8 Dresser Desk Combo Ideas Borrowed from Designers

You may have a small bedroom and need multi-purpose furniture, or you simply want to use the space functionally. Combining two pieces of furniture and benefiting from each to the maximum has been of interest to interior designers for a long time, and they came up with pretty good ideas. In this article, we’ll show you how you can decorate a bedroom, kid’s room, or guest room with a dresser-desk combo, aka desker. That’s right, today’s design solutions offer both stylish and practical options.

Two-In-One: Office Desk + Dressing Closet

A dresser isn’t mandatorily a chest of drawers. It can also be a larger closet with sizable storage space. If you need this type of dressing furniture, opt for the two-in-one structure with closed storage on one side and an attached office desk on the other. Experts suggest opting for custom-size pieces that will perfectly suit your available space.

Closet with a Pull-Out Desk

One of the most space-saving combos is a dresser, mainly a closet, with a pull-out office desk that normally hides within the wardrobe. You can pull out the desk and work at it whenever you want, yet the rest of the time, it is a classic closed storage for your clothes, although you can leave a few shelves for office belongings (nobody will know).

One-Top Chest and Desk

This time we speak about the classic chest of drawers. Since they are more or less the same height, opt for a dresser and desk combo that share the same top. On one side, you store your belongings. On the other, you use the top as an office desk, including the free space beneath for a chair. Additionally, think of upper open shelves for decorative or practical purposes.

Camouflaged Dresser: Office Desk & TV Stand

There are various bedroom and living room projects that reveal the beauty of a combined floating office desk and TV stand. It looks sleek and unobtrusive. Now, consider the TV stand as a camouflage for a chest and store your belongings there. This alternative looks more contemporary and suits smaller rooms especially, contrasted to the traditional dresser and desk combo.

Office Desk or Vanity?

We kind of associate a commode more with a vanity rather than a desk. And that’s another great camouflage idea. This time for the desk. The structure is the same, a one-top dresser and desk combo, yet with an additional wall mirror above the desk. Keep all your belongings well hidden, and use the desk as a vanity or workspace any time you want. Opt for a truly comfortable chair you’ll be happy to get ready or perform work on.

Two-Side Dresser Desk Combo

If your space allows and the amount of your clothes requires, choose a two-side dresser with a centered desk. Make sure to leave the space beneath the desk free so you can comfortably sit on a chair and work at the table. And why not opt for a mirror on the wall in case you want to use this space as a getting-ready area as well?

Store and Work for Two

This idea works especially for the kids’ room. Consider a wall-to-wall structure with built-in drawers and free space for an improvised home office for two. Twose work areas can be separated by dressers or even located together in the center. 

Dresser Desk Combo DIY

This section is especially for those who wouldn’t mind getting their hands dirty. Maybe you already have a chest of drawers at home. Why buy a new dresser-desk combo when you can reinvent the existing dresser? 

To create a desktop, find a suitable wooden board and treat it with paint or lacquer. Show your carpenter skills and make two wooden legs, or it may be one, with a sophisticated design. Attach the composition to the chiffonier, and voila, your desker is ready.


Are dresser desk combos in style?

Functionality has always been in style, especially if you are short on space. Combined chests with desks with a floating effect bring more exquisite taste to your design.

Can you put a dresser desk in the living room?

We agree with experts that everything dresser-related looks better in a bedroom, which can be the primary bedroom, kids’ bedroom, or guest bedroom. Still, a camouflaged dresser desk combination under a vanity, TV stand, or any other furniture also makes it a good option for the lounge area.

Are a dresser and a wardrobe the same?

While we can use “closet” and “wardrobe” with the same meaning we use “dresser”, a wardrobe or closet is usually larger and used to store bigger clothes, such as suits, dresses, or cold-season items.

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