Gold Curtain Ideas Selected by Designers for Your Home

Did you know that a few gold curtain ideas for every room in your house can boost your mood and the overall appearance of your home? Still, how do gold accessories affect your interior house design? Like other metallic accents, gold knows its way with design. It perfectly reflects light, beautifully polishes neutral color palettes, and, most importantly, adds that touch of elegant yet comforting warmth that no other metal would manage. 

Stay tuned, and you’ll find out the main features to know when choosing gold curtains for your home, mega-useful tips, and of course, plenty of professional gold curtain ideas with pictures.

What color walls work best with gold curtains?

Since gold is bold on its own, experts advise pairing it with neutrals. Give preference to darker shades, preferably with slightly warm undertones, so that the contrast wouldn’t appear too noticeable. Choose from a wide range, from gray, tan, and beige to green and brown. Yet, pay attention to white as well, especially the warm shades.

What are the best matching colors for gold?

If you decide to pair gold with other colors on your curtain design, think of white and black first. Next comes gray. The following matching colors are much bolder, such as green, blue, pink, purple, and even teal or red. 

What rooms can you decorate with gold curtains?

Start with the bedroom or living room. Go further with the kitchen and dining room. Moreover, don’t hesitate to give this elegant tone a chance in the hallway or bathroom, especially for the shower curtain. Therefore, gold curtains are suitable for any room if used with the right colors and design styles.

To give you a perfect understanding of how gold curtains work in interior design, we gathered a bunch of real-life gold curtain ideas that designers claim to be the best on the market. 

Gold Sheer Curtain Ideas

The first gold curtain idea that comes to mind is gold embroidery on gold or white sheer. Those delicate metallic patterns lend elegance and grace to any room. Yet, living rooms and bedrooms are preferred for this design.

Gold and White Curtains

As you have already understood, white is a go-to match for gold. Whether sheer or blackout curtains, gold and white are a perfect design idea; those are usually gold accessories embroidered on the white fabric.

Full Gold Curtain Ideas

If you’re courageous enough, go the boldest and opt for full-gold curtains. Additionally, they can be accessorized with sparkling golden threads that make for a reflective finish. Even more, those can be traditional or blackout curtains.

Color Pairings for Gold Curtains

Try gold and green, pink, or gray for a dynamic yet balanced accent in any room. Simultaneously, think of gold with red, purple, or brown for the most elegant accessory to any design style.

Gold Velvet Drapes

Get those trendy velvety drapes in gold and redecorate your living room or bedroom. Make it both comfy and stylish. What’s more, you can use them the same way as using blackout curtains for full privacy.

Gold and Black Curtain Ideas

Like gold and white, gold and black are one of the best and trendiest curtain design ideas. It is up to you. Yet, we recommend you better opt for gold embroideries on black fabric. So, you’ll add a dramatic touch to your design.

Luxury Gold and Blue

One of the most luxurious color combos with gold is blue and gold. Use this pairing for your future gold curtain design, and you’ll notice how elegant and formal your room starts to feel. Still, choose navy blues over light or bold shades.

Gold Shower Curtains

Is it appropriate to use gold in the bathroom, especially for shower curtains? 100% appropriate. Don’t lose the opportunity to add the tiniest golden accent to your bathroom with a personalized shower curtain, which can be made of fully gold-colored fabric, decorated with golden prints, or an abstract fusion of gold and other colors.

Gold Boho Curtain Ideas

One of the latest and trendiest window treatment ideas is Bohemian curtains with ethnic prints and decorative tassels. Not to our surprise, gold and white lead this trend. Eclectic prints on a white-canvas fabric, and your interior design gets better. 

Metallic Curtain Print

Use gold-polished curtain prints in different designs to add sparkle to your bedroom or living room window treatment. Make it glitter and enhance your mood together with it.

Gold and Silver Shimmer

One is good. Two is better. Go with two different metallic accents, gold and silver. Pair them, and enjoy the most glamorous and visually amazing effect.

You’ll always be in style with at least one gold curtain panel in your house. The more, the better. Moreover, our carefully selected gold curtain ideas will always keep you on the trendy side.

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