Designer Sage Green Bedroom Ideas with Photos

Is it really worth decorating the bedroom sage green? Interior designers will confidently say “yes” since this nature-inspired green is one of the most relaxing, calming, and soothing colors. Additionally, you may get a peaceful and recharging vibe from sage shades, alongside sustainability and eco-friendliness. Experts also see a strong link between sage and wisdom. If all mentioned features resonate with you, you should definitely try a sage green design. We are ready to help with a designer list of brilliant sage green bedroom ideas. Read on!

Sage Green Bedroom: Matching Colors

You can choose sage for wall paint, textiles, furniture, or accessories. What about the other colors? What works best with sage green in a bedroom? To your attention, the best matching colors for sage green:

  • Sage and white. The perfect contrast adds interest without much effort and makes the bedroom feel fresher and brighter;
  • Sage and brown. Like green and wood, sage and brown are one of the best color combinations that will bring your bedroom closer to the flawlessly beautiful natural world;
  • Sage and black. While sage keeps it fresh, black adds modern and dynamic features to the palette;
  • Sage and mustard. Similar to sage and brown, sage and mustard yellow speak to those who crave natural texture, the two colors perfectly completing each other;
  • Sage and pink. This pairing has been working for a long time, and designers are not ready to give up on this timeless mix of softness and nurture that reveals from under a muted sage green and pink palette;
  • Sage and cream. The best fusion of colors in terms of comfort – relaxing sage and cozy cream.

Sage Bedroom Walls

Try a trendy sage green paint color on your bedroom walls and experience the best restoring effect. From stark and deep sage to softer tones on all walls, paired with any suitable colors and textures. Surround yourself with natural freshness. As for specific sage paint colors, please visit our article on the latest paint color trends

Textured Bedroom Walls: Sage Wallpaper

Switch from paint to wallpaper, yet preserve the color. Sage looks incredibly stylish on soothing wallpaper with natural motifs, such as flowers, animals, or birds. You may as well pick tropical prints that perfectly suit rich sage shades. Add more visual appeal with sage-colored patterned walls.

Vintage Rustic Bedroom

Since sage works so well with wood and generally suits most design styles, we suggest an unusual and simultaneously interesting design concept – Vintage Rustic. Pair any sage green shade with naturally textured furniture and decor. The defining feature is weathered surfaces with a worn-out effect. Such a design will look priceless and full of character.

Sage Green Likes Elegance

Whether on walls, furniture, or accessories, sage green loves to be surrounded by luxurious accents. Consider gold details, such as wall sconces or lush lighting fixtures that catch the eye. You may consider a velvety headboard or beautifully carved furniture. Sage green blooms when polished with elegant textures and colors.

Eco Sage Bedroom

Green is one of the first colors that come to mind when designers speak about the trendy Eco-style in interior design. As a shade of green, sage is more than welcome. Marry sage green with natural materials, such as untreated wood, sisal, rattan, jute, and of course, indoor plants.

Elevated Modern Bedroom in Sage

Undoubtedly, sage can be included in the list of modern colors. Many designers use it in design projects with modern features. You can paint all the walls sage or choose this shade for an accent wall. Additionally, think of large-scale furniture with sleek shapes, decluttered surfaces, functional and, at the same time, stylish fixtures, and plenty of natural light.

Organic Sage Bedding

If you don’t plan a long-lasting sage palette in your bedroom or you simply want to try the tiniest amount of sage green, opt for sage bedding of organically textured linen. Surrounded by light and neutrally colored walls, these sage bedclothes will enliven the color palette. And you can always try a darker or lighter sage by simply changing the bedding.

Natural Sage and Exposed Brick

Industrial has been popular for a long time, yet now we notice a firm transition to soft Industrial. To achieve such an effect, you can try to pair Industrial elements, such as exposed brick walls, with soothing and relaxing colors, such as sage green. Stand out with an original bedroom by choosing this contrast. 

Classic Sage Bedroom

Would you rather choose the Classic style? Then try combining it with a soft and airy sage tone. The wall trims peculiar to this style will get more attention, while the overall ambiance will get a refined air. Choose large-scale furniture, wooden texture, and occasional metallic features.

Ethnic Motifs Polished with Sage

As of late, designers have switched their attention from overly minimalist accessories to timeless accents of ethnic nature. These are mainly richly textured textiles with interesting prints borrowed from various cultures. Those interior pieces are primarily warm-colored, making them a great friend for fresh sage green paint. 


Can you use sage green as a neutral?

We are witnessing now a design era when soothing greens, blues, pinks, and others are treated like neutrals and used instead of grays, whites, and beiges. Sage green is undoubtedly an updated neutral tone you can pair with brighter colors like yellow, brown, rose, purple, and red.

Is sage green warm or cool?

Technically, sage is a pairing of gray and intense green, resembling the sage plant color. Like this plant, the sage color may give off a cooler or warmer effect, depending on what shade you choose. Yet, remember – sage green can definitely read fresh yet will never show a strong yellow undertone.

Why do designers recommend sage green for the bedroom?

Contrasted to classic green, sage green is a softer and calming shade that induces peace and serenity. It is perfect for sleep and retreat, and that’s why designers and homeowners love it so much in the bedroom.

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