First-class Bathroom Trends 2023 You Need to Know

Believe it or not, bathrooms are on a faster path to accepting new trends with each season. No wonder they switched so quickly from a strictly functional space to an interior where you can play with your taste and style. As with other rooms in the house, the bathroom supposes more creative attempts in the upcoming season meant to underline its personality through design, although it stands out with a few individual trends. Get inspiration for your next project with our carefully selected bathroom trends in 2023. The new tendencies promise to be catchy and original!

Top Bathroom Trend: Geometric Shapes

The new interior design trends in 2023 are related to solutions that fully pass the comfort zone threshold. Bold, intricate, and standout forms paired with bright colors are the hallmark of the new season. A practical and 100% working design solution is to opt for tiles with geometric shapes and colorful colors if possible. Think hexagon, beehive, chevron, herringbone, triangle, rectangle, and literally any geometric form on the walls, flooring, and even bathroom fixtures. 

One with Nature

Still influenced by nature and natural materials, the eco-friendly bathroom reigns in the new season. With a tiny Wabi-Saby trace, a stylish bathroom in 2023 is about simplicity paired with naturalness through organic shapes and textures that are all in for your well-being and feel of relaxation. Cultivate the style with greeneries, earthy colors, wooden surfaces, and decor that helps you unwind. 

Bathroom Key Colors 2023

The key bathroom colors in 2023 are directly related to the current situation in the world. People still try to get used to the post-covid period with the slightest signals of leaving their comfort zone. This is why the latest color trends operate with the concepts of calmness and optimism. Consider the following shades:

  • Pastel lavender for a soft and fresh outcome;
  • Earthy orange for the warmest feel of security and comfort;
  • Saturated red for an empowering statement for those who want a bold design;
  • Aqua blue for a coastal vibe;
  • Cool teal for a tropical and fresh compliment to your space;
  • Digital orchid for a juicy and unusual appeal;
  • Naval blue for a stately sense of luxury;
  • Dark brown for a stark impression;
  • Pastel green for a peaceful mood that shows stability;
  • Honey yellow for a visible connection with nature.

Top Bathroom Design Style: Biophilic

Out of the desire to connect with nature, designers bring the natural elements directly into the interior and make it a true trend. The renowned Biophilic design that starts with natural light and natural materials and reaches bursts of greeneries is a favorite in the 2023 bathroom style trends. 

This Contemporary bathroom with black marble showcases a rich-textured and inviting accent wall fully made of life greeneries in the vanity area that instantly determines the bathroom as underlined by the Biophilic design and serves as a perfect example of how you can make the style defining for your bathroom.

Combined Wet Area

The relaxing tub and practical shower stall in the same functional area as the wet zone separated from the rest of the room through a glass wall is the growing bathroom trend in 2023. Designers are all for the integration of both fixtures into the same space for practical reasons, and they better be placed in the window area so that you can easily ventilate the zone after a shower or bath. It is a great working solution for small bathrooms, although the large ones benefit as much since the available free space is a valuable complement to modern bathrooms

Sculptural Value to the Bathroom

Architectural features to the tiles, vanity, and fixtures are the hottest bathroom trend in 2023. Intricately shaped constructions, textured surfaces, and sculptural lines define a truly trendy bathroom that has its say. From visually appealing stone structures to dramatic lines around the main bathroom items. 

Hellenistic Revelation

Inspired by the Neoclassical style that is traced to the timeless Greek and Roman architectural features, the contemporary Hellenistic design solution comprises Classic opulence and Modern minimalism. With visible belonging to a luxurious bathroom primarily, the Hellenistic style tops the bathroom design trends generally in the new season, acting as an alternative to the popular design concept of standing out from the crowd. As complex as the design solution seems, as easy to be cultivated through pale marble tiles, plastered walls, and dazzling gold accents partnered with Greek-inspired busts or decor alike.  

Indeed Marbelous

Needless to say that marble is a brand-new trend. Marble has been prevailing over the interior design trends for years, and in contrast to getting out of date, it tops the trend list every season with something new to impress designers and homeowners. Since 2023 is about creative and beyond-the-limit design solutions with bright colors and unusual shapes, marble steals the show with large-scale patterns and the boldest bursts of color. Think of the popular bathroom colors in 2023 and get the best of both worlds – elegance and maximalism. 

Freestanding Bathtub

Bathtubs have developed over the years into something more than functional bathroom fixtures. They have become a source of decor and reached the level of the main focus in the bathroom. This is why a freestanding bathtub can serve as the room’s highlight and show taste, just like the antique copper bathtub does in this Luxury black marble bathroom design project created by professionals. 

Loft Bathroom: Practical or Stylish?

Since statement designs are a must in 2023, Loft is definitely the first style to consider. It allows for a free integration of design techniques in a spacious room that benefits from the enormous windows and plenty of natural light. By applying this style to the bathroom, we mean integrating a bathtub right in a large open-floor bedroom. Such projects are quite sophisticated and require designer expertise, which you can easily access with online design services.  

Take a look at this astonishing Country-house loft bedroom with an incorporated bathtub, separated through a frosted glass wall and brought to a whole new level with the open natural landscape behind the window, revealing an ultra-modern interior design with an urban appeal.  

Top-tier Showers

People are slowly switching from bathtubs to shower stalls, particularly those who appreciate the functionality and prefer a fast shower over a long bath. Well, practicality is in trend in 2023, and enhancing your shower design or opting for an ultra-modern shower stall is surely a trend you should consider. How do you do that? Opt for glass shower stall walls that don’t steal from the space and first-class shower heads built in the ceiling or the wall; the main feature is the quality rainfall system. 

Take a Bath or Take a Seat

If the space allows, then the designers have prepared a gorgeous design trend for your bathroom in the new season. Consider a mini-lounge area right in the bathroom. It can be a tiny accent chair or a whole lounge. You can easily use it as a seat, yet the main role of such pieces are to redecorate the space, add intriguing interest, and reshape the meaning of a bathroom in 2023.

Bathroom through Lifestyle

Last but not least, and definitely a top bathroom trend relies on your own comfort and lifestyle. Do you use to take long baths and enjoy every second of relaxation? Is a fast shower in the morning your go-to choice? Maybe you need two sinks to perform your bathroom routines together with your partner. Is it functionality or elegance that attracts you the most? By simply answering the questions, you find your type of bathroom, and there is no way you will not be trendy in 2023 with a bathroom that suits your preferences.

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