Modern farmhouse living room with black shiplap wall fireplace

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The stately design of this inviting family room enjoys the play of Farmhouse furnishing and Modern solutions in an unexpected way defined by additional Mid-Century Modern and Industrial accents slightly perceived under the veil of comfort. With the mandatory untreated wood surface, a relatively warm color scheme on a neutral background, and sizable furniture, the design project tries to resonate with the welcoming feel within cottage interiors, standing out with a black shiplap wall fireplace as the hub of both traditional and modern. Comfortable seats, appealing decor with lots of live plants in basket pots, and the large loft windows make for a fantastic combination in a space meant to diffuse the peaceful farmland life within the urban hustle.

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This Modern Farmhouse living room project was developed for a young family looking for a space to gather together in a pleasant environment that evokes coziness yet breathes modernity. The designer was asked to preserve it spacious, well-lit, and harmonious. This is why it all started with the light and neutrally colored background, a feature peculiar to Modern Farmhouse that pairs traditional with modern and reveals farm accents on contemporary backdrops. It is interesting to notice that the designer left the Neoclassical wall molding untouched and covered it in the warm white paint color Cloud White OC-130 by Benjamin Moore. 

Overall, the furnishing fully resonates with the content of a cottage house, fascinating with the slightest reminders of Industrial and Mid-Century Modern influences. The enormous loft windows with a soft old-factory effect complement the raw feel of the style originated in the untreated wood surfaces, exposed ceiling wood beams, and black metal frames. 

In the lounge area, an irreplaceable cognac leather sofa decides to pair with a dark brown distressed wood coffee table to set the unforgettable feel of coziness that only a combination like this can ensure. The designer had the opportunity to dilute the seating area with a few more accents that felt close to the farmhouse vibe. An additional seat offered by the tufted accent chair pairs with a minimalist braided area rug, which stick to each other through the calm ivory shade. What comes next is more accents that make this zone feel complete and secure. This time, the author of the Modern Farmhouse piece of art went with curved shapes and opted for a round faux leather pouf, a round accent table with a light wood top and black hairpin legs, and another round accent table inspired by the tree trunk design. One more sharp-line piece finds its way to this fully completed space – a rectangular side table of wood with white accents inspired by Mid-Century Modern. On the other side, a large screen TV, camouflaged in the black background, a smart design trick, makes for a perfect mood for long weekend movie sessions. 

The pinnacle of this project is the black shiplap wall fireplace. At first, it seems to be a perfect integration of an element that a farmhouse interior would not go without – the fireplace, and the traditional shiplap consolidates the concept. Still, this cake is also made of modern slices, and the bold black paint color Black Fox SW 7020 by Sherwin-Williams with the slightest brown notes updates the picture. On both sides, two gorgeous storage cabinets with natural wood surfaces have their say in favor of Farmhouse. 

The space is flooded with vibrant green due to the multiple pots with live plants evenly spread throughout the room. To be noticed that some pots replicate the well-known basket design, which is a defining Farmhouse characteristic. 

Right in the entry zone, two open-shelf bookcases on each side offer additional storage space, yet for decor exclusively. The familiar pairing between distressed wood shelves and black metal frames makes it clear that the Industrial-inspired Modern Farmhouse flows through this living room’s veins. With the same balance, two rectangular wall mirrors with wood frames add visual interest to this side and reflect back a large amount of light ensured by the immense windows. 

As for the lighting, the designer chose to go a bit chic and decorated the ceiling with floating linear pendants with inserted gold crystal ramifications. The space required the tiniest shade of elegance, and these chandeliers managed it as intended. Since Modern interiors are supposed to make functional decisions when it comes to designing spaces, the lounge area was decorated with two arc floor lamps in black, which work multi-purposely as task lighting in case the homeowners decide to read their favorite books or play a table game while hosting their friends. Still, these lamps can be used successfully at night as ambient light sources for a cozy environment during family gatherings. 

The designer managed to ensure a pleasing mood through a harmonious layout that provided a sense of home, security, and peace. Two storage cabinets on both sides of the fireplace. Two pots with flowers nearby on both sides. Two floor lamps equally exposed in the seating area. Two pairs of open bookshelves and two wall mirrors on both sides of the entry space. All together, everything works for a balanced, comfortable, and voguish living room.

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