What color of the floor matches gray walls

Designers often use gray and its various shades for interior decoration. After all, this color gives the room a special nobility and elegance. The modern interior presents a large palette of various shades, used not only on the walls but also on furniture and stylish accessories.

Designers are constantly looking for optimal aesthetic solutions and consider gray to be relevant in the new season. They boldly replace boring beige with gray.

It is often difficult to choose a harmonious color combination, so these recommendations will help you determine the best direction for decorating an apartment and show what wood floor color is best suited to gray walls.

A wealth of shades

Gray is a classic color. It looks elegant and completely timeless, like white and black. Gray is a cool counterpart to warm beige tones and is reminiscent of fog, mystery, and a rainy day.

It is important that the interior of gray shades does not look sad and gloomy, so the walls’ monochrome color should be diluted with bright additives that give the interior a special and unique character.

Many shades of gray differ in their tone between black and white. Most often, several basic shades are distinguished:

  • Silver;
  • Steel;
  • Platinum;
  • Graphite;
  • Marengo.

These shades are neutral and achromatic – pure, without color pigments. Therefore, people often confuse them with each other.

It is important to take a responsible approach to wall paint choice not to bring bitter disappointment. It is recommended to use special paint samples, between which there is a choice. It is a practical test that will help you make the best choice and dispel agonizing doubts.

How gray is combined with others

Recently, it is more and more fashionable to choose the gray color for the walls. One common solution is to use gray for just one wall, which allows you to create the desired accent.

This color on the walls is popular, which helps to create a mysterious and majestic atmosphere. In any case, it will look good to combine a pure gray of the desired shade with pastel tones.

The optimal combination of gray with pastel colors:

  • Magnolia;
  • Ivory;
  • Pure white;
  • Warm white;
  • Creamy;
  • Beige and others.

These supplements can provide a decent base from which you can be 100% sure of a good result. This will help avoid imbalance in the interior and preserve the color composition and provide an opportunity to introduce brighter colors into the interior with small accessories and decorations.

These colors are harmoniously combined with gray and can easily adapt to different types of furniture and floors.

If you are not confident in your design skills, it is better to resort to the colors indicated above to get a guaranteed decent result that will delight you, not upset.

This solution is simple and proven. It is perfect for classic interiors and ultra-modern solutions striving for minimalism.

The color is popular for loft-style spaces and goes well with brick walls and wood. You can use gray as paint for walls, decorative panels, or concrete tiles in this version.

What color to choose for the floor

As for flooring, it is better to give preference to natural materials like hardwood. If it is not possible to choose expensive natural materials, you can safely use linoleum.

  • A floor of light shades in combination with gray walls looks harmonious and can dilute the dark shade of gray. You can choose a painted board, a light-colored laminate, a light-wood parquet board for the floor. For a dark-colored wall, a golden floor is suitable.
  • A dark floor is a great solution. Laminate is perfect for a bedroom or living room, porcelain stoneware is optimal for the kitchen and bathroom, and a stylish living room can be made using wenge or bog oak.
  • A bright floor made of tiles or hardwood is suitable for a gray interior. A rug or carpet can add more brightness.
  • Choosing the floor color to match the wall color creates a sense of a single space.

When choosing the flooring color, pay attention to the size of the room. For a small room, light-colored materials are recommended, and for a large room, dark shades are suitable.

A beautiful rug or carpet will help diversify the interior and accentuate the room areas.

  • Tile or porcelain stoneware in gray shades with light “marbled” veins are well suited for kitchens, bathrooms, and toilets. The interior will acquire a special chic thanks to the glossy surface.
  • Gray walls look harmoniously with pastel shades: mint, lemon, and pale pink. This gives the whole interior home coziness, warmth, and a sense of joy.
  • A teenage girl might like combining gray walls with pink floors.
  • Gray walls combined with beige, white, and brown will help create a classic interior. The floor can also be brown, white, sandy, beige, and even gray.
  • The gray floors and walls make a great backdrop for brightly colored furniture. If you want to create a cozy feeling, add warm colors like yellow, olive, and orange. Textiles will help add rich colors.
  • The dark gray walls of the living room are harmoniously combined with the light floor and white ceiling. Decor and textile items can be made in green, scarlet, beige, and white. Curtains play a significant role, so they need to be brighter and lighter than the walls.
  • A bathroom with gray walls should be well lit and blend in with a white installation, shower, and lighter floor.
  • In the children’s room, gray walls with red, pale pink, light green, and yellow decor will be a good combination. Striped wallpaper in combination with white furniture and a bright rug will look interesting.
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