Mirrors in the bathroom: decor, types, shapes,  backlights

A bathroom cannot exist without a mirror – a must-have accessory that allows you to take care of your appearance. Modern mirrors, in addition to its main function, contribute to the decoration of the room, emphasizing the design idea. The stores offer a large selection of bathroom mirrors, but when choosing a product, you need to build on not only aesthetic indicators, but also on other characteristics, which we will talk about in this article.

Key selection criteria

Modern bathroom mirrors have many interpretations. They differ in many ways: sizes, shapes, materials, etc. Mirror frames consisting of an abstract collage look spectacular, and huge floor-to-ceiling structures superbly expand the space and make it possible to contemplate yourself, as they say, in all its glory. So, consider what you need to consider first of all, choosing a mirror for the bathroom. 

Shapes and sizes

The variety of design mirrors in the bathroom is truly amazing. From classic round and rectangular, to abstract, decorated with all kinds of applications

It turns out that the shape of the mirror significantly affects the perception of the space in which it is located, which means that choosing the shape you need to take into account the size of the room, and not just your own preferences.

Such varieties, with competent design filing, can become an integral design element of the bathroom and change its interior beyond recognition.

  • A round mirror will give the bathroom extra volume, which means it is preferable to choose this form for small rooms.
  • The square shape will make the room proportional. Such a mirror is indispensable for narrow or rectangular rooms. It is an optimal, very convenient option and becomes an aesthetic component of the whole design.
  • An elongated shape will visually make the ceilings higher. It does not matter, an oval or rectangular mirror.
  • A rectangular horizontal mirror will make the room wider and more spacious.
  • Curly mirrors of various shapes and sizes are used to create unique designs. They are used in bathrooms of different sizes.


If you consider the mirror constructively, when choosing a model, you need to pay attention to its three components: the base, the mirror layer and the frame.

Two materials are used as the basis – particleboard. Mirrors with a base made of chipboard have a lower cost, but they are more susceptible to moisture, which in a bathroom will quickly damage the original condition. It is better to opt for a more durable base – even if the product will cost a little more, but it will last longer. For the same reason, do not choose chipboard cabinets with mirrors for the bathroom.

The mirror layer can be aluminum or silver. The second option has the best reflective properties. The advantage of silver is also that it is more resistant to conditions of high humidity and temperature extremes.

Bathroom mirrors can be framed or unframed (for example, built into the wall). If preference is given to a panel with a frame, it is better that it be made of plastic or metal, as these materials are optimally suited to a specific microclimate. In addition, plastic has a wide variety of designs and may well imitate natural wood, stone, and color options make it easy to choose a frame for any color scheme of the interior.

Types of bathroom mirrors

As we already said, there are a lot of design options for reflective surfaces in the bathroom. Even the most ordinary mirror on the wall can become an original decorative element, being dressed in a stylish frame. Modern mirrors did not go unnoticed by technological progress, and today there are panels equipped with glass heating devices that prevent them from fogging, magnifying glasses, temperature sensors, radio and other “bells and whistles”. Consider the most popular of them.

Wall mirror

This concept combines two ways of installing a mirror. In the first case, we are talking about mirror panels with or without frames, which are mounted to the wall surface with special mounts. They do not have structurally additional elements, but due to the selected frames they look pretty stylish. In the second version, the mirror is installed directly in the wall (“recessed” into the finishing material). Special aesthetics will bring the edging of the mirror with tiles or moldings.

Corner mirror

Placing a mirror in an empty corner of a cabinet is an excellent solution for small bathrooms. At the same time, the cabinet is long enough to accommodate hygiene items, and does not take up much space.

Mirror with shelf

This model can rightly be called the most popular, which has passed the long test of time. The design is suitable for decoration of any interior, it is convenient and practical, often complemented by decorative inserts, lighting. Some designs have additional hooks, stands, which makes them as convenient as possible. At the same time, the shelves themselves can be made of any material – the same mirror, glass, plastic. A mirror with additional structural elements will allow you to place and store in good order personal care products.

Mirror in the cabinet

From the name it is already clear that the presence of a hanging cabinet is implied. This design is usually mounted above the washbasin, making it easy to get the necessary accessories during makeup or other procedures. The advantage is that cosmetics and personal care products remain hidden from prying eyes, do not create a feeling of disorder, when laid out in plain sight. Choosing such a cabinet, you need to pay attention to its size – for small rooms single-door cabinet with a shallow depth are preferred.

Illuminated Mirror

This option can be called the most modern and, in general, appropriate solution. There are several options for lighting – it can be an LED strip running along the entire perimeter of the mirror, a traditional lamp directly above the mirror or side lighting. In any case, such local illumination brings additional convenience during facial skin care or makeup, rejects the need for centralized lighting, and also creates a soft romantic atmosphere during the adoption of water procedures.

Heated glass mirror

Convenient modern model, which is a new technology that avoids the accumulation of fogging and condensation on the mirror surface. In this case, it does not matter how high the temperature and humidity in the bathroom. The mirror heating system is similar to the analogues placed during the organization of floor heating: the thin film with wires representing infrared heaters is applied on the back side of the mirror panel. In working condition, the current passing through these wires is capable of heating the surface in a short time. The backlight complement often the mirror.

With wardrobe

Ergonomic, compact, functional and attractive looking mirror cabinet with drawers is perfect for both small and large space and fits perfectly into any stylistic design.

With clock

An interactive touch model with a clock, performs not only its direct functions, but also is an unusual and practical element of decor that decorates the room and makes the atmosphere more original.

In frame

The frame allows you to refine the mirror and turn it into a significant and key interior detail. The shape and execution of the frame will depend on the style of the bathroom, for example, it can be made in the form of a massive gypsum, wooden baguette or laconic plastic trims.


Thanks to the forged elements, it is possible to create a luxurious, slightly old-fashioned atmosphere and bring a piece of history into it.


The beveled edges give the mirror surface a stylish and presentable appearance. Wall panel with facets, has a unique play of light and facets.

With stickers

Stickers will add bright colors and originality to the bathroom, significantly refresh the space and allow you to transform any ordinary interior.

Two mirrors and more

Such a decoration solution is quite bold and original and is perfect for small rooms. Mirrors can be hung on the wall in a chaotic manner or opposite each other, this will create a specific play of light and significantly expand the space.

Illuminated mirror: options

The most popular continues to be external lighting. It can be provided with the help of spots, small sconces or adjustable modern fixtures. They are placed in the immediate vicinity of the mirror or applied into its zone. Using external lighting, it is possible to illuminate not only a round, square or other shape of the wall mirror, but also a cabinet for hygiene and cosmetic accessories with mirrors on the doors.

The next option is the internal backlight. It is organized in most cases by means of LEDs placed on tapes or in blocks. To soften the lighting and protect the eyes, the LEDs are placed under the frosted glass. Mirrors with this kind of backlight allow you to examine reflection in detail. Dim light is enough to clearly see the smallest details. In addition, a mirror illuminated by LEDs becomes an important element in the decor of the most intimate room in the apartment.

Another option is decorative lighting. The name speaks for itself. At the same time, complete lighting cannot be obtained. Such lighting can be used in bathrooms to create a special cosiness and romantic atmosphere. LEDs to create such a backlight can be placed behind the mirror sheet along the line of the outer edge (perimeter). An interesting effect is achieved due to the LEDs illuminating patterns printed on a mirror surface by matting by sandblasting. Simultaneously with such lighting, you can use a full-fledged light source in the bathroom.

Mirrors and interior styles

An important aspect of the right choice of mirror is the correspondence of its external data to the style of the interior. The main role here is played by the form of the mirror and the aesthetics of the frame.

For example, a luxurious classic bathroom is characterized by rectangular (oval) mirrors in luxurious frames made of wood or endowed with forging elements. Gilding or fragments of artificial aging may be present here.

For Provence style, it is difficult to come up with anything better than a mirror in an old wooden frame, decorated with carved decor. Sometimes the mirror surface itself has coating defects, which makes the design as believable as possible. The most successful form is round, but others may be present. Mirror located on forged stands look beautiful.

The idea of minimalism in interiors does not imply luxury – order, severity and laconicism reign here. Mirrors may not have frames at all and surprise with their unexpected shapes. The maximum number of mirror surfaces is welcomed so that the room appears spacious and free. High-tech interiors will successfully complement mirrors with lighting, heating, and for the bathroom in the loft style, you can choose the design of the floor mirror in a rough frame.


Square, round, rectangular or mirrors of other shapes with different sizes, decorated with wooden, metal frames or laconic iron baguettes, painted in non-trivial tones, perfectly emphasize the brutality and style of the loft.


For this luxurious interior, rectangular and triple symmetrical mirrors in gilded, silver or bronze baguettes, facet models or products decorated with stucco molding will be appropriate. This decor will be the perfect finishing part of the classic style.


The overall picture of the French style is perfectly complemented by vintage reflective surfaces, in patterned frames with the effect of artificial aging and scuffs, products decorated with forged elements and floral paintings, or mirrors framed in accordance with the natural color interior design.


Nordic design embodies beauty, lightness and simplicity, so excessive luxury and provocative accents are not appropriate here. An excellent solution for a cold, but at the same time very cozy scandi-interior will be round, rectangular, square mirrors, tinted canvases or suspension models with a minimalistic design.


In the aristocratic and creative modern style, a large number of reflective models, decorated in ornate frames, wavy, curved and arched mirrors, which will become an integral decor of this slightly asymmetric design, are especially welcome.


Here, quite often large or oval mirrors are used in massive frames decorated with stucco, carvings, gilding or complex patterns with mythological or floral motifs.


The mirror is a very important accessory that forms the stylistic features of oriental design. Rectangular, oval, curly or arched products in wooden, openwork metal or inlaid with bone frames will significantly change the appearance of the room, add subtle notes to it and will fully correspond to this direction.

Art Deco

This style assumes a peculiar game of images; mirrors with unusual geometry in brass, copper or gold frames will be appropriate here. The business card of art deco is a mirrored model in the shape of the sun.

Eco style

Natural motifs and environmental elements of the currently quite popular eco-design will perfectly complement round, rectangular mirors in wooden, bamboo and jute frames or products with an interesting streamlined shape, framed by natural materials.


To add even more aesthetics, practicality and harmony to a minimalistic interior, mirrors designed in simple and concise, for example, plastic frames or a mirror without a frame, will help.


Mirrors in the form of simple geometric shapes, without too much exquisite decor, will be able to decorate the room in a high-tech style and, despite their straightforwardness and simplicity, will become a real interior art object.

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