Kitchen Wall Paint Colors: 2024 Trends and Ideas Unveiled

No wonder we tend to call the kitchen the heart of our homes. So many things take place there all the time, from daily breakfasts to family gatherings, exploring new recipes, using this space occasionally as a mini-home office, or hosting late-night dinners with your friends. Those four walls witness lots of daily moments. Therefore, trendsetters forecast a more personal and out-of-the-box approach to kitchen wall paint colors in the upcoming season. And a little bonus – they have timeless potential, and you won’t have to repaint your kitchen walls the following year unless you want to.

Generally, the new kitchen wall paint colors are separated into four distinguishing groups. Overused neutrals are replaced with chalky whites and warm pastels to deliver the beloved minimalist style for those who cannot give up on the concept of simplicity. Since sustainable design options play a great deal in the contemporary kitchen, experts also suggest exploring the new green and blue paint colors that nod to nature. Simultaneously, if you crave a drop of contrastive beauty in your kitchen, don’t hesitate to discover the latest deep and dark shades to recreate your own sense of home. Not least, give a try to brighter color options, from radiant yellows and oranges to soft lilacs and rich earthy shades that speak to you individually.  

All these paint color options resonate with particular lifestyles. So, feel free to leave your comfort zone and show more personality through color. As colorists like to say, pick a color you like and make it a trend. Read on for a detailed forecast from our beloved paint color brands.

Kitchen Wall Paint Colors 2024: Graceful Hues

Lovers of minimalist aesthetics can breathe easily. The endeared neutral palettes also find themselves in the 2024 forecast. Yet, this season brings novelties. Crisp whites and devoid-of-character grays and beiges are replaced with delicate tints of white, greige, taupe, cream, and sage with warm undertones. Induce harmony with one of the following trendy hues.

Snowbound SW 7004 by Sherwin-Williams

The renowned off-white that perfectly balances cool and soft undertones is the best-ever option for open kitchen walls. Your cooking space will feel airy and fresh regardless of what color you choose for cabinets.

Modern Gray SW 7632 by Sherwin-Williams

Add balance to your one-tone kitchen design with a contemporary shade of gray that perfectly lies on textured walls, such as shiplap. Preserve comfort and expand the borders of your small kitchen with the calm and modest Modern Gray.

Malted N160-2 by Behr

This milky pink shade of beige has an incredible weathered effect that will beautifully accessorize a countryside-style kitchen with worn-out wooden texture and open walls. You’ll feel surrounded by a warm cocoon even on the coldest winter days.

Silvermist SW 7621 by Sherwin-Williams

This tranquil foggy green-gray will steal your attention at first sight. Why opt for dull grays when paint brands put such organically beautiful shades at our disposal? Besides, it’s pretty neutral as well, and you can safely pair it with any kitchen cabinet color.

Skyline Steel SW 1015 by Sherwin-Williams

With a few notes darker than the previous shades, this gorgeous pottery greige, almost fading into a stately taupe hue, proudly holds the lead of the trendiest kitchen wall paint colors. Everything looks much cozier when paired with such a warm color. 

Trendy Green and Blue Paint Colors for Kitchen Walls

Made of the most prominent green and blue shades, this organic color palette shares the love for natural and uncomplicated. If you no longer find inspiration in simple, neutral variations, switch to the eco side with the trendiest blue and green kitchen walls. Additionally, they go hand in hand with the trending sustainable design options.

Evergreen Fog SW 9130 by Sherwin-Williams

This best-selling sage paint color with an inspirational and organic name is a popular green shade among designers. What’s more, it has no boundaries. Pair it with similarly green-gray painted cabinets or an entirely contrasting color, such as white, in both traditional and modern interiors.

Indigo SW 6531 by Sherwin-Williams

Embrace the brightest and stand out with a unique kitchen design by painting your walls bold blue or, at least, picking an accent wall. Moreover, this violet-blue, in particular, bears a solid individual effect that effortlessly reflects itself on the mood.

Smoky Azurite SW 9148 by Sherwin-Williams

Get ready for an escape into the wild as if you were admiring the foggy mountain peaks in their fresh grandeur right in your kitchen. All this is possible with the relaxing and deep gray-blue, and your time spent in the kitchen will never feel the same.

Blue Nova 825 by Benjamin Moore

Color of the Year at BM is a real find for lovers of natural yet sophisticated blue tones. Slightly deep and full of individual features, this violet-pigmented blue shade is a perfect kitchen wall paint color for you if you’ve long dreamt of an instagrammable cooking space, especially when combined with white cabinets.

Provence Blue HDC-AC-23 by Behr

Despite the name, this rather gray-green with the slightest trace of blue freshness is a fantastic kitchen wall color for both countryside and modern urban styles. Yet, don’t hesitate to use this aesthetic and soft green shade in a Provence-style kitchen.

Swedish Blue by Dulux

Fresh and awakening, this gorgeous mint green shade will quickly become your most beloved green shade if you find beauty in new and uplifting greens. Use it necessarily in combination with white cabinets and wooden countertops. Keep it modern till the end.

Xena by Dulux

What green color collection without a trendy olive green shade? Try this earthy and organic green paint color on the walls of a countryside-style kitchen and feel nature to the fullest.

Top Deep and Dark Kitchen Wall Paint Colors

Add mystery and sophistication to your kitchen design with a contrastive and earthy paint color. Repaint the kitchen walls this season using the trendiest deep shades, with green, blue, brown, and orange undertones among the top options. You’ll feel comfortable and at home surrounded by such colors when preparing and serving your daily meals.

Peppercorn SW 7674 by Sherwin-Williams

As colorists say, it is an almost true gray yet astonishingly deep and surprisingly dark. Keep the color palette untouched by pairing Peppercorn with similarly dark cabinets and dark wood countertops. Enjoy the mysterious rustic feel.

Carnelian SW 7580 by Sherwin-Williams

This royal brownish-purple reading deep burgundy is one of the trendiest modern kitchen wall paint colors. It perfectly bonds with other darker shades and works exceptionally well for ultra-modern kitchens with sleek cabinetry. Yet, don’t hesitate to add a few touches of light color to brighten the palette.

Mountain Olive N350-7A by Behr

Dark colors can also be warm, rich, and entertaining, just like this deep shade of olive green inspired by nature. Pair it with wooden furniture and recreate the real-life olive branch look.

Antiquarian Brown SW 0045 by Sherwin-Williams

Weathered orange-brown, one of the comfiest brown shades out there, you’ll absolutely love if you crave coziness and home feelings. Designers like using this color with similarly painted cabinetry or lighter cabinets, such as pale green. Both modern and traditional kitchens work.

Gale Force SW 7605 by Sherwin-Williams

Our favorite combo – blue and green. This intriguing shade of the deepest blue-green will hold your attention as much as possible due to its unusual forest depth effect. Our suggestion is to combine it with light-colored cabinets to balance the contrast. By the way, Gale Force looks fabulous on wood paneling.

Rock Bottom SW 7062 by Sherwin-Williams

Recreate the trendy Rustic kitchen concept with this high-class dark green paint color for your kitchen walls. Don’t forget the mandatory wooden finish and traditional wall paneling. 

Original Kitchen Wall Paint Colors

Since 2023, interior design trends have gathered more courage to step outside the comfort zone. We can see a dominating preference for bolder and more unique. Vivid tones replace neutrals due to their radiant features. Thus, get ready to tell your own story with one of the following trendy bright paint colors for kitchen walls.

Rhapsody Lilac SW 6828 by Sherwin-Williams

The most stylish color of the year 2023 holds the lead in 2024 as well. Try a fully lavender-colored kitchen concept by painting kitchen walls and cabinetry in this blooming shade of bold violet. 

Dragon Fruit SW 6855 by Sherwin-Williams

Are you still in the Barbie mood? This delicious and, for now, underrated pink hue full of energy will undoubtedly become mainstream this season. Unsurprisingly, we can see it in both modern and traditional kitchens, even when decorated with shiplap. It seems the new season allows for contemporary colors to pair with conservative shapes and prints.

Wild Currant SW 7583 by Sherwin-Williams

This juicy and sweet deep red is the cherry on the pie in a personalized kitchen design. Add this color to the kitchen walls, and witness the ability of bright colors to underline the personality of a space. 

Amber Brew MQ4-10 by Behr

Yellow and oranges are some of the trendiest kitchen wall paint colors if you aim for bold. Try this balanced yet vibrant shade of yellow combined with dark wood furniture and enjoy the coziest breakfasts and most entertaining late-night dinners.

Surf Green by Dulux

This popping veggie green is like a breath of fresh air on this trendy color palette. Although part of the bright collection, it’s the right pop of color to uplift a traditional kitchen on a low budget. It’s just a drop of new color, and everything feels different.

Passionate Blue by Dulux

If you’re passionate about navy blues, this is your sign to try it finally. This particular version of watercolor marine blue is the secret ingredient for a unique kitchen design. Additionally, designers suggest painting half the wall only and the lower cabinets with this color to avoid overloading the space.

Potter’s Pink by Dulux

In contrast with other pottery shades, this pinkish clay variation is one of the softest and most energetic colors on the pottery palette. So, don’t hesitate to paint your kitchen walls with this comfy and engaging orange-brown that smells Mediterranean. 

You have four distinctive color palettes at your disposal: updated neutrals, organic blues and greens, charismatic shades of deep and dark, and original bold colors. Pick a kitchen wall paint color that resonates with your lifestyle and use it to tell your colorful perspective on the world.

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