14 Driftwood Wall Art Ideas to Refresh Your Home Decor

When choosing your home decor, you should look for items that resonate with your lifestyle and how you see the world. You’ll add part of yourself to the interior design of the house and make your surroundings feel like home. If your view of beauty is simple, organic, and natural, you’ll most definitely like driftwood wall art in your home. Be aware that ready-made pieces vary in price, while a DIY project with driftwood may require additional effort to prepare the driftwood before using it. Long story short, here are the best driftwood wall art ideas for any taste, room, and intention. Enjoy it together with Hackrea!

Large Driftwood Wall Art Ideas

If you’re not into sophisticated and crave simple beauty, try out this fantastic idea with large pieces of driftwood that surprise you with their size and organic statement. Make a large driftwood accent the main highlight of your design. In addition, think of decorating it with live greenery.

Coastal Driftwood Panels

Driftwood is highly associated with the refreshing Coastal style. Give an update to your Coastal interior or a new meaning to any other design style with a gorgeous driftwood wall panel.

Simple Driftwood Wall Decor Ideas

Nothing hits like simple and unsophisticated beauty. Choose minimalist designs for your new driftwood wall art, such as improvised geometric shapes made of equally sized driftwood pieces. Retexture visually the ambiance.

Driftwood & Macrame Feathers

This amazing combo has become the designers’ favorite, and not without reason. Keep pace with the new eco-style trends and make a sustainable statement of your own with the trending driftwood accent with attached macrame feathers of any color. Organic and unique at the same time.

Driftwood & Metal Wall Art Idea

The stunning combination of such different materials as wood and metal is a high-class accent for contemporary interiors. Stand out from the crowd with a one-of-a-kind driftwood wall accessory that engages itself into a dance with the reflective gold finish. Moreover, you can use this decor for any room you wish.

Add Creativity: Boho Driftwood Decor

Similarly to the versatile Boho style, such accents easily integrate into any room and design style. Decorate a kitchen, bedroom, living room, hallway, or bathroom wall with original driftwood hangings. By the way, round accessories are in high demand now.

Double Beauty: Floral Driftwood

It smells like a tiny DIY project. All you need is a larger piece of driftwood, string, and any kind of plants you want – life greenery, pots with indoor plants, wildflowers, or dried plants. Create beautiful compositions and add a natural touch to your home decor.

Play with Thread Art

Whether ready-made or part of a DIY project, pairing colorful thread art with a driftwood piece is the ultimate accent your interior needs. Moreover, you can easily do it at home and benefit from a budget-friendly yet exquisite wall accessory.

Driftwood Heart Wall Art

Get romantic and share love by choosing one of the available driftwood heart designs. It’s a perfect wall decor for your bedroom first. Yet, other spaces seem no less suitable for a splash of kindness. 

Multi-Purpose Floating Shelf

Designers cannot stop talking about this emerging trend – floating shelves of driftwood that not only accessorize the wall but also serve as support for new accents to be displayed. Stay in style with this functional yet modish driftwood wall art idea.

Rustic Chic with Organic Texture

Ad the comfy and high-end sense of Rustic style to your home with a driftwood-framed mirror in the hallway, bedroom, or bathroom. What’s more, that’s a great choice if you plan a Coastal vibe for your future makeover. 

Handcrafted Driftwood Necklaces

This one is new on the market. Designers pay more attention to handmade products to add more personality and character to a space. Thus, these handcrafted necklaces (wall accents) are some of the most unique driftwood wall art ideas. This is your sign to stay original.

DIY Driftwood Wall Art Ideas

Show your handcraft skills with this easy DIY driftwood project. You’ll need a piece of cardboard. Cut it into your desired shape, and stick tiny driftwood pieces to it. Fruits, animals, plants, and anything you want of driftwood is a perfect wall decor. Even more, that’s a great choice to decorate the wall in the kids’ room.

Driftwood Statement Piece Ideas

Opt for sizable driftwood accents as if cut out of enormous trunks to make the best-ever statement. The intricate shapes, natural colors, and rich-grained texture will add an expensive sense of style to your home.

If you work it correctly, driftwood looks expensive and effortlessly updates your home decor. That’s why we came up with a compilation of the best driftwood stories, meaning original driftwood wall art ideas. Would you like another round through our list? Go on!

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