Luxury black marble bathroom with freestanding antique copper bathtub

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Premium-class bathroom in a luxurious downtown apartment. The expensive St Laurent Marble meets the celebration of functional and trendy in the Rustic-Industrial background that showcases uneven brick surfaces and natural wood paneling. The prevailing black and brown color scheme brings the inviting feature to reign over the space meant for sumptuous sessions of relaxation, while the focal point - a Vintage freestanding bathtub of copper with curvaceous forms leaves the designer mark on the interior, beautifully complemented by the urban landscape.


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When drafting this project, the designer focused on a few main concepts – luxury, comfort, a bit of Industrial roughness, and Rustic appeal. Since the bathroom finds itself in a downtown apartment, the professional designer decided to make the most of the urban view and preserved it with two large loft windows that let natural light flood the space. During the night, the homeowners can easily switch to the spotlights on the ceiling painted in the unobtrusive Pure White SW 7005 paint color from Sherwin-Williams. The main feature standing behind the spacious bathroom is St Laurent Marble, the expensive French stone that inserts opulence. Fully on the floor and partially on the walls, the black marble with abstract white and brown veins brings special value to everything in this space. The same interior door is camouflaged in marble so that it would not risk for a bit the intended effect.

The bathroom profits from the warm earthy shades reflected in the wood paneling and brick accent wall that ensure a pleasant environment to unwind after a hard workday. Fortunately, the wood and brick can also serve another purpose here – to consolidate the Rustic-Industrial style chosen to define the personality of this bathroom. 

Overall, the space shows matte black on fixtures and hardware. Starting with the vanity area, one can notice the floating shelves of distressed wood with two vessel sinks and two round mirrors decorated with LED strips. The bathroom is designed for a couple so that both partners can easily use the bathroom simultaneously without interfering with each other’s routine. A bit to the right, the same wall decorated with wood panels hosts a floating toilet and bidet. Add the bathtub and shower stall on the other side, and you have a fully completed bathroom. Not far from the vanity area, the designer planned built-in open shelving with incorporated LED strips, where one can expose any decor pieces. 

Overall, the bathroom is decluttered. All bathroom belongings can be stored on the open-shelf system of wood and black metal, where everything is well-organized and at hand. In the neighborhood, a large freestanding tub of copper with a Vintage design that showcases curved edges enriches the interior with a new style approach. The antique piece instantly adds character to the luxurious bathroom, polished with Industrial splashes of color and texture. It is not a coincidence the designer opted for an antique copper tub since the Industrial style is known to combine raw surfaces and exposed texture with Vintage points of interest. The nearby Vintage suitcase enhances the effect, complemented by a decorative Greek bust and a large copper vase with natural filling. Quite an unusual pairing, yet this is what adds uniqueness to the wet area and makes the process of having a bath a top-tier experience when you can fully relax by admiring the city view opening from behind the window. 

Since the space allows it and considering that the bathroom is meant for a couple, the designer also inserted an ultra-modern shower with a frosted glass wall and a cutting-edge rainfall shower head incorporated into the ceiling. No partitions or floor delimitations separate this space from the interior. Everything is cohesive, functional, and designed with taste. To ensure the raw wood and brick surfaces do not look like the result of playing with texture in the space but a well-thought design technique, the pattern is repeated throughout the interior in a balanced way. 

Emphasizing the natural grains, the author of this project decorated the space with off-white linen storage boxes on the black metal and wood open shelving and an accent sisal box for storing towels near the walk-in shower. Since the marble floor can be quite sleepy, a few gray shag mats were placed in the wet spaces and in the vanity area, which proves that the luxurious bathroom was planned up to the last details in terms of functionality without losing the fine air of finesse that flows over the pairing of welcoming and rough in this gorgeous bathroom.

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