Modern interior decoration in golden colors

The golden shades of sun – enliven any decoration, making it shine with luxury and aristocracy. The golden color in the interior is a symbol of wealth and respectability. The skillful combination of a beckoning shade of noble metal with other deep colors will turn even the most ordinary room into royal apartments. And although the gold color is quite complicated, you should not refuse to use it during the design of the room.

The characteristics of the golden color in the interior

A golden interior is far from kitsch, if its details are chosen correctly, and the decor is thought out with taste. The tone symbolizes energy, enlightenment, spirituality and material well-being. Psychology connects the sunny tint with self-confident, decisive and strong people, for whom elegance and craving for beauty are not an empty phrase.

Many women are more inclined to choose golden. Some experts attribute this to the fact that women feel the harmony of colors more subtle and are able to combine unusual shades with more fineness.

With a balanced implementation, beige-golden sparks will become the hallmark of an elegant room decorated in a classic style, and complement the majestic Empire or Baroque interiors. Fans of Provence, loft or hi-tech trends can also safely use solar metal parts to recreate a laid-back but elegant design atmosphere that is of particular importance in designing home decoration.

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Rules for applying gold color when decorating walls

  • When decorating large surfaces, it is better to make bright accents, creating a composition using paintings and mirrors in golden frames or paintings with moldings imitating metallic elements.
  • If golden paint is used for wall decoration, all other details must be made in neutral colors. Choose white or gray upholstered furniture, plain curtains and a minimal amount of detail.
  • Warm gold can visually reduce the room, so it is better to abandon its use in small and cluttered rooms.
  • When choosing wallpaper with a golden decor, take a look at strict geometric patterns and vertical lines. Monograms are appropriate only for the pompous styles of Empire and Baroque, and ornate hieroglyphs – for the eastern currents.
  • Avoid the simultaneous combination of glossy and matte texture of gold elements.

Excess gold can ruin the overall impression of the interior. Therefore, this shade should be used with extreme caution for wall decor: on large areas, metallic reflections can look loud and tasteless.

Furniture with golden elements

Furniture in the colors of sunny autumn do not always look harmonious and elegant in decoration. The abundance of golden details, elaborate wood carvings and shiny upholstery sometimes look very tasteless. However, there are win-win models of furniture, the tinted gold of which fits perfectly into certain styles.

A black or brown-gold armchair and a sofa with leather upholstery will be an excellent complement to a restrained classic style. The rigor of such a color combination will be in harmony with the rest of the interior, into which small details of yellow and golden colors will be added pointwise.

Laconic white and gold furniture is suitable for spacious minimalist kitchens. Such combination is also appropriate in loft rooms, if the metallic decor is deliberately made somewhat carelessly.

High-tech room decoration can be complemented by an elegant coffee color table with a glass top on a golden frame. The combination of metal and glass is a fashion trend that looks quite modern and urban, which is especially suitable for a compact city apartment.

Lighting fixtures

Lighting is an important component of the interior design. Elegant lights help to set the necessary accents in the room and carry not only an aesthetic load, but also play an important functional role.

Golden yellow lighting fixtures look favorably against the background of both light and dark walls.

The versatility of the noble color allows you to achieve interesting design effects:

  • the combination of white and gold visually muffles the luster of the latter, without depriving the room of solemnity and sophistication;
  • the black and gold duo of the wall and lamp surface gives the room a flair of mystery and discreet luxury.

For lighting fixtures in golden tones, lamps with a yellow light should be used, which will ideally combine with the metallic sheen of the product.

For rooms decorated in a vintage style, chandeliers, floor lamps, lamps and sconces with an artificially aged surface are suitable.

Decor and accessories in a golden hue

Excessive use of a golden shade in the decoration threatens to turn the premises into a house of bad taste. It is important to understand what the capricious golden color in the interior is combined with, and which decorations should be discarded. Elegant frames, a thick curtain or an light curtain with an unobtrusive golden print, exquisite tablecloths and other textiles can diversify the decoration and give the room a kind of “zest”.

For a living room decorated in black and white, golden high flower vases, which can be combined with a window curtain and decorative pillows for upholstered furniture, selected in a similar color, will be an ideal accessory.

The paintings in golden frames is another way to complement the decoration. Such accessory play a special role in retro interiors, the main emphasis of which is aimed at emphasizing vintage and antique objects.

Golden curtains

The opportunity to add notes of luxury, beauty and comfort to the familiar interior. Before buying golden curtains, it is recommended to learn a few simple rules: curtains of a similar shade are perfectly combined with sheer curtains of a different color; not suitable for windows of custom shapes; such an element looks terrible in rooms with a small area and low ceilings; proximity to silver is not the best option; curtains fit only long, 2-3 cm not reaching the floor.

The shades of gold: what style is best to apply

Decor and accessories in golden shades harmoniously fit into many stylistic directions. If the styles of empire, baroque, rococo do not always find application in modern housing, then unsurpassed classicism finds its rightful place even in the apartments of a metropolis.

The severity and harmony of the classical style is subtly complemented by gold decor, giving the room a special sophistication.

Gold and retro interior are also inseparable from each other. Artificial darkening of metal, a relief surface with a craquelure effect gives the room the very atmosphere of ancient chic.

The playful Art Nouveau gratefully absorbs gold notes of various accessories: decorative pillows for upholstered furniture made of shiny fabric, original metal structures with reflections of noble gold and accessories imitating valuable material are appropriate here.

Loft-style rooms also need elegant decor. Golden blends perfectly with turquoise and gray colors that fit perfectly into the interior of this style.

The combination of gold with other shades

The golden hue is known as a friendly neighbor for many tones. Saturated blue, warm brown, wine, terracotta, juicy emerald and ocher with the addition of soft highlights look even more noble.

White and gold

The tandem of solemn white and sun sparkle of gold is rightfully considered one of the most elegant color combinations. Such a coloring is appropriate in almost every corner of the apartment.

Black and gold

Deep black, complemented by golden tints, remains the same embodiment of style and chic. A similar combination in decoration can be used in the form of dark textiles with a brilliant print, black furniture with spectacular metal fittings and unusual dishes of coal shades, decorated with gilding.

Red and gold

For the Asian, the combination of red and gold has long been considered a symbol of wealth and power. Europeans also like this palette. Red and gold makes the interior of a modern apartment warm and elegant. But don’t overdo it. Red, if there is too much of it, can cause aggression. And the abundance of gold can make the room uncomfortable.

Purple and gold

Another elegant color is a combination of purple and gold. Purple has long been considered an exclusively royal color. The fabric of this shade was insanely expensive. Today it is available to everyone. And if you decide to decorate your room in golden-purple tones, remember: this combination of colors will make your interior elegant, luxurious, but cold. And in order to create a more sophisticated look, try replacing purple with plum color.

Pink and gold

Depending on which shade of pink you take, your room will look girlish or very elegant. In the first case, hot pink will do. In the second – it is better to take dusty pink (ashen pink). Combining it with the color of gold, you can give the interior a French charm. But the dominant in this case should be pink. Use golden for accents: furniture handles, mirror frame, legs of a coffee table, fringe on the curtains.

Gold color in different rooms

Gold color in the bedroom

Often, the decoration of the bedrooms is done in bright colors, among which beige, peach, white, milk and pearl dominate. Details of golden hues perfectly complement this color palette, adding even more warmth to the room.

For those who want to use the golden color in the interior to the maximum, it is worth taking a closer look at the art deco style. Golden wallpaper with a print corresponding to this trend will make the room solemn and cozy at the same time, and a dense heavy curtain will reliably protect the sleeping from morning sunlight.

Baroque is characterized by elaborate details: stucco, ornate frames and unusual lampshades of lamps. Having decorated these details in gold, you can harmoniously complement the stylistic direction, recreating an authentic palace bedroom.

Elegant textiles with golden ornaments will fit into the canons of classicism. A win-win option would be to repeat the elegant ornament of bedding on light translucent curtains.

Gold color in the living room

A spacious and bright living room does not need an abundance of gold details, if you do not pursue the goal of recreating the styles of art deco, baroque or empire. For the hall, the point use of the decor is appropriate, which will become the center of the interior composition. For example, a large wall clock or a large panel of textured wallpaper, which includes glitter or shiny threads, can become a stylish accessory.

A set of upholstered furniture made in golden-beige colors will also look original. To complement such furniture, it is enough to choose an authentic decor in the form of pillows with shiny tassels.

Against the background of wooden furniture, gold looks even more noble. Heavy sets with non-trivial carved legs and soft seats with golden fabric upholstery will become an indispensable part of the classic interior. 

Gold color in the kitchen

A particular popularity are kitchens with retro-style interiors. Vintage faucets of golden and copper shades accurately emphasize the refined direction. Thanks to the quality, high production technologies and precise assembly, these plumbing elements combine all the advantages of modern communications and the unique decorativeness of objects of long ago.

Black and gold kitchens can become a real icon of style. Golden decor organically complements the depth of dark glossy tiles, in which reflections of precious metal will be reflected.

Gold requires a decent neighborhood, therefore, an elegant backslapsh made of tile imitating metal, it is appropriate to combine with a countertop made of natural stone. Gold-plated hardware looks harmonious on cabinets made of expensive wood.

The gray-yellow kitchen interior is also perfectly complemented by the decor of sunny shades. Gilded dishes, shining cutlery, a light stretch ceiling, filament curtains interspersed with lurex will help to make the decoration more original.

Gold color in the bathroom

The bathroom is one of the few rooms in which you can safely use golden accessories. Here they will serve as a kind of light glare, which will become the basis of the interior concept. Such a design technique is simply indispensable if you plan to design this part of the house in white and black, in which the dominant color will be dark.

For such a bathroom, you can pick up a huge bathroom mirror in a luxurious gold frame. A similar accessory looks stylish against a black tile background and visually expands the space. Additional lamps framing the mirror are not only very functional, but also carry an important aesthetic load.

You can diversify the interior with elegant decorative elements made in gold color:

  • heated towel rail;
  • soap dispenser;
  • a hanger for bath accessories;
  • metal shelves.

Gold is an enchanting metal, whose magical shade finds its rightful place in the decoration of the room. But the “gold rush” is dangerous in any form: an excess of shining decor can turn even the most restrained interior into a kitsch and bad taste. To preserve the aristocratic and noble design, use a shade of metal deliberately. And then the golden color in the interior will reveal all its wealth and originality.

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