Mirror above bed: pros and cons, stylish ideas, and practical tips for a new sparkle in your bedroom

Mirror above bed: pros and cons, stylish ideas, and practical tips for a new sparkle in your bedroom

The bedroom is the place that should bring you peace and comfort. Therefore, any element of this space should reach your standard of calmness. The main attention in this sense is paid to the bed, which, being usually placed against the wall, leaves a huge part of the wall to be decorated. The latest tendencies suggest an original approach by integrating the idea of a mirror above the bed. 

Let’s find out the peculiarities to consider when deciding on such a decor, the pros and cons of this mirror position, and the latest ideas on how to achieve a stylish arrangement. We will try to be as relevant as possible, assisting you with practical tips and inspiring you with an array of photos on the subject. 

Mirror above bed: 4 starting points to consider

  • Bedroom layout. Consider the arrangement of other elements in the room so that the mirror completes the picture rather than looking like an unnecessary unit;
  • Lighting. Pay attention to the amount of light that penetrates your bedroom, from daylight to artificial lighting sources, since it will be reflected by the mirror. Depending on the effect you want to achieve, opt for a particular mirror size;
  • Bedroom style. Opt for a mirror that matches the style of your bedroom. Nevertheless, if you consider an eclectic combination, make sure that the various values you try to integrate into your room fit each other perfectly. It also influences the number of mirrors since you can go with a single unit or opt for a group of mirrors;
  • Headboard. This particular element of the bed changes the situation. It supposes a higher positioning of the mirror, which will make it possible to appreciate the pieces of art on the opposite wall.

Pros of a mirror above bed

If designers suggest hanging a mirror above the bed, there are surely lots of advantages to back this approach. Let’s find out the benefits of this decor for your bedroom and get encouraged for such a bold step when it comes to interior design.

  • Enlarge the space. The reflective feature of a mirror enlarges the space and adds new dimensions. The appropriate furniture layout and particularly wide mirrors can lead to a substantially larger place;
  • Bring more light to the room. The mirror above the bed absorbs the light that penetrates the room and reflects it, which doubles the brightness and make the space of your bed feel fresher;
  • Add a new sparkle. Such a bold step like placing a mirror above the bed enriches the space with style and completes the aesthetics of the room, shaping the appealing effect of the place;
  • Feng shui accessibility. Particularly round mirrors ensure the unity between elements of the bedroom and add harmony to the environment.

Cons of a mirror above bed

Notwithstanding a large number of benefits, we would like to draw your attention to some of the cons so that you are prepared to deal with them in advance. Take a look at the following aspects and consider them when deciding upon a mirror above the bed.

  • Falling possibility. There is a small chance that the hanging mirror could fall on the bed under particular conditions. Therefore, placing it this way can be dangerous. You can either make sure that even if it falls, it will not be on the bed or reject the idea of placing it above the bed;
  • Feng shui noncompliance. A slight mistake in the arrangement of a mirror above the bed can spoil the flow of energy in the room. Furthermore, Feng shui principles do not approve entirely of such a setting, stating that keeping mirrors away from this space will ensure sound sleep and a peaceful environment, depending on the particular mirror.

Mirror above bed: creative ideas to enhance the interior design

Now that we have covered the aspects that should be considered in advance, it is time to get to the interesting part. We prepared a list of original ideas on how to hang a mirror above the bed so that it does not go beyond the Feng shui borders and reaches a stylish result.

Positioning in the first place

The position of the mirror influences the look of the room and the spread of light within it. If your bedroom lacks light, consider setting the mirror or the group of mirrors near lighting sources to achieve a similar effect. It can be lighting fixtures on the wall or table lamps. The essential part consists in placing the mirror in this area. Besides reflecting the light into the room, the mirror will brighten the space where the bed finds itself.

Add new dimensions

Consider a larger mirror or a group of mirrors of this kind to enhance the effect. Nevertheless, the mirror should not be larger than the headboard so as not to suppress the space. Furthermore, an oversized mirror will enlarge the space and serve as a point of interest, adding an accent.

Keep it closer to ensure connection

The higher you hang the mirror, the more disconnected it seems from the bed. It is more appropriate to hang it slightly lower so that the place feels intimate. Therefore, you will avoid gap spaces and ensure the connection between those two elements. Such an approach will integrate the mirror perfectly into the room and make it look like a constituent part rather than a separate unit.

Bring in contrast

Whether your bedroom sticks to simplicity or follows the maximalist principles, a contrastive combination is always appropriate. You do not have to refer to various colors and patterns. Consider contrastive shapes, and the result will speak for itself. In this sense, opt for round-shaped mirrors if your bed has sharp rectangular forms to balance the environment.

Mirror gallery above the bed

It is quite a bold step and would not fit any style, but the effect is stunning. A large number of mirrors of various shapes will enrich a blank space perfectly, particularly in larger rooms. Nevertheless, the size of the reflective surfaces can suppress the other elements of the room. Of course, the picture would not be spoiled by a particular amount of light, but so many mirrors can be tiring for the eyes. Consider this approach if you do not feel overwhelmed by various reflective surfaces in the same space.

Accent mirror for an original effect

Consider a mirror above the bed for its frame first of all. Opt for unusual shapes which will serve as a point of interest and enrich the environment in a stunning way. It should be noted that such an approach refers more to unusual frames than the mirrors themselves, which means that they will not reflect as much light within the room. Therefore, opt for these original elements for larger and brighter rooms.

Art deco chic

Whether your room is set in an Art deco style or you want to bring in the glamour of the ’20s, consider an Art deco mirror or a group of mirrors of this style and enrich the environment with a luxurious effect. Once again, the frame plays the main part in ensuring the result. Consider unusual shapes peculiar to this period, including gold and silver accents to add a new sparkle to the space above the bed.

Back in time with a vintage effect

Vintage promises to stay trendy for a long time. There is no easier way of integrating it in an interior design than opting for particular elements that can shape the picture. Consider vintage mirrors for a contemporary design to reach an eclectic combination of styles or integrate these vintage elements into a traditional style to complement it in an elegant way.

Style and functionality

If you have not decided which mirror idea to integrate into your bedroom, there is one option that will fit any style with less effort yet fascinating results. Consider a round-shaped mirror with a black or gold frame. Such a simple approach will complement the room design in the finest way. Furthermore, the lack of an accent frame will enhance functionality and allow the mirror to serve its practical role at the highest level by enlarging the space.

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