Modern Wall Art Ideas for Any Room in Your Home

If modern was considered sleek and devoid of catchy personality traits some time ago, now, it is related to meaningful and individual elements that describe your home only, when referred to home decor. Still preserving the simplicity of shapes and colors yet introducing a bunch of new tones and personal touches, modern wall art is about your way of seeing beauty. Whether you want to entertain your friends in your living room or set a relaxing mood in the bedroom, wall decor is more than helpful. Check out these amazing modern wall art ideas we borrowed from the best design projects from around the world.

Edgy Wall Artwork: Combined Materials

A great way to show taste is by working with texture. Decorate the living room or bedroom with large pieces of combined materials that bring intrigue and make your interior design feel special.

Modern Wall Art Idea: Round

Did you know that curved edges are the must-have of the season? Add at least one round element to your interior design. What about a rounded wall accessory? Moreover, you can pick any color, material, shape, and finish you want.

Soft Sculptural

Interpret the soft fabric texture through rough materials. Underline your design style through high-class elements that effortlessly steal the show and add dynamic features to the decor.

Modern Minimalist Wall Art Idea

You should absolutely try out this minimalist plaster wall art option to decorate your sleek and decluttered home design. State once again that you love simple and restrained solutions, especially when speaking about decor.

Modern Metal Wall Art

Uplift the mood in your home with modern metal wall art ideas, including silver and gold paired with abstract shapes. On top of that, your home decor will become a thousand times more luxurious. 

Modern Thread Art

One of the trendiest modern wall art options is textured artwork of fibers. Delicate thread handcraft, thick woven pieces, or stylish macrame are all trending. Make a soft statement with your home decor.

By the way, this textile wall art solution works for any room in the house.

Stay Organic in the Eco-Design Era

Make a new sustainable statement with wall accents made of organic materials like wool, jute, or sisal. Even better if those are handwoven pieces for exclusive show-stealers that will become the room’s main highlight. 

Pair the Aesthetical with Colorful

Change the decor concept in your modern home by pairing sleek and elegant furniture and color palettes with abstractly colored paintings. And we don’t speak about the random combination of paints; choose art pieces that hide a meaning with more precise color codes and figures.

Find a blank wall in your home and decorate it with a well-organized gallery wall, combining various types of art, from photography to painting. Show the world your way of seeing beauty. 

Visit our guide on arranging pictures on a wall beautifully for inspiration. 

Get Creative with Murals

Paint directly on walls and engage yourself in a tiny DIY project, or hire a professional. Go with large-scale concepts or repetitive patterns. You cannot imagine how effortlessly beautiful such an accent wall updates the design.

Stay Green with Moss Art

Modern wall art ideas are close to green solutions through both color and sustainability. Bring nature closer to you, literally, by decorating the walls in your home with framed moss compositions. Moreover, these are designers’ favorites in kitchens and bathrooms.

Reveal Your Perspective on the World

If you fancy modern wall art ideas closer to reality, you’ll surely like decorating your home with sizable random real-life photographs. For instance, you could pick the retro beach theme like in these inspirational images. 

Modern Wall Art Idea: Matching Colors

If you honestly cannot find a single option you like, our suggestion is to pick any painting you find online and print or at a flea market. The fundamental rule here is to choose an art piece whose color palette matches the color code of your room, and you’ll be safe with your choice. 

Modern has gone far beyond the definition of a distinctive design style. Now, we can safely call it a concept that reads contemporary, in trend, and up-to-date. There is always a place for your home design improvement, and a modern wall art idea is one of the best choices.

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