, renovate the existing one.

VEELIKE Teal Grasscloth Vinyl Wallpaper

This self-adhesive wallpaper is made of quality vinyl – durable, easy to clean, waterproof, and removable. Perfectly rendering the grasscloth texture, this deep green wall cover will add charm and color to your home, whether you use it on walls or furniture.

Yasinet Light Textured Wallpaper

Self-adhesive wallpaper with a light sage green textured surface. Because this vinyl wallpaper is waterproof and stain-resistant, you can easily use it on walls, cabinets, table tops, or drawers. Both living and utilitarian spaces will do.  

Safiyya Art Deco Gold and Green Wallpaper

This sophisticated dark green and gold combination makes for a unique geometric wall decoration with an Art Deco twist. Whimsical wallpaper design options are impressively popular, and this self-adhesive vinyl choice will effortlessly update your home’s design.

PracticalWs Muted Green Plain Wallpaper

Another gorgeous peel-and-stick wallpaper with a monochromatic design. The slightly textured finish will create the feeling of a freshly painted surface in any room. Use this vinyl wallpaper on walls and furniture to enhance the appearance of any design style.

Heroad Geometric Green and Gold Wallpaper

Self-adhesive wallpaper rendering the timeless green and gold combination under the effect of a repetitive pattern. The intriguing print adds luxury and drama to the room, while the waterproof vinyl surface ensures this product suits practical spaces as well. However, experts recommend avoiding bathrooms.

Timeet Green and White Stripe Wallpaper

This removable wall cover illustrates a perfect mix of various stripes in green on a white canvas. Use this vinyl wall decoration to enlarge a small room or add visual interest to any space. 

Dimoon Vintage Dark Green Wallpaper

An impressive combination of Vintage style and self-adhesive wallpaper that you can apply to walls or furniture, this peel-and-stick wall cover reveals the most delicate floral motifs on a deep green backdrop.

Lenify Moody Floral Wallpaper

Self-adhesive wall decoration with embossed rose patterns, perfect to beautify walls or furniture. The practical vinyl surface makes it a low-maintenance wallpaper product for your home.

Guvana Modern Green Stripe Wall Cover

A mix of varied green stripes pops out on the white canvas, lending modernity to this light wallpaper. Use this peel-and-stick wall cover in your living room, bedroom, home office, kitchen, or bathroom and don’t worry about its functionality ensured by the waterproof surface. 

Mecpar Minimalist Green Waterproof Wallpaper

Dark wallpaper with a matte finish for your walls and furniture, including the tabletop in your dining room or home office. This self-adhesive, removable wallpaper with a waterproof surface will serve you for a long time due to its solid durability. 

JiffDiff Neutral Grasscloth Wallpaper

Coastal Farmhouse wallpaper of textured grasscloth with a pleasant neutral green effect. Use it on one wall to make a statement. Or cover all walls for an enhanced coastal vibe. This modern rustic wall cover is a real find.

Yasinet Green and Gold Geometric Wall Cover

Vinyl wallpaper displaying beautiful Art Deco prints in gold on a dark green canvas. Add elegance to your living room, bedroom, or kitchen with this gorgeous peel-and-stick wallpaper.

FunStick Teal Grasscloth Vinyl Wall Cover

Peel-and-stick grasscloth-replicating wallpaper of vinyl. You can safely add this vibrant wallpaper to any room for walls or furniture. Don’t hesitate to use it in the bathroom for a dash of energetic color.

Safiyya Green Textured Self-Adhesive Wallpaper

Multi-purpose vinyl wallpaper depicting a monochromatic design decorated with texture. Use this self-adhesive wall cover to update the look of your furniture or decorate walls in any room.

Green Wallpaper Design Ideas

Bring a boost of energy and natural airiness to your interior with spring-colored wallpaper. Green is known to have a positive effect on our minds and lifestyles. Choosing it as the wallpaper color is undeniably a good idea. Here are a few ways to master green wall covers in your home.

  • Use green-colored wallpaper in sleeping spaces to reduce stress and relieve anxiety.
  • Benefit from the optimistic feature of green by using such wallpaper in living rooms, home offices, or dining rooms.
  • Decorate a small room with light green wall covers to expand its borders.
  • Use deeper green wall decoration to enclose large rooms and make them feel comfy.
  • Green wallpaper pairs well with gold or neutral decor.
  • Keep monochromatic green wall stickers for small spaces and use rich-printed wallpaper in large rooms.
  • To add interest to your room, decorate walls with textured wallpaper.
  • Only peel-and-stick vinyl wallpaper works for furniture due to its removable and waterproof features.

What to Consider When Buying Green Wallpaper


Start with the space where you want to use such wallpaper. For living rooms, bedrooms, and dining rooms, you are free to opt for fabric surfaces. Simultaneously, bathrooms and kitchens allow for vinyl wallpaper only for practical reasons. 


Think of what green shade works best for your home or particular room. Light greens are the best choice for small rooms or those meant for work or creativity, such as a home office or kitchen. Light shades of green are energizing. On the other hand, deep greens suit large bedrooms or bathrooms for their sophisticated and intriguing effect meant to infuse a moody ambiance. You can always play with a deeper green in any room if you can ensure appropriate lighting.


You should be aware that poor-quality wallpapers will easily scratch and easily show off transparency. Pay attention to reviews and manufacturer’s information about the product. Luckily, almost all recommended green wallpapers above are high-quality vinyl models with eco-friendly, waterproof, stain-resistant, and thick surfaces. 


Is green a good color for wallpaper?

Its undeniable versatility and ease of use in any room won’t let us lie – green is a great choice for wallpaper. Due to its refreshing, calming, motivational, and optimistic features, green will instantly update the color palette in your home together with your lifestyle. Besides, the various shades of green and wallpaper designs allow you to adapt this color to any design style. 

What color decor works with green wallpaper?

Inspired by nature, green pairs well with many hues. Still, designers’ favorites are gold, gray, and black. Green is bold enough solely. Neutrals and a splash of gold sound good. While gray and black will allow green to steal the show, gold will perfectly stand out as an accent color on green.

Which rooms work best for green wallpaper?

Generally, any room is a great suit for veggie wallpaper. However, designers state that bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens are the top options. It may be easier to style green in these rooms. Yet, we wouldn’t hesitate to benefit from its various positive effects in other rooms.

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