15 Bathroom Wall Art Ideas to Update a Blank Space

Is it appropriate to accessorize the bathroom walls? We usually associate the bathroom with a functional space, far from decorative purposes. However, perfectly chosen bathroom wall art ideas are always welcome if you want to upgrade the design. Whether it is a primary or guest bathroom, you plan a high or low budget, or a large or small space, we have solutions for all.

Small Bathroom Wall Art Ideas

Decorating a bathroom corner with paintings in various themes is a perfect wall art idea when you are limited in space. Who said small bathrooms cannot benefit from a tiny splash of art?

Modern Wall Art Idea for the Bathroom

Keep the sleekness of a contemporary bathroom with simple yet stylish framed prints above the towel hooks. Pick a neutral or slightly colorful color palette for your wall decor, and enjoy the updated design.

Black-and-White Wall Art

You cannot imagine the difference a black-and-white picture can bring to a bathroom of any design style. Place it above the tub, toilet, or any bathroom fixture you want.

Go Vertical

Use the space above the toilet to decorate with literally any artwork you want. Go vertical for the utmost practical use of the room.

Don’t play with one or two artworks. Decorate the bathroom walls with thematic or random galleries. Moreover, place them in the most unexpected spaces. DIY tip: instead of frames, stick your prints to the wall and underline them with colorful tape.

Get inspired by our guide on how to arrange pictures on a wall beautifully

Guest Bathroom Wall Decor

Make the visit to your guest bathroom entertaining by decorating it with exciting quotes. Still, avoid the standard ones and go unusual, such as with the trending definition posters or the bathroom rules. 

Large Artwork Above the Tub

Steal the spotlight with an eye-catching piece of art right above the tub if you have one. That can be a printed photo or a beautiful painting of your liking. The larger, the better. Thus, you’ll set a refined mood in the wet area for unforgettable bath sessions.

Accent Wall Design Ideas

Choose a large-scale print for the wall in the wet zone, be it the shower or the bathtub. Sizable animal prints are trending now. Make the proper accent in the right size for a mind-blowing result. Yet, consider a vinyl finish for your accent wall for practical reasons.

Mural Wall Art Ideas for Your Bathroom

Bathroom wall art ideas don’t stop at printed pictures only. You can cover all walls in art, and mural wallpaper comes to your rescue. Choose a thematic concept you like, from tropical to wildlife, and surround yourself with art.

Waste No Time: Explore the World

Swap traditional wallpaper with a world map on your bathroom walls. Any visit to the bathroom will become more entertaining, especially if it is a guest bathroom.

Mirrored Wall Art 

Opt for a two-in-one wall accent and benefit from its double purpose – a mirror to look into and a unique and stylish accessory to decorate the bathroom. Those can be unconventionally shaped pieces or customized mirror frames.

Eco, Coastal, or Boho: Macrame

Yes, you can use macrame wall decor for all these styles and beyond. Moreover, go further than the traditional macrame pieces. Lucky you if you manage to find handwoven pieces with original designs and color combinations.

Rock the New Trend: Rug on Wall

How is that possible? Rugs on walls. Well, the new design season is impressively unpredictable. Moreover, designers are rushing to embrace this unconventional yet unique bathroom wall art idea. You may be the next.

Bathroom Ledge with Seasonal Decor

If you’re planning a bathroom makeover in the future, don’t forget about a ledge. Aside  from hiding non-aesthetic parts of your bathroom fixtures, it will also support future accessories. On top of that, everything you decide to place there will become wall art, which you can change from time to time.

Move Your Tub to the Library

Any book lovers out there? This amazing bathroom wall art idea is all yours! Consider a whole built-in bookshelf right in your bathroom, and enjoy both the decor and a good book while taking a bath. 

Do you still think wall decor has no place in your bathroom? We hope you already found your favorite in our versatile collection of the newest bathroom wall art ideas.

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