Contemporary living room with a neutral color code, curved furniture, and a biophilic showstopper

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Putting the accent on calm neutrals, rounded-edge furniture, and soft texture, this contemporary living room achieves what every homeowner strives for in the interior today - comfort. With an act of similar courage, minimalism reigns over the layout so that functionality can fully gain its rights. To ensure this comfy escape still has close ties with nature, a large biophilic accent finds its way on one of the walls, which, not by coincidence, reflects the same rounded edges. Curves, functionality, and biophilic accessories bring this interior to the latest contemporary level.


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This stylish design project is a prominent representative of the latest approaches to contemporary style. Bringing the roomy space, perfect lighting conditions, minimalist layout, and most of all, curved shapes to the fore, this interior achieved what other spaces would only dream of – a perfect balance between the newest design features. The enormous lounge area with one wall fully covered in glass, revealing the outdoor beauty, baths in natural light, lots of free space, and eye-pleasing shapes. 

As the style dictates, the color code preserves impartiality and unfolds an overall light color palette with slight accents that don’t dare risk neutrality – most of all white or off-white and gray, such as the dark gray blackout curtains that accompany the airy sheer panel, the unobtrusively cool gray built-in bookshelf, and the beautiful off-white paint with fine gray and beige notes Dove Wing OC-18 by the renowned manufacturer Benjamin Moore on the ceiling and partially on the walls. 

Fancy accents define this space, and one of them is the expensive natural stone tile flooring, which stylishly infiltrates itself into the neighboring open-plan kitchen. The designer opted for a tinted glass partition wall with folding doors to ensure a cohesive transition. Such a piece comes in handy, particularly when the homeowners don’t want the cooking process to interfere with friendly gatherings in the lounge area. 

Back to the main actors in this story of modern and trendy, one cannot fail to notice the defining feature of this interior – the curved furniture. The professional smartly integrated one of the latest concepts in interior design – to bring comfort to your house with round edges. The 70’s inspired pieces, which slightly remind us of the roaring Art Deco interiors, yet preserve their cutting-edge look, were perfectly combined for a relaxation area that radiates comfort as much as style. This space is designed for those who like inviting friends over since there are plenty of seats – one lounge chair, a sofa, a wingback accent chair, and an ultra-modern sculptural chair. What brings all these units together is the fluffy lamb wool surface that visually and on-touch softens the environment – right as a relaxation area should seem like. 

When the time came for accessories, the designer didn’t hesitate to consider another element that definitely stole the show – an abstractly shaped coffee table of wood with a smooth white cover that resembles melted ice cream. Since it all seemed too light, the gold base on the lounge chair and round brass accent table partnered to add visual contrast. The last piece that completes the seating area is another source of comfort – an enormous off-white braided wool area rug.

Depending on what seat you choose, you can either admire the landscape that opens behind the window, appreciate the sleekness of the built-in bookshelf with sliding doors, open-shelf storage system with incorporated LED strips, and full-length mirror, or let your eyes relax while enjoying the accent wall on the other side of the room. Since contemporary interiors are open to current trends, the designer didn’t give too much thought when opting for the biophilic approach that puts the base for a special connection with nature. The round composition with life plants seems like a green drop of vitality on the natural stone texture covered with narrow wood panels. 

Even though the interior may seem overly minimalist, the curved shapes and soft colors feel easy on the eye and compensate for the lack of additional furniture or decor. The round edges smooth the clean lines on the background and make art out of the seating area. The whole combination of trendy, functional, natural, and not least, comfortable is conveniently lit by the energy-efficient LED strips, which were inserted even into the green accent, and spotlights.

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