Black marble bathroom with wood and brick accents

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The spacious bathroom has plenty of room to show off the latest tendencies in interior design, revealing minimalist black fixtures, the prevailing black marble texture on walls and flooring, and accent wood and brick walls that act as warm-up sources in this otherwise formal setting. The sharp lines and imposing stone surfaces are smartly paired with curvaceous shapes here and there, and balance reigns in its full right. This relatively luxurious interior that uses expensive materials still ends up paying tribute to natural elements with a vivacious green wall in the vanity area, while the state-of-the-art pendants and cutting-edge shower stall prove that Contemporary flows in the air.

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When designing this fashionable bathroom intended for a person or a couple, the designer bore in mind such concepts as up-to-date, expensive, and elegant, all this led by functionality with a dash of Industrial and Biophilic. Thanks to the available large space, this bathroom benefits from a fully completed layout with all the necessary elements and decor. The choice of the background sets the overall environment, which is the no-fail black color scheme warmed up by the rich-textured wood paneling and exposed brick.

When analyzing this interior, the roomy space first comes to mind, which hosts everything a bathroom can dream of and even leaves a few inches free. Two middle-size windows enhance the spacious effect with no window treatment and let natural light flood the bathroom. The room’s highlight is St Laurent Marble. The French stone with a crystalline backdrop and graceful white and gold veins that occasionally expose coral shades is a perfect choice for bathrooms due to its practicality and unmatchable beauty, which serves the purpose of setting an equally functional and elegant interior. 

As a rule, the designer could not overlook, the ceiling had to be painted in a light shade to breathe the tiniest splash of freshness, and the popular shade of white devoid of striking undertones Pure White SW 7005 from the no less popular manufacturer Sherwin-Williams manages the task the best it can. To replace the daylight efficiently, a number of LED spotlights were installed in the ceiling that successfully brighten every functional area. Since the design relies on redefined luxury, a few linear pendants with interesting forms that seem to flow in the air reveal a beautiful connection that blooms between simple and elegant. 

The wall where the vanity area finds itself is underlined by wood paneling with space for open shelving meant for unobtrusive decor only. The integrated LED strips emphasize the storage system that would otherwise go unnoticed due to the dark background. Since this interior operates with contemporary solutions, everything that stands against this wall is exclusively related to the latest trends. A floating vanity of wood with a natural stone countertop invites the matte black vessel sink and ultra-modern faucet to complete the functional area. Undoubtedly, the main focus is the Biophilic green wall that forms a symbiosis with the natural wood texture and glossy marble tiles. From natural to contemporary, the designer switched to curved shapes and opted for a large round mirror and cylindrical LED light suspensions with a stunning brushed gold finish, which goes hand in hand with the decorative strip of the same finish on the vanity. Looking to the right, one can see that the floating toilet and bidet share the same matte black color and sleek look.  

For the wet areas, the designer went fully Industrial with the exposed brick walls that add visual interest through the uneven surface. Since the space allows and the style requires, a freestanding bathtub in the same matte black shade steals the attention. It is not a coincidence the fixture reveals an oval shape that perfectly collaborates with the round mirror and makes the raw wall lose a bit of its sobriety. In the close neighborhood, a prominent element of Industrial nature serves as a storage space, not as much as a decor. This is a tree trunk accent table that looks like it was brought from outside and comes to the rescue of the brick wall of the same style that would not stand as successfully against the softening round shapes, which is not a battle but rather a struggle for balance. 

To fully meet the homeowners’ expectations and provide them with any type of comfort they could dream of, the designer installed a shower stall on the other side of the wet area so that the owner of this indeed standout interior can enjoy the functionality of a fresh shower in the morning and relax to the fullest in the luxury tub with an open landscape behind the window in the evening. The main representative of contemporary use in this bathroom is surely the walk-in shower that exposes a single frosted glass wall, a cutting-edge rainfall shower head incorporated into the ceiling, and no flooring delimitation so that the component would blend with the overall palette of colors and textures. For convenient use of the functional zone, a black wall-mounted towel rack was put in place and paired with a handmade sisal box for clean towels.

The space is fully decluttered. One would not see a single unit minding its business in this well-organized interior. The black hardware almost fades into the black marble background so that everything is at hand yet does not interfere with the aesthetics. The only component that slightly stands out is the black wood ladder storage system near the tub that hosts boxes for organized storage of bathroom belongings. Functionality hides in the smallest details, such as the charcoal gray absorbent mats in the vanity and wet areas. The last units of strictly decorative purpose are the live Calla Lilies spread all over the bathroom that add the ultimate touches of freshness, delicacy, and vibrance to the sleek contemporary bathroom.

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