Top 100 Best Selling Wall Panels on Amazon US + Design Ideas

Add dimension and textured style to your home with the trending now wall paneling. If your room lacks visual interest, it may need a touch of texture, and paneling is arguably one of the best ways to invigorate a room’s design. The range of available designs is truly wide. That’s why we gathered a list of the best-selling wall panels for any taste and design style.

Top 100 Best Selling Wall Panels

Art3dwallpanels Black Diamond Panels 

Luxurious wall decor imitating the diamond pattern with a 3D effect. The statement black color adds an accent to these panels. You’ll like the durable and waterproof PVC material, which is impressively practical. Use these panels to decorate any room.

STICKGOO Peel-and-Stick Vinyl Subway Tiles

Waterproof, thick, self-adhesive paneling perfectly matches the classic subway tile pattern. This much more affordable and easier-to-install alternative can be used to decorate the kitchen backsplash, bathroom walls, or shower.

Art3d Matte White Diamond Panels

These water and fire-resistant panels, made of thick PVC, feature a stylish diamond design. They will professionally update the look of your living room or bedroom walls.

Sodeno Faux Brick Self-Adhesive Stickers

These best-selling wall panels are peel-and-stick, durable, and waterproof. They perfectly resemble natural brick in white. Due to the foam wallpaper they are made of, you’ll easily install them and enjoy their soft finish. 

YLL YLL Gray 3D Stone Foam Panels

This stylish three-dimensional wall paneling offers sound insulation, waterproofing, and anti-collision. Use these peel-and-stick stone-effect panels to decorate the walls of the living room, bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom.

Art3d Black Geometric Multi-Purpose Panels

Water and scratch-resistant, non-toxic, and durable. These 3D panels in black with interconnected stripes will add visual texture to your living space. 

DICOFUN Faux Marble PVC Tile Panels

Made of quality PVC, these faux texture panels imitate backsplash tiles with details. They are easy to install and peel-and-stick. Due to the waterproof and washable finish, you can decorate kitchens, bathrooms, and laundries.

Art3d Black Fluted PVC Slats

Revealing an ultra-modern style, these stylish panels with a trendy fluted design are sturdy, easy to install, and flexible. Consider a feature wall or all-over wall decoration in any room.

Art3d 3D Wood Slats

Designers love the eco-friendliness, sound insulation, and ease of installation of these faux wood slats. You can choose from a range of wood colors, from black to light, and use them to add comfort to your living space.

Greymond 3D Red Brick Self-Adhesive Panels

These best-selling wall panels perfectly imitate natural brick texture. Consider an exposed brick accent wall in your home with these quality foam panels, which are non-toxic, waterproof, and easy to clean.

Art3d Realistic White Self-Adhesive Bricks

Natural brick effect, peel-and-stick, and waterproof. These anti-collision and stain-resistant wall panels are recommended for a feature wall, the TV background, living room walls, and bedroom wall decoration.

IZODEKOR Brown Brick Wall Paneling

The effortless installation of these faux brick panels adds practicality to this modern paneling. You’ll like their sound and heat insulation in your living space, along with their three-dimensional effect.

Chuangdi Gray Stone Decorative Sheet

This expert-choice decor impresses with its practicality. The waterproof wallpaper is perfect for wall decor, and the additional tape will help you easily install this modern wall cover.

Circloophs 3D White Brick Self-Adhesive Panels

The enhanced thickness of this wall paneling ensures a perfect three-dimensional effect. These waterproof panels are easy to install and remove. 

Art3d White Diamond Multi-Purpose Panels

Premium water and fire-resistant panels with a visually alluring design that will add interest to your interior walls. The increased 3D effect reveals itself in various ways under the proper play of light and shadow.

YU LI 3DH Neutral Rock Effect Self-Adhesive Paneling

Best-selling wall panels made of quality foam for a perfect wall decor that replicates the natural stone texture. The waterproof and easy-to-clean finish will be practical in bathrooms, kitchens, and laundries.

Art3d Black Wood Slats

Exceptional quality, eco-friendliness, and versatility are the defining features of these contemporary wood-effect slats in black. Add depth to bare-looking walls in any room.

Art3d Wood-Effect 3D Panels

The durable, waterproof, and sound-insulating wood-effect slats with a 3D effect will add texture to your home design. You can choose from various available colors to match your room’s color palette.

MIX3D White Textured Tiles

The modern pattern of this best-selling paneling adds style to the waterproof tiles; they are elegant, stylish, and suitable for any decorative purpose.

Art3d Modern White Brick Paneling

Peel-and-stick foam tiles replicating brick. Designers recommend these functional yet stylish panels for wall decoration in any room.

Torural Red Brick Flexible Panels

Water and heat-resistant faux brick panels. This matte-finish decor is impressively flexible. Use it to update your kitchen backsplash or bathroom walls. 

ROOMTEC Black Soundproof Paneling

This black textured paneling is made of sustainable wood and lends timeless appeal to interior design. If your living space lacks interest, add an accent to the walls with these modern-colored wood panels.

Art3d Realistic Vinyl Subway Tiles

The relevance of subway tiles in contemporary design has made this option one of the best-selling wall panels, where the three-dimensional effect pairs with the classic subway design. Decorate the kitchen backsplash or the bathroom walls.

STICKGOO 3D Diamond Wall Decor

Waterproof, flexible, and non-toxic PVC wall panels with a three-dimensional pattern are easy to install and personalize. You can paint the paneling and adjust it to your room’s palette. 


Aesthetically pleasant and sustainable, these versatile wood panels in modern gray will spruce up any bedroom, living room, kitchen, or dining room. They are designed to last for long, including their waterproof finish.

Tinlade Black Brick Foam Paneling

Best-selling wall panels repeat the natural brick texture in a luxurious black shade with a glossy finish. The soft foam paneling is waterproof, paintable, and textured. 

Art3d Modern White Exposed Brick Panels

Environmentally friendly peel-and-stick panels in white. This soft, waterproof, and soundproof 3D wall decor is perfect for the TV wall, sofa background, fireplace, or kitchen backsplash.

Palisade Large White Vinyl Tiles

These waterproof white vinyl tiles will enhance your bathroom, laundry, or kitchen. They are easy to install and look elegant in any space. 

Art3dwallpanels 3D Black Textured Tiles

These PVC wall panels decorated with three-dimensional diamond patterns are impressively sturdy, waterproof, and stain-resistant. Use these best-selling wall panels to enhance the beauty of your living space.

Urban Decor MagicWood Vintage Wood Vinyl Tiles

Despite the quality replication of wood texture, this wall paneling is made of waterproof vinyl and is easy to install – self-adhesive. Use this affordable and effortless alternative to natural wood in your living room, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom.

STICKGOO White Wavy Wall Panels

The standout texture of these best-selling white panels will increase the value of your property. Like other products in this list, this wall decor is water and fire-resistant, as well as flexible and sustainable. 

Art3d Wave Design PVC Panels

Similar to the previous option, this 3D wall decor is another expert pick. It is easy to use for various decorative purposes, from wall decoration to DIY projects.

Umedol White Upholstered Panels

Perfect for the kids’ room. This anti-collision wall paneling upholstered with faux leather is a real find for relaxing and playing areas. These panels are self-adhesive, waterproof, low-maintenance, and comfortable. 

Aboofx Light Wood 3D Panels

Bendable, waterproof, thick, and versatile, these wood-texture panels with a 3D effect are everything you need to redecorate your room, whether it’s your bedroom, kitchen, living room, home office, or bathroom. 

Commomy Green Peel-and-Stick Tiles

Replace expensive and effort-requesting tiles with this best-selling self-adhesive paneling. It perfectly renders the actual tile texture. Heat and water-resistant, these flexible faux tiles are suitable for the kitchen and bathroom backsplash as well as other living spaces.

Raycity White Upholstered Self-Adhesive Panels

Versatile wall decor with faux leather upholstery that is easy to clean. These comfortable wall cushions are self-adhesive, so you’ll effortlessly install them. This waterproof and anti-collision wall paneling is perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, and kids’ rooms.  

Commomy Weathered White Brick Self-Adhesive Paneling

Ultra-light, eco-friendly, water-resistant, easy to install, and low maintenance – this 3D paneling imitating exposed brick is a real find for wall decoration. Get the stylish brick wall effect with this much more affordable and practical alternative.

Stickgoo Realistic Wood Slats

These textured effect panels look no different from natural wood. Use them to decorate walls in your living room, bedroom, or kitchen, and enjoy their impressively practical waterproof and no-scratch finish.

FOREVER BAMBOO Flexible Bamboo Paneling

Made of durable sustainable bamboo with a Rustic effect, this naturally textured paneling is a great choice for living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens because of its extra tropical feel.


Made of quality PVC, this realistic stone paneling will last a long time. It is not peel-and-stick yet waterproof. Decorate walls and offer your home design a rustic feel.

Art3d Large Black Wavy Panels

The visual texture of these stylish wall panels exudes luxury. Made of premium PVC, this wall decor is sturdy and waterproof. This impactful wavy decor will add a moody ambiance to your living space. 

POHARE Soundproof Wood Slats

These best-selling wall panels are favored by designers and homeowners for several reasons. They are made of natural wood, have a sound-absorbing composition, and are versatile. 

TORURAL Matte White Thin Brick Tiles

Waterproof, heat-resistant, and easy to install, this wall paneling repeats the brick texture up to the tiniest detail and is a real find for your kitchen backsplash or bathroom walls. Don’t hesitate to decorate the living room or bedroom walls for increased comfort and style.

MIX3D White Star PVC Decor

This best-selling wall paneling reveals a beautiful design in a versatile neutral color. Allow this waterproof, lightweight, sturdy, and stylish wall decor to uplift the mood in your bedroom or living room through visual texture.

YU LI 3DH White Brick Foam Paneling

Modern wall decor – resembling actual brick due to the effortless 3D effect. This self-adhesive wall paneling has a waterproof and stain-resistant finish that you’ll like in the kitchen or bathroom. 

If you’re interested in more brick-effect wall decor options, check out the trendiest brick wallpapers.

Art3d Black Faux Wood PVC Paneling

Soundproof your home office, bedroom, or living room with this trendy wall paneling that successfully repeats the natural wood effect. This three-dimensional wall decor with water-resistant properties pairs style with functionality.

Pluden 3D Brick Effect Self-Adhesive Decor

Add rustic charm to your home with this easy-to-install waterproof wall paneling resembling natural brick. The thick foam creates an enhanced visual texture, bringing your home design to the next level.

Commomy Backsplash Vinyl Tiles

The simulated texture of this self-adhesive wall paneling creates the effect of actual tiles. Decorate the bathroom or kitchen walls and enjoy the updated result. The eco-vinyl finish will ensure a waterproof and washable surface.

FINECRAFT DECOR Ochre Artificial Stone Paneling

Long-lasting, waterproof, versatile, washable, and easy to install – this catchy wall decor is one of the best-selling panels for the bathroom and kitchen. Don’t hesitate to use this 3D stone covering in the living room as well.

STICKGOO Textured Paintable Wall Panels

The visually appealing design and the premium quality of this best-selling wall paneling make this wall decor a successful choice. Personalize the design by painting the waterproof surface.

Yutianli 3D Rock Self-Adhesive Cover

The environmentally friendly foam and non-toxic materials used to produce this three-dimensional wall paneling add value to the intended stone wall effect. Consider an accent wall in the lounge area, bedroom, or kitchen.

Art3d Matte White Geometric Paneling

Transform your home design into an aesthetically alluring space with these interconnected geometric wall panels. They are suitable for both ceiling and wall decoration.

Commomy Gray Stone Peel-and-Stick Paneling

This particular wall decor stands out in the list of best-selling wall panels due to its exclusively realistic design. The intended 3D effect adds authenticity to the water and heat-resistant vinyl wall cover. 

Rockin’ Wood Natural Texture Self-Adhesive Panels

Multi-purpose wall panels made of natural wood are perfect for wall decoration. The slightly weathered surface of this paneling adds character to your home.

JOLOV 3D White Brick Peelable Paneling

Decorate the TV wall, sofa background, kitchen backsplash, or bedroom walls with this modern self-adhesive paneling. The slight insulation, waterproof character, and easy-to-clean surface add value to the textured brick paneling.

Jetec Colorful Pencils Anti-Collision Panels

Add creativity to the kids’ room with this attractive wall paneling depicting colorful pencils made of sponge and faux leather. You’ll especially like the anti-collision effect. 

Dundee Deco Realistic Red Brick Paneling

Swap natural brick for this similarly effective alternative. This industrial-style wall decor will emphasize your home’s character.

DOKEYT Exposed Brick Foam Paneling

Allow this 3D self-adhesive wall paneling to breathe freshness and statement into your home. It is elastic, water-resistant, and soundproof. Bring all these positive features to your wall decoration. 

SDLDEER Natural Wood Slats

These soundproof wood slats will add comfort to your living spaces. The light wood grain won’t enclose the space, while the rich texture will add visual appeal to the overall decor.

Arthome WALL DECOR Brick Wall Paneling

This is a perfect wall decoration for living and utilitarian spaces. It is made of soft foam, which means it has an anti-collision effect. Still, the 3D effect makes these panels look like actual bricks in a modern white color.

NeatiEase Soundproof Wood Wall Panels

These best-selling wall panels have gained popularity due to their exceptional sound-absorbing feature and the extra-textured natural wood surface. Use these natural slats to decorate an accent wall or all walls, such as in a personal studio. 

Art3d Aluminum Self-Adhesive Wall Paneling

Update your kitchen’s design with a metallic backsplash by decorating the available space with this stainless steel finish sheet. Besides the stylish reflective effect, this rust-resistant and low-maintenance surface is also practical.

STICKGOO Modern Geometric Wood Self-Adhesive Paneling

This non-toxic wall paneling enhances the appeal of your home while ensuring your family’s safety. Its standout geometric design and increased texture will add interest to your living room, bedroom, or kitchen.

Olanglab Sustainable Wood-Effect Slats

Light wood-texture slats made of quality MDF perfectly repeat natural grain. The panels can be positioned vertically for low-ceiling rooms or horizontally for high-ceiling rooms.

INNO STICKERS Black Faux Wood Slats

Made of durable and recycled materials, this wood-effect paneling option is also waterproof. Use this modern choice to update the appearance of your living room, bedroom, or bathroom. 

Art3d Faux Wood Fluted Paneling

The key feature of this light wood wall paneling is its ability to absorb sound. With these realistic wood slats, you can reduce echoes in large rooms and ensure a comfy ambiance.

Art3d Rich-Grain Wood Slats

These textured slats are made of natural wood and are perfect for decorating the wall in the family room or bedroom. Choose from an array of colors, such as dark brown, gray, white, or blue-gray. 

YLL YLL Soundproof Black Wood Slats

This modern wall paneling solution effectively reduces noise and is easy to install. The timeless combination of wood texture and black creates a contemporary product perfect for effortless updates.

STICKGOO 3D Wood Leaf Paneling

Due to the improvised leaf patterns, this waterproof, paintable, and durable wood-effect paneling exudes a well-balanced tropical vibe. It is one of the best-selling wall panels and a great choice among self-adhesive options.

Bantie Textured Brick Self-Adhesive Paneling

Choose between all-white and natural brick colors when opting for this best-selling paneling. The enhanced grain effect creates a perfect exposed brick result. Easy to install and waterproof, it is the ideal decor for kitchen and bathroom backsplashes. 

WAPANE 3D Black Brick Wall Sticker

Enjoy the style and functionality of this self-adhesive wall paneling. The non-toxic foam composition makes for the best experience. Decorate an accent wall in your living space and customize your home design. 

Veczom Brick Effect Self-Adhesive Wall Panels

These waterproof, easy-to-clean, and install panels effortlessly replicate natural brick texture. Opt for this much more affordable and easier-to-maintain alternative to actual brick. Pair this paneling with lighter colors to deliver a well-balanced color palette.

IZODEKOR 3D Stone Panels

High-quality stone-texture paneling option. These best-selling wall panels are a perfect choice for decorating your living room, bedroom, or kitchen walls. They are effortless to install, increase the rustic effect, and offer excellent sound and heat insulation. 

Colarr Glossy Black Brick Self-Adhesive Panels

Thick, soft, and waterproof describe these best-selling wall panels’ surfaces. Feel free to decorate your bedroom or living walls. Or consider the kitchen backsplash for a quick update. 

BarnwoodUSA LLC Vintage Wood Panels

These affordable natural wood panels with a slightly weathered finish will add countryside charm to your home. Natural wood’s neutral yet comfort-inducing color lends authenticity to the interior design.

Yutianlli Retro Brick 3D Panels

Choose these warm, earthy brick wall panels with an anti-collision finish for a more weathered effect with a nostalgic character. The intensified three-dimensional character makes for a realistic experience. 

Besutosera Large Stone Panels

Elevate your interior design with these best-selling wall panels, which interpret the natural stone texture – rough and attention-stealing. This eco-friendly faux stone paneling proves to be long-lasting and full of sophistication. 

Wodaue Black Geometric Textured Paneling

Decorate a feature wall in your home with this statement wall paneling exuding modern elegance. The robust material, textured finish, and waterproof surface add functionality to this trendy wall decor. 

WADILE Black Brick Foam Paneling

The exclusive feature of these best-selling wall panels is their extra-soft foam material, which ensures an anti-collision finish. Additionally, it impresses with its waterproof and washable surface, making it easy to use this non-toxic wall covering in any room.

SMART PROFILE 3D Stone Waterproof Panels

Give a modern touch to your living space with this versatile wall-covering solution. This product’s impressive durability and flexibility of use stand behind this perfect wall paneling. Due to its elastic feature, this wall paneling suits any setting, going beyond flat surfaces. 

Holydecot Reclaimed Wood Panels

Add rustic air to your home with these solid wood panels with a unique, weathered finish. Such wall decor will add comfort to your living space. Each panel has a distinctive design, bringing originality to your home decor.

SMART PROFILE Slate 3D Wall Panels

Imitating natural stone, this realistic wall paneling pairs style with functionality. Now, you can decorate your home with a touch of rustic texture by choosing this easy-to-install wall paneling. It is exceptionally practical due to the waterproof finish.

KASARO Faux Light Wood Slats

Transform dull walls into the room’s main highlight with these impeccably sturdy and stylish wood-effect panels with an extra-textured effect. They are waterproof, washable, and easy to install in contrast with natural wood slats, yet the effect is similar. 

Art3d White Diamond Sustainable Panels

These are long-lasting, paintable wall panels with a trendy diamond pattern. The interesting design reveals various illusionary effects under different lighting. Although the color is modern, you can easily paint those panels any color you want. 

Art3d Natural Stone Effect Covering

Keep pace with the newest trends and add rustic texture to your home design with these incredibly outstanding panels replicating natural stone. Despite their natural effect, they are exclusively sturdy and durable. You can even use them in the bathroom since they have a water-resistant finish.

Commomy Matte Green Backsplash Tiles

Ultra-durable and light-weight PVC tiles in a natural green color. Use this easy-to-install alternative to actual tiles for your kitchen or bathroom decor. This peel-and-stick tile paneling looks no different from ceramic tiles. 

Art3d White Decorative PVC Panels

Multi-purpose wall panels with a visually attractive design will add interest to dull walls. They work for any space. The quality waterproof material with a durable finish will last for a long time. 

Art3d Antique Copper Panels

This exceptional product pairs timeless beauty with durability. Reminiscent of palace decor, these stunning panels reveal a beautiful pattern in weathered copper. Flexible, waterproof, and versatile, these panels can be used for wall and ceiling decoration.

SINGULARWOOD Self-Adhesive Wood Planks

This vinyl wood-effect paneling can decorate any room, even the bathroom. While the natural grain is perfectly preserved, this wall decor delivers unforgettable durability, so you can use it in humid spaces as well.

FINECRAFT DECOR Marble Self-Adhesive Stickers 

The flexibility of this best-selling paneling allows you to use it in any space without putting quality and style at risk. The strong adhesive, waterproof finish, and peelable feature will make for the best experience of installing and enjoying this wall paneling in your home.

YLL YLL Faux Brick Peel-and-Stick Paneling

Recreate the classic exposed brick wall in your home with this easy-to-install faux brick paneling. The soft foam reveals an increased 3D effect. Providing sound insulation, among other benefits, this is a no-fail option for bedrooms, living rooms, or home offices. 

Slatpanel Natural Wood Veneer Slats

Choose between natural oak, smoked oak, natural walnut, and natural gray oak when opting for these versatile wood slats. A perfect pairing between style and functionality lend this wall covering solution much relevance for use in contemporary design.

Raycity Black Textured Peelable Paneling

Showing a glossy textured finish, this wall paneling shares an endless sense of luxury with any space. Use this trendy wall covering of quality foam to decorate accent walls. 

AEVDOY Natural Oak MDF Panels

Soundproof wall panels perfectly imitate natural wood texture. You’ll like this wall decor in your bedroom due to its non-toxic material and versatile style. 

Art3d Bronze 3D Panels

A highly detailed design paired with a metallic finish lends this beautiful decor option limitless beauty. Use these classic panels with a water-resistant finish to update walls and ceilings.

YLL YLL White Stone Self-Adhesive Panels

These enhanced 3D faux stone panels are made of non-toxic foam and will add taste to your home. Unlike natural stone, you won’t have to install each piece in part. Here, you just peel and stick. 

SERABETTO Multi-Purpose Faux Stone Decorative Paneling

Lightweight yet incredibly durable, these UV and water-resistant wall panels efficiently imitate natural stone. Use this high-end wall decor to beautify interior and exterior surfaces.

AmaZulu Inc. Natural Bamboo Panels

Due to its eco-friendly material and flexibility of use, this product became one of the best-selling wall panels. The unique natural grain blends with natural color and provides one of the trendiest wall paneling options.

Chejiaye Marble Peel-and-Stick Tiles

Looking similar to actual marble stone, these waterproof peelable tiles offer a much more affordable alternative. The thick material is safe from scratches. The best use of these trendy wall panels is in bathrooms.

STICKGOO Green Arched Self-Adhesive Panels

Enjoy the timeless beauty of these waterproof wall panels with a stylish arched pattern. This paneling’s extra texture and increased practicality add expensiveness to this pretty affordable wall decor. 

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Design Ideas for Wall Paneling

  • If your interior design lacks personality, interest, or appeal, wall paneling is a go-to idea. It will enrich the space with texture and change the dynamic.
  • Swap solid wood or stone wall panels for trendy peelable alternatives with water-resistant finishes, which are more affordable yet deliver the same effect.
  • For the ultimate experience, consider naturally textured wall panels, yet be aware of their specific maintenance.
  • Brick wall panels will add character to your room with their deep Industrial feel, which is all the rage now. Natural brick looks even cooler than the overused white-painted brick.
  • Add charm and rustic beauty to traditional or modern interiors with natural or faux wood slats on walls.
  • For the lounge zone or the kids’ room, look for soundproof and anti-collision finish wall panels to ensure your family’s safety.
  • Keep water and heat-resistant wall panels for utilitarian spaces like the kitchen backsplash, bathroom vanity area, or shower walls.

What to Consider When Buying Wall Panels


Wall panels made of solid wood, stone, or other natural materials are best suited for living spaces with no access to water or excessive heat. You can imitate your favorite natural grain through faux texture paneling with water and heat-resistant finish in humid and utilitarian spaces like the kitchen, bathroom, or laundry. Pay attention to the material when purchasing the product.


Although you should think about the material first, quality is no less relevant. For faux-texture products, particularly, look for sustainably produced options of eco-friendly and non-toxic materials that are not prone to scratching. For a better experience, search for durable products with a flexible composition that will allow you to easily install them in any space without damaging the product. 


Before deciding on a specific option, consider the existing space and lighting conditions. Not every wall paneling suits just any space. Start with color. Light shades are the best choice for small and poorly lit spaces, while large rooms benefit from a dash of contrast. In addition, many contemporary wall panels are also paintable, so you can personalize the color for your room.


Is wall paneling still in trend?

Since homeowners are becoming more expressive and daring when it comes to home design, wall paneling is having a moment in contemporary design. Even designers suggest replacing dull walls painted in neutral colors with personalized wall decor that panels can successfully deliver. 

How do you install wall panels? 

If it’s solid wood or stone paneling, you’ll need additional adhesive material or other installing options, depending on the material. Most of the above-mentioned wall panels, especially those made of PVC, are self-adhesive. You just need a flat surface. Usually, manufacturers provide all the specifics.

Are wall panels best suited for accent walls or all walls?

It depends purely on your intention and the particular paneling. Traditionally, designers use natural or faux-textured panels to decorate a feature wall. Yet many paneling designs work for all walls as well, such as marble-effect vinyl tiles that you can use for all bathroom walls. It is essential not to overdo or underdo this decoration.

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