12x16ft Earthy living room

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This welcoming and warm-colored lounge area was designed according to the latest trends. The hit of the season - earthy shades. Sustainable materials with lots of wood accents and biophilic bursts of greeneries. Wicker details with a Rustic appeal. And authentic personalization of this mix of Modern, Rustic, and Modern Farmhouse. Additionally, the comfortable faux leather sofa and impressively collaborative vegan leather accent chairs consolidate the eco-friendly design concept. Unobtrusive and emphasized simultaneously, the faux brick wall and the stone texture-resembling wall in off-white get contrasted by the light brown accent wall. A pointy rattan woven pendant serves as the centerpiece, and the relaxation space is ready to be enjoyed.

192 sq ft

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The living room design featured in this personalized project bears the relevance and comfort of the hitting earthy colors that are exceptionally popular in contemporary interiors alongside the Rustic touches of natural wood that not only impress with their texture but also keep pace with the latest sustainable trends in interior design. Generally speaking, this is a Modern living room with a Rustic plot twist that cannot help but fades into a Modern Farmhouse concept. 

Let’s take it piece by piece! Overall, the space has an off-white background with the ceiling painted in the warm off-white Navajo White OC-95 paint color from the well-known brand Benjamin Moore. The same paint color can be noticed on the wavy wall behind the sofa, resembling the natural stone features. On the opposite side, a huge window lets the sun rays stream into the living room through the translucent sheer curtain. The invading rays of light beautifully slip through the veins of the faux brick accent wall, which is actually wallpaper of the highest quality. We cannot help but notice the wild rose velvet panels on both sides of the window that hold hands with the light brown accent wall in the entrance area.

The amount of comfort the earthy accent spread in the room is pleasantly overwhelming, and this is how the designer came up with the idea to opt for the white-washed hardwood covering for the floor. The camel faux leather sectional sofa in the center, partnering with the two accent chairs of brown vegan leather with metallic frames, sets the right mood for relaxing after a long work day or during the weekend. Since this sofa can easily be transformed into a bed at night, the homeowners’ guests can easily stay overnight and enjoy the fairytale ambiance that reveals itself at night. Once the daylight is off, the gorgeous floor lamp with a magically shaped wood base and an off-white shade, together with the round wood sconces with LED light and the Rustic wall light fixtures with jars filled with lights, sets a cozy environment like out of the book of fairytales you enjoyed in your childhood when tucked in to sleep. Still, the room’s highlight is the enchanting rattan woven pendant with delicate curves that delights the eye both day and night. 

It is time we switch to details, which are carefully chosen for this customized living room. Next to the sofa, a large wood coffee table with a fashionable round shape completes the lounge area. Not far, a naturally textured, again round, wood accent table also pays tribute to natural beauty as it is – untreated and authentic. To make the homeowners feel more comfortable while sitting on the accent chairs, a rectangular pouf with tradition-inspired upholstery was placed in the neighborhood. And the stylish glue between all the mentioned items – the distressed area rug with traditional motifs in a beautiful combination of blue and terracotta. 

The designer could not miss the chance to complement the design concept with a few biophilic-inspired elements, opting for lots of indoor plants and fruit trees, most of which are exposed in the narrow wood holders with wheels that can be easily displayed in any part of the room. As for the end, a few more traces of Modern Farmhouse were added to complete the irresistible and, at the same time, close-to-the-heart design. A collection of round wall accents of wicker with ethnic patterns collaborate with woven baskets and plant pots harmoniously exposed throughout the room.

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