What color carpet goes with blue walls: 7 gorgeous combinations for a perfect result

Blue is a perfect idea when it comes to the wall color. Whether your walls are already blue or you are planning to paint them this way, we are here to encourage you. There are various shades of blue that would match any room decor perfectly. Therefore, there are different colors you can opt for when it comes to other decorative elements. Today we will reveal to you the colors you can consider for the carpet in a room with blue walls. 

Stay with us, and we will provide you with practical tips regarding the choice of a perfect carpet color for blue walls that would fit your interior decor and match your preference as regards the environment you want to achieve. We have prepared a list of 7 best combinations for a perfect result. Get on board with us, and let’s find out which carpet color would suit you!

3 starting points to be considered

  • The shade of blue. Before choosing the carpet color, you have to determine the particular shade of blue you consider for the walls, starting with the palest blue and reaching the deepest navy one. It will influence the further steps when it comes to a perfect carpet.
  • Room environment. Depending on the result you want to achieve regarding the atmosphere, you should opt for particular carpet colors that will lead to a specific room environment accompanied by the blue walls.
  • Decorative background. The carpet color cannot be considered outside the decorative borders. There is no doubt that the color of the walls is one of the main elements that should be taken into account. Nevertheless, the other decorative elements have as much an important role as the carpet should be part of the whole picture of the room.

Blue walls & gray carpet 

Gray has become popular within interior design, and many opt for this particular color regarding different types of room decor, where the carpet is not an exception. It is a neutral color that would match perfectly different shades of blue. We suggest you opt for a darker gray if you want to make the room seem colder and for a lighter gray if you want to bring more light into it.

Furthermore, we suggest you pair pale ocean-blue walls with a dark-gray carpet or navy blue walls with a light-gray carpet. Regardless of the combination, these two colors will bring stability into the room.

Blue walls & blue carpet

You probably wonder how a room would look if both the walls and the floor were covered in blue. We would like to convince you that an appropriate play with the colors will lead to a perfect result. We suggest you opt for a navy-blue carpet if the walls are of lighter blue or the opposite. 

Furthermore, a monochromatic room like that leaves various accent possibilities when it comes to other decorative elements. Therefore, the blue walls and carpet will serve as a background if you want to make a statement through other decor parts.

Blue walls & white carpet

It is not a secret that white goes with everything. Furthermore, when paired with blue, it will offer your room a luxurious atmosphere. Furthermore, you can pair white with any shade of blue and achieve a perfect result.

It should be noted that a white carpet is prone to gather dirt. We suggest you don’t consider this color for the carpet if there is a high possibility that it will be covered with stains very fast. You will probably agree with us that a dirty carpet will spoil the picture. Therefore, here is a warning: a white carpet is not that easy to take care of.

Blue walls & creme carpet

Would you like to bring some summer breeze into your room? We suggest you consider this combination that would work as the sand and ocean in your room decor. Furthermore, these soothing colors will make your room always seem clean and bright. 

There is more to come. The creme carpet will balance the coldness set by the blue walls and bring comfort to your room. Thus, it would be a perfect option for your living room or bedroom.

Blue walls & pink carpet

This combination has developed over the years into a perfect color matching. Furthermore, you can opt for soothing or bold shades for both colors, and the pairing will look stunning. For instance, you can consider an ocean blue for the walls and a bold pink for the carpet. At the same time, you can opt for a pink-patterned carpet as it would add a new sparkle to the plain walls. 

We suggest you opt for this combination by choosing soothing shades of color for a calmer environment and bolder colors if you want to make a statement.

Blue walls & brown carpet

Would you like to bring nature into your room? Consider blue walls and brown carpet as this combination is traced to nature and will offer your room freshness. There is more to come. You can consider a soothing brown carpet with both a sky blue and navy blue color for the walls. Furthermore, you can opt for a darker shade of brown that will match perfectly light-blue walls. 

We suggest you don’t pair a dark brown carpet with navy-blue walls as it will make your room seem darker and cold. Regardless of the combination, don’t forget to balance the contrast. We suggest you consider this color matching for a luxurious environment in your living room and a calm atmosphere in your bedroom.

Blue walls & multi-colored/patterned carpet

If you have come this far, it means you are looking for a different result than a combination of two plain colors. Therefore, we suggest you opt for a multi-colored or patterned carpet. It will bring a new sparkle to the room. 

It should be noted that, opting for this combination, you should reduce the variation regarding other decorative elements as the complexity of the carpet itself will bring a touch of color to your room and serve as a point of interest.

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