Decorate the Bedroom Corner Like a Pro: Top 11 Design Ideas

Large or small, there is always space in a bedroom for improvement. Are you looking for ways to restyle, cozy up, or personalize a bedroom corner? You’ve found the right place for answers. You cannot imagine the change your bedroom will experience with a perfectly chosen corner decoration. We’ve prepared solutions for various tastes, room sizes, and layouts. Your future bedroom corner idea may hide in the following inspirational selection.

Unwind and Relax: Add a Corner Seat

The first thing that comes to mind is undoubtedly a corner chair for the bedroom. Nobody would mind an additional seat beside the bed. Here is what we suggest: a built-in bench at the window, a traditional armchair, a simple, unupholstered chair, a swing chair, a pouf, and so on. It depends on the available space.

Floating Shelves

Try classic one-side floating shelves or corner-designed shelves and decorate them with books, accessories, or pots with indoor plants. Feel free to display everything you want on these bedroom corner shelves. They will take little to no space yet still manage to fill the corner stylishly.

Corner Dresser

Why a dresser in the corner, you may ask. If it is a corner-designed dresser, no more questions. If it is a traditional dresser, we still recommend placing it in a corner by creating a mini-getting-ready zone and leaving more free space around the bed. Try a vanity-dresser combo or a dresser-desk combo

Corner Working Station

Integrate a mini-home office in your bedroom, or simply put, a bedroom corner desk. That can be custom office desks designed for corners, sole or attached to cabinets, or traditionally shaped desks. Even better if you can consider the window corner and use natural light to the fullest.

Get Ready at a Corner Vanity

We’ve gone through all possible furniture options you could consider as a bedroom corner idea. Last but not least is a corner vanity. A small vanity cabinet with attached drawers and a compact mirror accompanied by a tiny pouf will do.

Bring In Ambient Lighting

Choose large floor lamps for a bedroom corner and add an accent while underlining a cozy vibe. Placing floor lamps in corners is a great ambient lighting solution for bedrooms, especially if there is an additional corner seat in the neighborhood.

Small Bedroom Idea: Full-Length Mirrors

We all know mirrors are a perfect option for small spaces due to their reflective properties. Besides adding an accent to your bedroom corner, you’ll make your small bedroom go beyond its borders and feel more spacious and lighter.

Adjust the Mood: Seasonal Decor

Embrace each season of the year in part by decorating the bedroom corner accordingly. Think of a gorgeous Christmas tree during the winter holidays. Try exotic plants in the summer or any indoor plants during the warm season. Last but not least, consider dried organic decor when the coziest season of the year comes.

Modern Clothing Racks

Instead of large closets, opt for clothing racks. Those can be ceiling-mounted, wall-mounted, or floor racks. A bedroom corner is a perfect space for a mini fashion station. A full-length mirror in the close neighborhood would complete this bedroom corner idea.

Decorate with Woven Baskets

Be mindful of your impact on the environment and choose eco solutions for a truly trendy bedroom design. In this respect, we direct your attention to organic woven baskets you can store blankets, books, or personal belongings in. And, what is the best place for them in a bedroom? Undoubtedly a bedroom corner.

Define Your Cozy Nook Concept

Recreate a zone for relaxation and escape in a bedroom corner by personalizing the decor. Start with a seat. Go on with rich-textured textiles, wall art, floating shelves with custom decor, and additional accessories, such as an accent table or an interesting floor lamp. Experiment with colors and patterns till you find your perfect cozy combination.


How do I know which bedroom corner idea works best for me?

Here are a few insights. A small bedroom is great for identical bedside tables in corners. Think of wall-to-wall curtains for corner windows, or use this space for a built-in bench. For corner walls, try a larger bed headboard, wall art, or corner bedroom shelving. If the bedroom corners feel really empty, consider a seat or a new functional zone, such as a mini-home office or get-ready area.

How to cozy up a bedroom corner?

Start with a muted color palette. Think of ambient lighting sources and textured textiles if there is a seat. The most important aspect is to personalize the decor. Accessorize the space with accents that speak to you personally, such as a collection of favorite books, decorative items you bought while visiting a foreign country, or a family photo.

Corner-designed furniture or traditional furniture: what works best in a bedroom corner?

The rule of thumb here is to suit the room size. Usually, a corner-designed piece would better fit a small bedroom, while a traditional office desk or vanity perfectly matches larger rooms. Still, do all the measurements before purchasing anything unless you already have something, say a beautiful vintage desk with a traditional rectangular shape you would like to make part of your bedroom. Make sure it fits in.

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