White Curtain Ideas for Every Room in Your Home

Are you looking for white curtain designs or ideas for decorating with them? Either way, we got your back. Since most designers and homeowners prefer white over any other color for curtains, we decided to gather the best white curtain ideas and share them with you. Be ready to decorate any room in the house and any design style with these versatile options!

Is white a good idea for curtains?

Let’s see. White curtains let plenty of natural light in. They keep the room well-lit and airy. Moreover, they are easy to take care of. Although they get dirty faster than other colors, they are the easiest to clean. By the way, there is probably no other curtain color with such a wide range of design options as white.

Are white curtains enough to ensure privacy at night?

Mostly not, especially if those are sheer curtains. The easiest solution is to pair them with night curtains, aka blackout curtains, or blinders. Open and close them according to the specific time of the day or night.

What color walls work for white curtains?

White is part of the go-to group of neutrals like gray, beige, cream, and taupe, which work with almost all colors. The safest bet is white walls or a shade close to your curtains’ tone. 

Now that we’ve covered the most frequently asked questions, it’s time we get to the most exciting part. This is your ultimate list of the best white curtain ideas!

Long White Drapes

Switch from short curtains to floor-reaching white drapes that smoothly lie on the ground. Interestingly, they render a stylish deviation from the rules, making a room feel freer and more comfortable.

Ivory White Curtain Ideas

If you think clean white is too stark for you, try a much softer alternative. Opt for ivory white curtains that will filter the natural light and spread the comfiest particles of light throughout the room.

White Sheer Window Treatment

Sheer curtains again win one of the top places in the battle for the latest curtain trends. White is the best color choice for this option. Decorate your living, dining, or bedroom with this timeless curtain design.

Never Wrong with a Classic: Black and White

Writing recently about trends, we came across this endeared combo, black and white. If you want something new, timeless, and trendy, black-and-white curtain ideas should be on your list.

White Velvet Curtain Ideas

Sustainable materials, such as velvet, are among the new window treatment trends. Go eco and stay stylish with white velvet curtains. Moreover, there is something inexplicably gorgeous and elegant about this soft texture.

Half White, Half “What”?

Pair the curtains’ white upper half with a bright matching color. Frankly, it can be any color you like. If you are out of inspiration, our updated list of trendy colors may be pretty useful. 

Soft Botanical

Of course, large-size floral prints are trendy. Still, the following white curtain idea is for lovers of steady minimalism. Try soft botanical motifs embroidered on sheer white curtains. They look so delicate and inspiring.

With White Ink on a Black Canvas

The opposite contrast is a real find if you want more visual appeal in your home. Reinvent your color palette with soft white curtains on stark black-colored walls.

White Canopy Curtain Ideas

Curtains are not only about window treatment. You can use them all over your house. Start with a gorgeous canopy frame in your bedroom and decorate it with thick or sheer white curtains for a calming and airy effect.

Go All White

White walls, white curtains, white furniture. Keep the palette clean and allow the tiniest accents to interfere. Any lovers of white here? You’ll definitely like this white curtain idea.

From Wall to Wall

Even if you have full-length or standard windows, don’t hesitate to decorate them with a white sheer curtain from wall to wall and create a perfect canvas for future accents, say a dining room set of light wood.

White Shower Curtain

If you have an all-white bathroom, don’t lose the opportunity to use a white shower curtain in your design. Keep it simple, authentic, and modern.

White Partition Curtain Ideas

One of the genuinely trending and most practical white curtain ideas is partitions. Use white curtains as a partition to add privacy to specific functional areas or zone an open-floor room. In addition, you can pair them with a combined glass divider.

White Curtains and Design Styles

Since white is an impressively versatile color, it perfectly collaborates with various design styles. We would even say all of them, as long as these are plain white curtains. Try them in Modern, Minimalist, Modern Rustic, Eclectic, Industrial, or Neoclassical. They all work.

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